LUNA: The Invisible Princess (Book 1)

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Chapter 4: A War (Part 1)

[Luna Syesha]

The sound of the alarm clock on and off woke me up. I got up and did some stretching. It’s another day! A smile formed on my lips as I glimpsed Regit sleeping on the sofa peacefully. He’s so cute. I quickly took a shower and when I finished, I realized I didn’t have any clothes. But I found a dress laying down on the bed. I slipped it on and smiled as I dashed out of the room. I found Grandma Mela in the dining room while preparing something to eat. “Good morning, Grandma Mela!” I greeted.

She gave me a sweet smile and said, “Oh, good morning, Luna. Come here and help me prepare our breakfast.”

“Sure, Grandma!” I replied energetically and helped Grandma Mela prepare the table. After that, we ate in comfortable silence. “Where is Uncle Berting?” I asked, after noticing that the man wasn’t home.

“He left so early. Every morning before the sun rises, everyone begins their training. This is the second war that will take place throughout Majika. So we must prepare ourselves.” Grandma Mela said, and I listened carefully to her story. She cleared her throat and continued, “The first war took place two decades ago. The black wizards attacked the whole Majika just to rule over the entire world, but they failed because the eldest daughter of the King of Majika, Princess Victoria, sacrificed herself in exchange for everyone’s freedom. We didn’t know why the fight stopped and the princess just disappeared like a burst bubble.” So that’s what happened in this world. But what is the reason for this war again?

I remember the two young black wizards I saw in the forest yesterday. As far as I remember, the blood of mages and the blood of black wizards run on them. I can feel their aura, and it is a mixture of black and white.

After eating, I left the house with Regit in his true form. I don’t know what came into Regit’s mind. Looks like he’s in the mood to scare people today. The others were a little scared of Regit, but I told them there’s nothing to get scared of because Regit was a kind animal, so the people felt relaxed and continued what they were doing. My feet took me to the far end of the town where Mirai used to take me.

I saw Mirai in between the two trees while casting a spell with the use of her wand. Looks like she has improved a lot since yesterday. A smile formed on my lips as I noticed she almost mastered all the spells in the book I provided.

I know one day that Mirai will be the most powerful mage in Majika. Even though her heart is full of anger, it doesn’t hinder her from being a good person. She has a pure heart, and I know she can fight the black wizards without my help. Yes, I will help, but there’s also a limitation to the use of my power.

It surprised me when Regit suddenly disappeared next to me, and I just shrugged my shoulders. Where did he go?

“Luna!” Mirai called and waved at me while smiling widely. I approached her and smiled at her.

“Have you been here long before?” she asked, and I shook my head.

“No, I just arrived. I see something change in you. You are getting a little stronger.” I smiled and messed up her hair.

“Just a little?” she said while pouting.

“Haha, ok, you are stronger now than you were yesterday.” She grinned, showing her white teeth.

“It’s because of the spell book! So, I thank you with all my heart!” she said and hugged me.

“Stopped your rehearsal for a while and let me introduce you to someone!” I said, smiling at her.

“Really? Who?” she asked. I just gave her a knowing smile. I pulled her over and after a while, we reached the stream I went to before.

“L-Luna... What are we doing here? Let’s leave Luna because this place is dangerous...” she said while trembling. I knew why she was scared, so I just smiled at her. “Don’t worry, Mirai, because we didn’t come here just to die...”

“But...” she tried to object, but I just smiled at her.

“Armani!” I called the legendary snake. Armani suddenly appeared in his real form that I first saw. The giant snake.

‘Yes, princess?’

I smiled at Armani. “I just want to introduce you to someone.”

Armani looked behind me where Mirai was hiding when I mentioned the name Armani. I laughed when I felt Mirai tremble in fear.

‘She’s afraid of me, princess...’

I tried to face Mirai to Armani, but she closed her eyes. “Waaahhh! Huhuhu Please let’s get out of here before that gigantic snake will eat us alive, huhuhu,” I laughed at Mirai’s reaction.

“Don’t worry, Mirai, because Armani is kind. He doesn’t eat people. And he’s the one I’m referring to you to a while ago. Open your eyes,” she nodded and slowly opened her eyes.

When she saw Armani again, Mirai hugged me tightly while peeking at Armani. I laugh at her reaction. Armani released his wings, and it stunned Mirai, her mouth agape in awe.

“Mirai, he is Armani, the legendary snake of the whole Majika. Don’t worry, because Armani won't hurt you.” I said. Mirai looked at Armani in amazement.

“You are Armani? I thought it was just a rumor because no one sees you. But I was wrong because you are here in front of me now. I am Mirai!” she said with a smile. Her shaking slowly dissipated.

‘Nice to meet you, Mirai,’ Armani said.

“I’m also glad to meet you, Armani! Sorry if I got scared of you earlier.” Armani and I looked at each other with a stunned expression.

‘You can understand me?’ Armani uttered.

Mirai nodded. Armani and I looked at each other again knowingly.

‘But why could she understand me, princess?’ Armani asked.

“I also don’t know Armani, and I know you also feel that Mirai is a special girl, right?” I said.

‘Yes.’ he answered.

Armani bowed in honor of Mirai. It made Mirai happy and touched Armani’s head. Armani fluttered his wings wide open, so I pulled Mirai and flew behind Armani’s back. It surprised Mirai when Armani flew upward, higher and higher.


I laughed at Mirai because of her priceless reaction. She closed her eyes, terrified to look below the ground. “Open your eyes, Mirai. Do not be afraid. I know you will like the view below.”

She hummed and opened her eyes. She gasped in surprise.

My ears perked up as I heard a commotion below. I used my sharp sight like an owl and saw witches attacking the town. They are here and they break through the protective barriers.

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