LUNA: The Invisible Princess (Book 1)

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Chapter 4: A War (Part 2)

[Luna Syesha]

“Armani, we need to get down and help the people below,” I said, and Armani growled.

“Luna, they have now begun the war,” Mirai said nervously.

Suddenly, the sky darkened, and now dark smoke covered the whole place. To the east, knights from the palace marched towards the town. Witches and black wizards rushed toward the knights, so the battle began. Even in the palace, the fight also started. Armani flew downwards in a swift motion and shortly after we landed and Mirai got off his back. The fight stopped when they saw us. Armani blew a white smoke, and it surprised the witches and black wizards.

We immediately charged to continue the fight. I didn’t realize that the war would take place right now. Lots of flying witches and black wizards casting black spells. Mirai prepared herself and fought the black wizards that attacked her. I’m still riding at the back of Armani. We flew upward and fought the witches, who were also flying around. We both sighed as we saw the tremendous damage all over the place.

I have to do something before the black magic envelopes the whole place. I looked at the palace, which is now ruined because of the attacks. Then I looked down and Mirai seriously fought the witches. I smiled when I saw Regit also fight some witches below.

‘Regit, help Mirai no matter what.’ I said in Regit’s mind, using telepathy.

‘Yes, Princess...’ he answered, and I smiled.

“Let’s go, Armani. That palace needs our help.” I uttered, and Armani flew towards the palace. When we got closer, Armani blew a white smoke. The black wizards and mages turned to look at us.

“The legendary snake! He appeared!” The knights uttered with a loud gasp.

A man in a black suit grinned evilly. A very dark aura enveloped him. He is the Black Wizard King. The fight continued, except for the two people who had been fighting before. They hadn’t noticed me behind Armani, so I jumped down and that got their attention.

“Armani, help the others,” I ordered, and Armani flew away while letting out a cloud of white smoke. The black wizard looked at me deadly.

“How do you control that creature, young lady?” He said coldly, and I just shrugged my shoulders.

“Get out of here young lady before you might get killed.” a man said while panting. He had wounds on his arms and face.

“You’re just putting yourself to death, young lady! Hahahaha!” the black wizard said. I just smirked at him.

“You are the one putting yourself in death, old man,” I said in a bored tone, imitating him.

“What did you say?!” he growled.

“I don’t enjoy repeating myself, old man?” I said sarcastically, and he got angry, so he released a dark power using a wand towards me and I avoided it in a swift movement. The men in armor dodge the attack earlier, so they are the ones fighting now.

“You are shameless, Asgar! You are fighting a girl who has nothing against you!” the man said furiously and cast a spell towards his opponent using his wand. Tsk. They underestimate my ability. Well, let’s see that.

“I’ve been shameless for a long time, Collins!” Asgar said while gritting his teeth, and also cast a spell as a counterattack, and their attacks collided.

I just shake my head. Tsk. I’ll let them fight for a while. Witches and black wizards saw me and attacked me. And used my fireball to overthrow them.

I flew upwards and saw many dead bodies. It stunned everyone while looking at me. A pretty woman looked at me weakly and I noticed the wounds on her legs. Is she the princess of this place?

I closed my eyes and released the aura that I had been hiding for a long time. I felt my appearance change. My dress changed into an armor suit, and my blonde hair turned blue. My gray eyes also turned blue. And my skin turns to a whiter complexion like snow. When I opened my eyes, it stunned them, and looked afraid while looking at me.

“Who are you?!” Asgar asked while looking at me questioningly.

“I am Luna. Remember my name, old man.” I cheekily said, and I felt his anger rise. He cast a spell using his wand to attack me, but I quickly dodge it. I will not prolong this fight anymore. Using the air element, I formed an enormous bubble and let it float above me for a while. I looked at him and he was still furious because I had avoided his attack earlier. He can’t accept that I just avoided it so quickly without a sweat.

“Father!” someone called. It’s the princess I saw earlier. The princess approached the man in armor named Collins.

The others looked at me in amazement. I grinned, “You want to know who I am?” Asgar glaring daggers at me. “I repeat, old man. My name is LUNA. You remember my name, don’t you?” I said and smiled cheekily at Asgar. His eyes darkened while still glaring daggers at me.

“You! You killed Alena! I’ll make you pay for killing her!” he said and rushed towards me while casting a spell. I grinned and controlled the air bubble that floated above me, then threw it towards Asgar. The bubble creates a small sound when Asgar goes inside. He will never get out of that air bubble.

“Ugh. Let me out! I’ll kill you when I get out of here! You beast!” he said, clenching his jaw. He’s trying to break the air bubble, but to no avail.

I controlled the air inside the air bubbles and Asgar got suffocated because of insufficient air. Tsk.

“Call me a beast one more time and I will poison the air you breathe inside the air bubbles,” I said seriously, and he gasped for air. I saw his wand floating beside him, so I quickly wrapped it in another small air bubble as well.

“Father!” a younger girl approached Asgar and tried to break the air bubble I made. But she is too weak to break it.

“Aira!” a young man called the younger girl.

“Fier! Let's help, father!” the younger girl cried out while looking at Asgar.

I looked at the young man who ran towards the younger girl. Wait—they are the ones I saw in the forest before. So, Asgar is their father?

The young man also tried to break the air bubble, but to no avail. They both looked at me with mouths agape.

“Who are you? Have we met before?” the young man asked while staring at me.

I didn’t answer him and instead, I just stared at the younger girl’s face. I knew it. Why does Aira look like Mirai?

“What is your name?” I asked the younger girl, and it startled her.

“I-I’m Aira,” she replied, stammering.

We heard a flicker of wings from above, so we looked up. Mirai and Regit were behind Armani’s back. When they landed, Regit and Mirai approached me.

“Luna!” Mirai called to me and her eyes widened while staring at me.

“Woah, Luna! Your appearance has changed and you are so beautiful!” she mumbled.

Mirai looked at the people around us and froze on her feet while her gaze fixated on Aira. The two younger girls stared at each other in disbelief.

“Why do we look alike?” Mirai and Aira said in unison and confused.

“My daughter...” Asgar spoke, which stunned everyone.

“I-I finally found you... my daughter, Mirai,”

Mirai is also Asgar’s daughter? But how?

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