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Chapter 9

After playing a little longer, the four siblings noticed that they were hungry and should go home and eat lunch. As they got back into the attic, they noticed two things. First, they had only been gone about two hours and secondly, there were different colors of the rainbow at the ends of all of their fingers. They all thought it was really very cool to have the colored fingertips and would have thought nothing of wearing those colors as souvenirs for the rest of their lives, but it probably would get them in trouble with their parents and they would have to explain how they got the colors on their fingertips. So they all went into the nearest bathroom that didn’t belong to their parents and that wasn’t downstairs where their parents were working. For the next twenty-five minutes, they tried every trick they knew to get the colors off their fingertips. They tried hot water, cold water, soap, scrubbing, even some rubbing alcohol which smelled funny and made their fingers feel cold. No effect! They started getting worried about what they would say to their parents at lunch.

When lunch came, their mother gave them sandwiches and tea, a family favorite. They all did their best to hide their hands but sandwiches usually require fingers to be wrapped around the bread. After lunch, they complemented their mom on how excellent the sandwiches were while hiding their hands in their pockets. They all realized that their mom was looking right at them without noticing their colored fingers which they all had given up trying to hide.

Later, they got together back in the attic and decided that the colored fingers was something only they could see.

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