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Chapter 11

When they got to the attic, Nissa almost screamed! She was upset by the fact that now both her hands were completely colored in bright rainbow colors in crystalline patterns with each color staying within straight, angular lines. Iknow, Chacha, and Leven had the same effect on their hands. When Nissa looked again at her hands, she calmed down. They were quite beautiful and neither mom nor dad had noticed the change when their fingertips were brightly colored at lunch. The children decided that since there was no itching or pain associated with the colors on their hands, they would just proceed at dinner as though everything was completely normal. Meanwhile, it was almost dinner time and they all got cleaned up for the meal.

During dinner, neither parent seemed to notice the brightly colored hands and afterwards, the children talked for a few minutes and went off to do homework and dream of what they’d see tomorrow.

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