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Chapter 12

The next morning, every one of the four woke up before dawn, excited to share their weird and puzzling dreams with each other. As the group often did when there was no need for instant action, they allowed Chacha to tell them about his dream first. Although he had lost his stutter after his role in defeating the Smudge from their earlier adventure, he still enjoyed his nickname.

“I was watching myself and seeing me and I was all full of bright colors!” He exclaimed.

Nissa, being the next oldest, said, “I saw myself too, like Chacha. I was moving toward me and I was made of all the bright colors the same as Chacha. I think I was a little scared but I don’t know why.”

It was Iknow’s turn and everyone was looking anxiously at him, hoping he would help them understand why they had had their dreams. “I saw myself just like Chacha and Nissa and probably Leven too,” He started. Leven gave a short nod in confirmation. I, my double that is, also was made of all the bright colors and was moving toward me. I didn’t see any of the rest of you or your brightly colored doubles. I couldn’t turn away although I don’t think I was very happy to see my double coming toward me.”

Leven was more definite about his feeling toward his double. “I really wanted to turn around and run but I just couldn’t move! The look on my double’s face was not nice,” He said with a shaky, almost frightened voice.

There was silence after Leven finished.

“I don’t know if I want to go back to the rainbow planet today,” Nissa said with a sad voice.

“Me either, maybe not ever,” said Chacha finally realizing that although he had been excited, he was also a little frightened too.

“Iknow said, “I think we’d better at least take today off and maybe not go to the rainbow planet or anywhere else.”

Leven added, “Then it’s unanimous!”

The group felt immediately better about the decision as if a huge weight had been taken from their collective shoulders. They soon broke up into their individual activities without another thought about the rainbow planet until about two hours later when they each began to itch mildly and noticed that their arms were changing colors and had begun to itch a little.

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