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Chapter 15

After lunch, the children apologized profusely again to their parents. They met up in the attic again. “Wow! That was so strange, sitting down in the image of me. I would have jumped right out of my skin if that thing had moved! And did you see the look those things gave us when we came into the room?” asked Nissa.

All four children were very spooked by what had happened during lunch. They were relieved that their parents didn’t see the ghostly images of themselves sitting in their chairs but felt unnerved about the invasion by these imposters and their looks of defiance when the siblings walked into the room.

“We’ve got to get to the bottom of this whole, horrible thing,” said Leven, who felt guilty for ever suggesting the trip to the rainbow world to begin with.

“Yeah,” said Iknow, “And once we do, we’re going to make this whole bad dream go away like it never happened.”

“Let’s go back and fix it and make them all go away!,” yelled Chacha, getting charged up.

They all agreed to go immediately and, as soon as Leven could construct a Spot, they were all stepping out close to the ‘lake’ formed by the fallen pebbles. They all immediately saw the changes in the ‘lake’ and gasped in unison. The ‘lake’ was now all a murky avocado green as far as they could see. Just since the children left it behind to explore the nearby scenery, the damaged stones they had thrown and the liquid that was released on their impact had made all of this change!

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