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Chapter 16

But Leven’s mind was elsewhere. While his siblings stared in horror at the now disgusting sight, he was experiencing heat in his pants pocket. He was instantly reminded of the objects he carried there. Although he had all but forgotten about them, he was now reminded of the silver coated ‘remote’, the small glass ring, and the smooth heavy object he had most recently discovered in the attic. The heat from at least one of the objects had only started building when the group all arrived at the place where they all saw the destruction they seemed to have caused. Now, Leven reached rapidly into his pocket and grabbed the satin pouch containing the silver ‘remote’ and the little glass ring. He also had the heavy smooth object in his pocket but only brought out the satin sack. His brothers and sister noticed what he was doing and were now staring at him. He had just reached into the satin bag because that’s where the heat appeared to be coming from.

“Where’d you get that?” Nissa asked a bit accusingly when Leven retrieved the little glass ring.

“It was in the satin bag with the silver ‘remote’. I just didn’t pay any attention to it since it’s so small,” replied Leven a bit apologetically.

“I was going to show all of you, but we got busy and it wasn’t anything really,” he added as his siblings stared at him.

“So, what are you doing with it now?” asked Iknow.

“Something in my pocket was getting hot so I pulled everything out. I think it’s this little ring,” replied Leven, feeling more and more guilty. He tried looking at it as if he was only now discovering it in the velvet bag.

“Well, it’s bright orange and it’s turning red now!” observed Chacha.

“It’s also getting very warm,” said Leven while he carefully put it down on the ground.

Suddenly, all four children shielded their eyes as dazzling light of every color shone directly from the ring. Nobody could look directly at it, but as they turned away from it, they saw the entire sky turning all the colors of the rainbow and they knew that effect was coming from the ring.

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