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Chapter 18

Soon, they arrived at a point roughly half a mile away from the green area where they had to stop just to admire the scene before them. Giant trees stood so closely together that they seemed to suck up all light at the ground around them. The air was much cooler here nearer the forest But the smell of fresh vegetation and the sound of birds and other animals did not flow from the forest as they expected. After seeing no sign of life for so long, they enjoyed seeing the trees, but this forest really didn’t feel quite right. They stopped about six hundred yards and decided to talk about what to do. Nobody felt that these trees were inviting. They couldn’t even see where they would be able to enter the forest when they got there.

Everyone was suddenly tired and it didn’t take much discussion before they decided to go home for now and make plans in the safety of their house.

As the four siblings exited the Spot that Leven had hastily created on the edge of the dense forest on the rainbow planet, they all paused in the attic to check their arms. All of the boys still had the multi-colored arms and some itching, but for Nissa, the colors had started to bleed into each other and had lost some of their intensity. There was less itching too, but it wasn’t gone for the boys. Nissa had almost none. They all knew that their real concern would be answered at dinner when they would see or not see their doubles sitting at the table in their seats.

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