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Chapter 19

When they walked into the dining room, they were a little late arriving and the scene that greeted them stopped them cold. Chacha, Iknow, and Leven not only saw themselves sitting at the table, but their doubles were eating their dinner. Nissa’s double was missing, much to her relief. The boys stared at their doubles and their doubles looked back at each of them briefly before resuming their consumption. The doubles’ expressions were neutral as if this was now business as usual. Now it was the children themselves who were semi-transparent and their doubles who were solid looking enough to fool their parents. Leven walked over as nonchalantly as he could manage, sat down and grabbed his fork right out of the hand of his double who yielded it without any resistance. Iknow and Chacha followed his lead and did the same. Iknow had a brief struggle with his double, but nobody at the table gave any indication of noticing. Once they had taken over control of the utensils and had begun eating, the real boys became more substantial and their doubles became more transparent.

After their dinner was gone, the boys left the table a little less satisfied having missed out on at least a third of the food they had been served. When they had gotten up to leave, their doubles faded out of sight altogether.

Nissa was completely full and looked guiltily at her brothers due to her missing double.

“Sorry, guys. I think I can guess why my double wasn’t at the table today,” she said and held up her ring finger with the little glass ring on it.

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