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Chapter 24

Soon, they were at the shore of the ‘lake’ where individual crystal stones were visible. Only they had turned the sickly avocado-green that indicated the damage the four siblings had done when they had thrown and broken the crystalline pebbles in their first encounter with the ‘lake’. Now came the time to heal the broken stones but by what means they couldn’t guess. As they stood looking at the ugly ‘lake’, the question came as to how they would even locate the stones they had broken, since everything was the same color now.

Leven seemed to have an idea from his original encounter with the ring back in the attic.

“Nissa, hold your glass ring up above the ‘lake’ and see if anything happens,” he suggested.

Nissa did so and noticed once again the blue sky and the little white clouds moving slowly through that sky. Suddenly, the clouds began to move in the opposite direction seemingly without any reason for doing so. What happened next was that all four of the children could see the green rocks slowly turning back to crystalline; all but a few. It was obvious to them that they were seeing time repeating itself just as it had with the broken glass in the attic. Leven had explained before how the effects of the time reversal were not permanent, but could show them which of the pebbles had been damaged until the effects of time reversal wore off. Still, how were they going to fix the broken stones?

Leven felt that he might have the answer as he felt a vibration in his pocket.

When he reached into his pocket, he located the small, smooth metallic ovoid which was vibrating. As soon as he touched it, it stopped vibrating it. He brought it out and held it.

The group looked at him holding the piece of metal waiting to hear his explanation of why he was holding it now.

By way of explanation, and for reasons that he didn’t understand, he walked up to a nearby broken pebble and touched it with the metallic object. Bits of broken pebble began to move together rapidly reassembling into the original pebble. In about three minutes, the pebble was as it had originally been. It sparkled and shown brightly in the rainbow planet’s sunlight.

Now, he had to get busy fixing the other stones as quickly as he could before the effects of the ring wore off and they could no longer pick out the pebbles they had broken.

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