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Chapter 26

Once the children had convinced themselves that the ‘lake’ was indeed healed, they briefly discussed their plans for further exploration on the rainbow planet. The siblings quickly decided that they were, as Nissa had expressed it, thoroughly ‘adventured out’. As beautiful as the restored ‘lake’ was, everybody agreed that it was time for Leven to construct a Spot and for them to return home, hopefully to find everything there restored to the way it was when they had first started their adventure here.

Leven quickly constructed the Spot for them to walk back through to their house. But just as Chacha approached the gateway into their attic, he noticed an odd light coming through the Spot as if somebody or something was coming though the Spot toward the where the siblings stood. He jumped back, just in time to avoid colliding with the raibow colored images of the children.

Instead of coming through the Spot individually, the rainbow images of the four siblings emerged as smaller versions of themselves all together, side by side. Also, none of the images was actually moving their legs to move and none of their body parts were moving either. Even their facial expressions had been frozen into glassy eyed stares straight ahead. Once the rainbow images had emerged, they stood stock still in front of the entrance to the Spot, blocking the path out of the Rainbow planet and back to the attic. The group of siblings were so terrified to see their doubles that they all screamed and jumped back. They quickly recovered and realized what was happening.

Suddenly, Iknow’s belt began to vibrate. It was vibrating slowly at first, but the frequency began to increase rapidly. The sound was also getting louder as the pitch increased. Soon, the children were holding their hands over their ears in pain.

Although the siblings were holding their hands over their ears and were squeezing their eyes shut from the high pitched, loud vibrations coming from Iknow’s belt, they all peaked intermittently at their rainbow doubles. What they could see was that the rainbow doubles were vibrating to the frequency of the belt. Just when the noise became unbearable, Ikow’s belt stopped vibrating and the doubles stood there in front of the siblings, seemingly unfazed by the vibrations.

Overwhelmed by their situation and the futility of fighting against the rainbow doubles, Chacha, without being told to, let out a terrifying roar, as he had done when they defeated the Smudge. The blast completely atomized the rainbow doubles and, as the dust settled, the group saw that Leven’s Spot was standing where it had been, ready for them to walk through it.

As they arrived back in the attic, they took a moment to decompress from their battle.

“Wow!” said Nissa Isn’t it amazing how we found and brought exactly what we needed to fight the rainbow doubles?”

Iknow said, “I’ve been thinking about that. Maybe our trip to the dust world where we fought the Smudge and our trip to the rainbow planet to fight our doubles was set up to train us for something.”

Leven said, “But I thought I was the one who was choosing where we went on our adventures.”

“Maybe not,” said Iknow.

“Anyway, this just makes my brain hurt and I’m hungry for some lunch,” mentioned Chacha.

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