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Chapter 2

Leven also found that he could move at least a short amount into the past with knowledge from the present. This was sort of like being able to rewind what had just happened and to watch it again, knowing what was coming next. He discovered this power when he had knocked a glass off of the table while he was watching the clouds in the ring. The glass shattered on the floor and he felt bad about his carelessness. Then, he noticed something odd. His attention was suddenly drawn back to the little glass ring and noticed that the small, white clouds had suddenly stopped and then started moving the opposite way. The next thing he experienced was watching the glass fall to the floor again and re-experiencing the regret of his carelessness but knowing that he had already done this before. Then, somehow he came back to the present as though he was never away. Was this just a vivid memory? He wasn’t sure. He did notice that the tiny clouds were again flowing in the correct direction. He was not sure whether this was a new power he had developed or whether it was all from the ring.

While looking at the little ring as he walked randomly through all of the old odds and ends in the attic one afternoon, Leven noticed that the sky in the ring started to turn from its normal blue to slightly gold as he approached one pile of objects nobody had gone through. When he backed up, he saw the ring’s sky return to normal. Then he went forward again and noticed the same golden sky. It also seemed to grow more intense as he went further. After he walked a few more steps, he noticed the sky losing some of its golden luster so he backed up again to get the most intense golden color. Then, he waved it slowly around as if it were a kind of divining rod and was made suddenly aware of a small, smooth, oval block of grey metal which also had a slight golden glow surrounding it. It was small enough to put in his pocket so he picked it up and immediately noticed that it was very heavy for its size.

*Chapter 3

One rainy and overcast afternoon, while daydreaming about different fantasy worlds that he’d like to see or even take his siblings to, he started thinking about a world with a bright sun and large crystal mountains. refracting the light into startlingly bright and pure colors of the rainbow. He knew as soon as he imagined it, that it must exist somewhere outside of his imagination as a real place and that he would love to see it and feel how it would be to visit that place.

Now Leven had a problem. He couldn’t really go through the steps it would take to visit the new planet without alerting the other children but then he’d have to take them there and risk a repeat of the debacle from the dust planet if the place seemed hostile. So he walked over to the other three and said, “there’s a place I’ve been thinking of that I would kind of like to take us to.”

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