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Chapter 4

The children were immediately excited about Leven’s suggestion even though nobody but Leven had even had any idea of the planet he wanted them all to explore. There was some discussion as to whether it would be safe to breathe the air, or to even step foot on the planet because of a multitude of real possibilities. After all, they didn’t know that the temperature wouldn’t vaporize or freeze them the instant they stepped through the Spot provided by Leven. They also didn’t know whether they would materialize high above the surface and fall to their deaths or find themselves encased in rock far underground. So they would have to be cautious. They all agreed to proceed very carefully with Leven being the first to go. But Leven, himself, had only a scene in his mind’s eye of the place he wanted to go so he was really afraid of stepping into such a world. He really didn’t fully trust his ability to preview a planet without even constructing a Spot to enable them to travel there.

Once the Spot had been created and grown by Leven using his new technique, he put his index finger on the Spot’s surface and pushed ever so gently. His finger seemed to disappear and he concentrated on trying to feel the temperature on the other side. After a few seconds, he said that it was cold on the planet but it didn’t seem too cold. He brought back his finger and noticed that it was fine and then he held it to his cheek. It felt cold, but soon warmed so he decided it must be like fall weather. He suggested that they bring some warm clothing.

Leven now very gingerly put his face up to the Spot and pushed forward slightly afraid to even open his eyes at first and he held his breath. When he did open his eyes, he saw that the scene he had originally imagined was spread before him. He noticed that the ground was right below him about the distance his eyes would be above the ground on Earth. He carefully smelled the air and found it to smell much as it does in the countryside of a remote place with nearby forests. Then he noticed that he had not seen any plants, trees, grass, or animals so far.

So was this a lifeless planet? Leven stifled a feeling of disappointment. He hoped he was wrong and didn’t want to jinx it for the others. He decided to step all the way through the Spot and immediately felt the lighter pull of gravity of this planet. He figured he weighed about 10% less here. He took one more breath of the planet’s atmosphere and decided that it was not dangerous to breathe.

Leven went back through the Spot and told his brothers and sister that it seemed fine for them to come on through. As they arrived, Leven enjoyed the expressions of awe as each sibling discovered the planet for him or herself. Once everybody was through the Spot, Leven closed it up so they wouldn’t accidentally leave any openings for undesirable animals or plants or whatever to sneak through to our world.

Everyone was pointing and shouting about how beautiful the crystal mountains were!

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