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Chapter 5

There was one very huge crystal making up the entire side of a nearby mountain. The sun was similar to our own so the light refracted through the huge crystal and came out in the most pure colors of the rainbow. As the pure colors shown in their eyes, the four children stood swaying back and forth to look at the different colors they were experiencing on a very personal level. The intensity was blinding and mesmerizing. Chacha exclaimed that it was like a rainbow you could touch, feel, and, of course, see. The group began to think of this place as the rainbow planet.

When they broke free of the hypnotic effect of the pure rainbow light, they began to look around and notice other features of the place they were standing. Nissa was the first to point out that there was a river flowing down a nearby mountain valley. But she couldn’t quite work out what was wrong with what she was seeing. When she directed her attention with more focus, it seemed that the river’s surface did not look like a liquid and did not seem to be changing shape. She called out to everyone to look at what she had noticed and the others were immediately intrigued. But nobody could figure out how they thought they were seeing a river flowing but with no movement of the surface. It all seemed grainy as though the surface couldn’t be resolved into smooth liquid. Even Iknow couldn’t venture a guess and didn’t even try. So they all began walking toward it to get a better look. As they walked closer they were moving down the mountainside they were on. Soon, the ‘river’ was above them and they could see the solid but glassy sides of it sticking out over the sides of the valley. Now, Iknow could speak almost authoritatively. “It’s a giant crystal tube,” he stated, although his explanation was fairly unremarkable. Everybody could see that.

“But why does it look like a flowing river?” asked Leven.

“I think it’s because the tube has liquid flowing through it,” said Iknow.

All four siblings stood and watched and appreciated Iknow’s clear explanation. Now it made sense and it was beautiful. They didn’t know what the liquid was, but it sparkled in many bright, pure colors like a diamond catching sunlight. Everybody stood stock still while staring at the ever-changing patterns of color. Nobody knew how long they stood and watched. It could have been hours.

Suddenly, the spell was broken when the colors began to fade and Chacha noticed that it had begun to get dark. Rather than stumbling around in the unfamiliar mountains and falling to their deaths over a cliff, they decided to leave the planet for now and return tomorrow ( their time) and hope to experience even more of the dazzling display of beauty. Leven quickly created a new Spot that they all walked back through to reach their home. When they got back to the attic, they learned that about two hours had passed at home while it had to be at least double that on the rainbow planet, which is what Nissa had decided to name the place and it stuck. It was midafternoon and everybody had chores, reading, and personal studying to do so they went their separate ways.

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