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Chapter 6

At dinner with their parents that evening, their father talked to their mother about grown-up stuff and asked the children about their day.

“Oh, you know, just playing in the attic, reading, doing chores, and studying, “ said Nissa in a bored voice to cover her excitement about their latest adventure. The four siblings had agreed when their travels had started that their parents didn’t need to know about their travels because one or both parents might decide it was too dangerous (which the children all knew it was).

Her mother replied, “That sounds like fun, NIssa. Would you like more yaminals?” Yaminals were one of Nissa’s favorites. Her mother would carve yams into animal shapes and then cook them. All the children enjoyed eating them, but it was really special for Nissa.

“No, thanks, Mom,” Nissa replied. “I think I’ll go upstairs to bed. I’m a little tired.” and gave a knowing look to Leven about tomorrow’s plans. She and the other siblings excused themselves and went upstairs.

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