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Chapter 7

The four children could hardly sleep that night in anticipation of their newest exploration: the rainbow planet.

After breakfast and morning chores the next morning, Iknow, Nissa, and Chacha looked around the attic for anything they could think of to bring on their excursion. Leven busied himself constructing the Spot and soon announced to his siblings that they could leave anytime they wanted to.

When they stepped through the Spot, Leven was pleased to see that they were right where they had been when they left the day before. He was also happy that it was daytime here on the rainbow planet, at least where they were. Looking up, he could see the crystal tube with the sparling liquid running through it.

Chacha said that he would like to know where the tube went so they all decided to follow the general path on the ground that would keep the tube in sight as they walked. As they continued their hike, they followed a generally downward direction and the crystal tube seemed to be moving downward as well. They were able to stay within a certain distance of the tube, not any closer or further from it.

As the siblings continued down the mountainside, the crystal tube started to angle toward the ground faster than they were descending. An hour after they noticed this, Iknow stopped the group when he said he could hear something like liquid falling. This suddenly reminded Leven that it was the first sound he remembered hearing on the planet that wasn’t caused by the four children. When he mentioned it, Chacha said, “Yeah, no animals or plants to make noise.” This previously unspoken observation put a damper on all of their spirits but they resumed their trip downhill.

An hour later, the group stopped and stared as they could finally make out in the distance the end of the tube where it had stopped growing. It was suspended above the ground maybe ten feet and the multicolored, sparkling liquid was pouring out into a small lake which it had created with its falling. When the children got closer, they answered an unasked question, namely how did the ‘liquid’ maintain its grainy appearance throughout the tube without blending. When they were close enough, they could see that the ‘liquid’ was composed of small, clear pebbles which refracted the sunlight the way the crystal tube had. The cacophony caused by their falling caused them to imagine they were hearing liquid in the same way a rain stick makes the user feel as though he is hearing flowing water. The ‘lake’ was simply a collection of the small pebbles. All of the children ran over to the lake to get a closer look.

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