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Chapter 8

When they arrived at the side of the lake, they stood and looked over all of the sparkling pebbles and the colors were overwhelming. Then Chacha, for no reason in particular, bent down and picked up a pebble and threw it out into the ‘lake’. When it hit the surface of the pebbles, it sounded strange somehow. When he had picked up the pebble, he noticed that it felt hard as he expected it to. but it gave him a feeling of a coconut ; or even an egg; hard on the outside and liquid on the inside. The siblings came up with all kinds of reasons for the sound and then Iknow picked up a pebble and threw it hard against the other pebbles and it broke into several pieces and splattered a clear liquid over the ground. The pebbles falling out of the tube had not landed with enough force to break them but when Chacha and Iknow had thrown the pebbles, they had enough force to break.

When Iknow picked up a piece of the pebble he had broken to see what it looked like inside, it was wet with some liquid but the piece sparkled in the sunlight like highly polished diamonds. I know showed the others, who broke some of their own pebbles. He then put the small piece in his pocket and wiped his hands on his pants.

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