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How does one tame a savage really? You give them something they would want to protect,It's that simple. After countless centuries of being alone the alpha king is ready to call it quits on life,he has no mate,no future,he has long since lost his mind and murdered too much of his own to count. But how can a man without a heart be killed? His mother has long since taken his heart from his chest refusing to let him end his life. She is his mother after all and he her only birthed child,she promises to make him hole again and once she does then what?

Fantasy / Romance
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"Why out here?"Miena asked the moon goddess as she prayed in her temple,"why deep in the jungle? I am heavy with child."
"You will have the child there,"said the goddess,"and you will leave her there."
"What?!"the priestess jumped quickly to her feet her eyes darting around the temple nervously,"no,I can't,she is my only child she will surely die."
"It is her destiny,"the goddess said firmly.
"Her destiny to die?"the priestess cried,"if I knew this was her destiny I would never have let you talk me into conceiving with that...with that,thing. I can't do that to her. No."
"Miena do not dis-obey your goddess,"warned the god,"her destiny will not change no matter how hard you try. She will end up there with or without you."
Miena caressed her large belly,she has become too attached to the child,she couldn't let her young life be ruined.
Three weeks later the priestess went into a near by village to perform a ritual of clensing for a holy water place that has been currupted,she felt weak and performing the ceremony took alot of her energy. Returning home was a battle in itself, there was a heavy down pore of rain which soon became like a hurricane,the priestess and her maids hurried into the jungle where they seeked shelter in a large dark cave.
Deep into the night the priestess began suffering from severe abdominal pain,in only seconds her water broke and she went into labour,with the help of her maids the priestess gave birth to a small baby girl,weak from excessive blood loss the woman died before being able to run away with her child like she had planned,with her dying breath she begged the maids to take care of the child and the three women vowed to do so with their lives.
But fate can be cruel. The rain fell for days,without warmth or clothing the child caught a terrible flue,two maids went into the jungle in search of herbs for the cold and fever,but the women never returned. Scared for her friends and the child the third maid ventured into the jungle,she found the herbs and the body of her friends half devoured by wild animals,hurrying back to the cave,scared and saddned by the horrable deaths she was attacked by a young lion,she escaped,but was seriously injured. With the last of her strength she made the potion for the baby and fed it to her. The woman died with the child cuddled against her chest wailing loudly.
The creatures of the jungle,small and large alike,those that crawled,those that flew,slithered,swong throughout the trees and walked on the lands. Creatures that were not apart of the jungle gathered at the cave's entrance. The strangest of them all were the three black winged creatures that stood like giants over the others,they,were not of this world,the large fenix bird was the largest of the birds,it's beauty unmatched,said to be extinct,swoops down,it bends it's long neck to enter the cave hugging it's wings to its body,the large black beasts growls but do not approach her,a loud thunderous roar shook the earth beneath them and blue flames filled the skies as two large dragons desended from heavens,their beauty only challenged by the fenix,the large black beasts growls in distaste and steps away as they approach their heads bent downwards,the dragons were mountanous is high and size and puts the other beasts to shame.
The fenix came from the cave,however it was no longer a bird but a beautiful woman with long curly golden hair that danced pass her backside and fanned the back of her knees,her eyes were as blue as the sky above,her skin as white as the clouds on the sunniest of days,her beauty was inhuman. She held the now silent baby cradled against her naked chest,she frowns at the dragons.
"What are you two doing here?"she questions in a strange language. She rocks the baby gently.
Suddenly the two large dragons began to shift until their Dragon form was gone,in its place stood two tall men,beautiful beyond belief, hair as blazing red as fire with hints of gold in streaks,their eyes bright and green,a green not like any other,their skin a lovely peach in colour.
One grinned at the fenix.
"Long time no see,"he laughs,"I taught you have died centuries ago."
"Oh no,not her,"snarls the other,"this old bat will never succumb to death."
The fenix laughs dryly,"nice to meet you too,"she said,"why are you here?"
"The same reason I presume you are,"said the first dragon,"the small bundle summoned us."
"But how?"asked the fenix,"where does a human get such imence powere? A baby at that?"
"Not sure,"the second dragon shrugged lazily,he looks around at the large crowd of animals,then down at the ground that was crawling with all manner of insects,"I guess we weren't the only ones summoned."
"I don't know about you lot but I don't like being summoned like some kind of servant,"the first dragon scowls walking towards the fenix,"what sex is it anyway?"
He stands before the fenix and looks down at the small bundle who sturs in the fenix arms.
"A baby girl,"the fenix said softly as she looks down at the baby,"isn't she precious."
The second dragon laughs,"look at you acting all mother like. What do you plan on doing with the kid?"
"Am going to keep her..."
"NO!"the harsh voice shook the cave,the largest of the four black beast shifted into a beautiful woman,her skin a dark and beautiful chocolate in colour,her eyes a blood red,she wore strange tribal markings that was cut into her skin but has healed nicely,she has long black locks that reached her hips,her hips were wide and her body muscled and curvy,she stood as naked as the dragons and fenix.
"She is not yours to take,"she snarls approaching them,"she is of no relation to you,her father,however,wants her."
"Ahh,"said the fenix,"I was wondering why there were demons in this place. Who is her father if you don't mind me asking."
"The king of the underworld,who else,"scoffs the woman.
"But why would Lucifer father a child with a human? It's unheard of,"said the first dragon,his brother came to stand by his side.
"That's none of your business,"snarls the demon,"give her to me. Less you want war with the underworld."
"She belongs to no one,"said a firm but gently voice,a bright light appared,its shine blinding,it was gone in an instant,in its place stood a beautiful woman with long wavy black hair that danced pass her knees,she was stunning with a small straight face and piercing blue eyes like none other,the blue of their depts seem to sparkle like the stars of the night giving them an enchanting and breathtaking look. She wore a long peach gown that hugged her slender frame perfectly and highlighred her curves,she was a short woman compared to the others,but her strength they were no match for.
"The child will not leave this jungle,"she stated,her voice leaving no room for arguement,she turns to the the she demon who kept her head downwards to the earth unable to stand the purity of the goddess,"tell your king I have no problem with him visiting the child,but she will not leave this place."
"She is only a child,"argued the fenix,"she will die out here on her own."
The goddess laughs softly,the sound rich and melodious,"she will be just fine with guardians like you lot around."
"Am not playing babysitter to some kids,"the first dragon scoffs,"sorry goddess but it's not happening."
"I second that,"said the second dragon,"if you insist on keeping her here then you find her a mother,I on the other hand have no need for a kid."
The goddess'es laughter left the group on edge,the wild animals lays around the group contently listening to the scuabble,some were fast asleep. It would not be long until all this was on the news,birds filled the skies,sea creatures have began their journey,animals that were said to be myth or extinct will gather here in África to welcome their qween,this will not go on noticed,people will begin to question the significance of this exact location,and with curiosity comes danger.
"You may all go,"said the goddess,"but you will be back,the call of the young qween is not one you can resist,plus she will need your protection,danger will find her here soon."
"I will stay,"said the fenix looking down at the bundle nestled in her arms,she has become attached to the child already,"I could not leave even if I wanted to."
"I will also,"said the she demon,"I know my king will want us close at all times."
The second dragon cleared his troath to catch the goddess'es attention,"did you know what she was going to be?"
The goddess shook her head,her long hair swaying like a cape with the movement down her back,"she was to be a strong mate for my son,a great warrior. I did not think her mother would lay with the devil,when I told her a strong man I ment normal strong not supernatural. Suppose I should have been more specific."
"But she is not the only one around here who screwed power to get power,"the first dragon gleares at the moon goddess accusingly,"you of all people..."
"So who was the luck god who got to screw the all perfect moon goddess?"asked the now curious she demon.
The second demon laughs his eyes dancing with humor,"the god of death and destruction,whom else create an abomination with. The man is a nut case,a murderer,he slaughters tribes,hole cities..."
"Do not speak of my son as if you know anything about him,"her words were like knives,sharp and final,"you all are responsible for the child so get used to it. Take turns and babysit,I don't know how you plan on doing it but I will be keeping an eye on you all so please...don't mess the child up."
With that the goddess of the moon was gone.
"My king will never allow his child to marry a god,"snarls the she demon,"it must be one of our kind."
"Big mouth now that the goddess is gone,"taunted the fenix,she laughs when the she demon hisses nastily before turning her attention back to the child,"ok so who calls dibs on diper shopping?"
The dragons groaned loudly when all eyes turn to them.
"Damn it,"the second dragon groans after loosing at rock paper sissors to his brother,"fine,fine."
The fenix shakes her head disappointedly at the two. This job would be getting worse before it got good.

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