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The city where magic is the only source of living and an ordinary person is starved to death, is the city full of ferocious people. The Great Wizard was a cruel person and also the only owner of this city. He was greedy for power. He killed all the innocent people for their blood and also the ones who tried to go against him. His only intention was to rule over the world, rule over witches-wizards and also the ordinary humans. But still, no one knew what's his little dark secret. There were rumors spread about a incident when he killed a lady who was the only one in the ehole wizarding world who could tell future, for a reason only he and his friends knew. He was in search for something unknown..... Raven and Jack are on a deadly and thrilling venture towards their fate.....but...what would happen? Will they die? Or will they win their own wars?

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The Mystery of the book

Raven, a small 14 year old orphan girl with short, sleek brown hair found herself, unaware of anything in this peculiar, cruel and mystic world the moment she opened her eyes. She stood on a broken wooden plank like a lifeless doll and wondered what could possibly be her next step.... The darkness of the night was unfurled all around her and there was no one to be seen. Her memory was blurry and the only thing she remembered last was that she was reading her favorite book-‘Fan Feast Fear Beauty.’
She hoped hard that it was a dream but the reality was only darkness around her and fear that she felt. She closed her eyes shut and tried to calm herself- that was the thing she always did when she was angry or scared.

Seconds, minutes and an hour passed, yet she stood still not daring to move but standing there couldn't possibly be the solution of her problem. With a pinch of hopeless hope and no other option left, she thought of moving ahead, but the moment she moved her first step, she felt something on her shoulder. She immediately stopped there and almost jumping with fear, she turned back. A weird old man with snowy white moustache, having a bald patch on his head, wearing a giant black wrist watch in his left hand and an old purple cape attached to his shabby black coat was standing in front of her.

“Are you a new comer, miz?” the old man asked hurriedly in a heavy tone. Raven thought nodding her head would be better instead of saying anything that would bring her trouble, or worse- death. “Are you here for any work?” he asked again, eyeing her with suspicion. She wondered what work would a small girl have and shook her head nervously.
The old man gave a tiny smile and went away vanishing in the dark, leaving her all alone. She could have asked the old man for help but she was so terrified that the words stuck in her throat. She lost her only chance for escaping or.... maybe dying......because who knows what her fate would bring- help or death?

Without any hope, she sat down on the hard ground and buried her face in her hands. "Please just say this is a dream, this cant be true..." she kept muttering to herself.
The situation was so creepy that anyone would have felt helpless. After few hours of complaining about her misery and sobbing, she finally got to her feet but before she could do anything, she heard a loud thud that curled her hair. She looked behind her
"No way.." she whispered as she found the same book that she was reading, lying on the floor.
She picked it up and gazed at its design- curved stems with beautiful flowers and leaves engraved on it. It started emitting light bright enough for her to see her surroundings clearly. There was green wild grass all around her, whereas some patches had black and purple color. The trees were tall without a single leaf on it. The place looked creepy and silent. She panicked and threw the book on the ground, stepping backwards. It slowly opened, the pages flipped and showed some dangerous but unclear figures of disastrous scenes of people dying. Every turning page was a call for an unknown war. She heard someone calling for her...... "Raven....come to me...you are mine..." She was agitated and kept on moving away from the book. The pages kept on turning and the images becoming wilder, creepier and darker.
The moment she was at the end of the ground, she gave out a loud scream. The book slowly stopped emitting light and closed itself. She took the book in her hand and opened it. This time the book was empty, not a single word was engraved on it. She closed the book and blinked her eyes nearly a hundred times to make sure if she was even alive.

What would happen to her now? Will she find someone to help her or will she die here with the mystery of the book? What will she do next? Will she run away or be caught by someone who can kill her?
Stay tuned to find out!!

( Hello dear readers, thanks for reading the first chapter of my story.....do like share and comment and lemme know your valuable feedbacks....should I continue with this story or not?)

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