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Bond of the Immortals

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Inspired by Noblesse. The island have been suffering for centuries. The Leaders had been dying faster than ever. What is the power that threatens to kill them all? Who is the one to save them all? What was the prophecy that was chosen? Will the world live or will it just...die? The seven leaders rule the land of Ashborne and they must live in unity to survive the last battle. But they were never faced by happiness, just regret and betrayal. Who will stand in the end? Or none will.

Fantasy / Action
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How great it would have been if supernatural beings would not have existed. But who are we to judge it? There would have been peace without magic, but how can we deny what we have in our blood and bones? Here people live on an island which was named Ashbrone. Named by whom? No knowledge about it is known.

Humans lived on that island but were guarded by nobles and rich people. Their mansions were built at the feet of the great Mount Eldham. The mountain was in the center of the island, it’s peak invisible in the clouds. Humans feared it and therefore never stepped on it.

The noble and rich people were supervised by seven great leaders, who possessed power beyond any living being. They lived in the shadows of that mountain with their clans and guarded the island. Each of them had a unique ability. But they were alone.

Those seven leaders were supervised by whom? No one had been able to get the answer. And among those seven was a clan whose true powers were never used. For they were the strongest and were ruled by the strongest. Yet misery easily took over them in the end.

The story began when Moonscribe Clan was fallen apart. When the course of the future was changed. When a boy who lived, should have died.

They were loved and yet they were hated. What killed them? No one knows. Ailwin Moonscribe was saved by his mother and was taken away by a supernatural being. That island became his home and his greatest sin.

The island which was a myth among the people of Ashbrone. But on that island lived two mighty races, Nobles and Werewolves. And among them lived the strongest supernatural being who was known as, the Nobilis.


The day was good. And yet he was sad. His blond hair was tied in a neat pony-tail and his black coat was lined with gold. His eyes as beautiful as a violet stone. He walked gracefully along with his parents. His sister had been left behind to guard the castle. But he badly wanted her with him.

He had walked down the mountain and now moved towards the docks. They were leaving in search of the mysterious island they had known as a myth. Lord Kegin had told them that his warriors had spotted it far in the north and therefore it should be checked.

And his parents had agreed to go. He wondered why, but never questioned them. He walked slowly, his thoughts haunting his mind. He walked with his head held high and anger pumping through his veins. All his father had ever done was to tell them that they must stand strong even if they had to die for it. He had told them never to bow in front of anyone.

All those past twenty years, he had never seen or heard anything else from his father. He hated him and yet he tried to find ways to love him. His mother was always lovely and playing with them. What had happened to his father that had made him heartless? He looked down at himself and sighed. The gold circlet in his hair shining as he looked up again and smiled as his mother looked at him.

“We are here, Ochlissye.” His father said to his mother and stopped dead.

“Let’s go, Elran. We have to get going.” His mother replied and started moving towards the ship. Ailwin moved after her, but his father stopped him with a raised arm.

“Ailwin, forgive me if ever I have done wrong. But trust in my words. If you live this journey, stay where Kegin will never reach you. And above all...” Elran stopped and looked far away, back towards the mountain.

“Above all what?” Ailwin demanded, but his father was already walking back with concern on his face. Ailwin stared behind his father and felt worried. It was strange for his father to act like this. But when he looked back at his mother, his worry changed into anger. For his mother was staring at his father with grief and he clenched his fists. He hated to see that expression on his mother’s face.

His father came back when they were on-board and the ship was about to leave. His face was full of anger and pain and yet Ailwin looked away from him towards the island when at last the ship started moving away from it. His heart sank as he saw his sister running towards the ship and shouting something. But they were already too far to know what she was saying. He wanted to jump in the icy cold water and swim back to her. But what will become of his father? Ailwin turned around and stopped dead. His father had tears in his eyes as he stared at Thessalia Moonscribe shouting for them to come back.

“Father?” Ailwin whispered to himself but his father looked at him and tears rolled down his face.

“Shall we fall, must you rise with her, Son of the Moon, Daughter of Light. Shall we die, must you live, Son of Fire, Daughter of Blood. Shall the world burn, must you stay safe, Son of Light, Daughter of Lakes. Go and rest.” And his father turned around and went below deck. Ailwin didn’t move, couldn’t move as he stayed there for a long time. What was it his father meant?

He couldn’t sleep well. Remembering his father’s looks when he had seen Thessalia screaming and shouting. When he had spoken those words. Ailwin remained in his room below deck for almost all the time. He wanted to stay away from everyone. Only one hour he spend above deck, from where he could stare at the wide waters.

None shall step on Leran Entheas, for they shall never return. Ailwin woke up with a jolt and looked around. He has never heard this voice before. Slowly he went out of his room and found his father going above deck. It has been ten days and they haven’t reached the island. “Father, how much time till we reach?” Ailwin shouted behind his father and made him turn around and look at him.

“Maybe just a few more hours.” Elran’s tune was unsure, but he smiled and climbed above deck. Ailwin walked back into his room and stared out of his room window. He gasped and put his hands on his mouth. There was a huge island and on that island, he could see hills and cliffs, some covered with trees and other plane lands. And on one of those hills stood a figure, it’s hood covering the face. But those beautiful red eyes were even visible from this distance. He stared at those eyes and his heart sank. That person was looking back at him.

“Ailwin!” His mother called and he jumped around to find her standing in the middle of the small room.

“Mother, there is someone there watching us.” He said and pointed towards the island.

“Don’t be foolish. There is nothing over there.” She said and smiled, thinking that her son was trying to scare them to death. Ailwin had been like that since he was a child. But now, he wasn’t lying. He was telling her the truth. And yet, she denied it. Hopelessly, he turned around and again stared at the island. He wanted to shout at his mother and make sense of everything. But his parents would not believe it, because only he could see the island. But why? How was it possible that he could so easily see the island, but none other. Fear gripped his heart and he stared into those beautiful red eyes.

They got nearer to the island. Six miles...

Five miles...

Four miles...

Three miles...

And it happened in a blink of an eye. Ailwin was lifted off his feet before he heard a blast and he hit the solid ground after a while. He slowly stood up and stared at the ship. He could see his mother in his room, standing with the side of the ship blasted open. His heart sank and he felt dread taking over him. She shouted as he heard footsteps and rustling of grass as the hooded figure walked towards him.

“Ailwin, hide!!!” But he couldn’t move. His whole body was frozen with shock. She smiled, not at him but someone behind him. And at that very moment, the ship hit an invisible barrier and it wrecked.

He saw as blood flew in the air and his mother was gone. The ship was drowned and all was gone with it. His world shattered as he stared at the ruined ship. He couldn’t open his mouth. He couldn’t speak. And when he found his way, he screamed with endless pain and filled the night with it. Tears rolled down as his body becomes numb and he fell. But before he touched the ground, someone caught him and covered his eyes with his hand.

He wanted to run, wanted to go away. But all was lost and gone. He had survived while his mother had died. He felt consciousness leaving his body. And for the first time, he wished that he would never wake up again. They had left him alone on this island. All alone in a place where who knows who lived. Slowly he closed his eyes and darkness took over him. And it was then he heard his mother’s song. The song that he never understood. He only knew that it was precious to her, precious more than her life.

“Ailwin of the Moonscribe. Son of Ochlissye Moonscribe.” He heard the same voice which spoke to him before he lost everything. But he was totally in darkness.

He had left alone his sister. He left behind his friends. His father was also gone. Someone tricked them, but who could do that?

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