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Watch Me ...

3rd Person POV

The group stared in skepticism at the brown paper wrapped package sitting on the glass topped coffee table in the center of the room before them.

“So, who’s gonna open it?” Shay asked looking at the five others in the room.

Everyone except for Devon immediately put their index finger to their nose and said, “not it.”

Devon rolled his eyes at the immaturity of his band of cohorts and chuckled.

“You’re the Alpha dude. That means you should do it” Aiden joked as he looked at Michael agreeing.

“You guys are seriously sad; afraid of a package from an old lady.’”

“First off, not afraid. Second, Maleyna was not just an old lady, she was a powerful witch. Lastly, and I’m pretty sure I’m not alone on this, we all watched that movie Seven. Who knows what’s in the box. Personally, I don’t feel like finding Gwyneth Paltrow’s head. Just sayin.”

" You’re an idiot Aiden. Also, just so you know, I’m pretty sure your chicken shit ass isn’t turning on your little mate over there ... Just sayin."

Aiden’s pale cheeks turned bright red as he looked over at Astrid who simply shook her head laughing.

Since Devon had been elected to open the box, he carefully lifted it and gave it a gentle shake seeing if he could hear any clue of its contents which there wasn’t. So he went ahead and began tearing off the light brown wrapper. Once the wrapping was removed, Devon pulled the box open and removed the plastic bubble filler inside. He inspected the box’s contents which consisted of two simple things, a 5X7 white note card that simply noted: Watch me and a keychain of the little black cat, Gigi from Kiki’s Delivery Service which turned out to be a portable USB device. Sammie chuckled to herself, who’d of thought that such an old witch would be so familiar with anime.

Devon let out a sigh and looked at Sammie. “Well Sammie, your call, do you want to see what Maleyna wanted us to watch?”

Sammie bit her lower lip then replied.

“Sure, I don’t think she would have sent us something, especially all of us, unless it held great importance. She wasn’t really the type for idle chit chat.” She said shrugging her shoulders.

Michael ran and grabbed his iMac laptop and plugged in the USB key chain after he had booted up. Each of the couples were crowded on the large rustic brown leather sofa; the females were sitting atop their respective mate’s lap as they all huddled together and watched Maleyna’s video in silence.

It was a homemade video of Maleyna sitting inside her shop. The old woman somehow looked to have an aura of dismay as she took a sip of tea from her white and black porcelain cup. Maleyna cleared her throat preparing to speak.

“Well my lovelies, I suppose I should start by addressing the elephant in the room. If you are viewing this video, then I am indeed no longer in the realm of the living as this package was only directed to be delivered upon my untimely demise. I am sure by now, that the six of you have all realized the bonds each of you shares. If not, spoiler alert, you’re all mates. As you know this may seem out of place for some of you, but I assure you that your fates are as the Moon Goddess, Selene, has conceived. I had the pleasure of conferring with her recently and in order to prepare for the imminent war that is approaching, you six must remain fully united. Your strengths shall be the key to triumph over Dasha and her army. Yes, that is correct, Dasha still exists and she is stronger than you had perceived her to be. Despite her outwardly appearance she is an ancient witch with powers that surpassed even that of my coven as we were unable to bind her powers for very long. I expect that it shall not be long before she confronts me in regard to my betrayal. However, I am resolve to the fact that it is merely my own day of recompense for all my own misdoings.

I admit Samantha, that you were not the first person that I had aided Dasha in extinguishing, but you were in fact the last. You see Samantha, I had received a vision of you prior to your arrival and it was revealed that you and your Alpha were of great importance. I also witnessed the destruction that would be caused by Dasha, should she have succeeded in killing you as was her original plan. This was why I had charged Jareth with protecting you at all cost. He was well aware of the dangers you would face and in time, his sacrifice would be inevitable. I know that he was truly fond of you and you of him. For that loss, I humbly apologize. But you must try to understand that his death was for the greater good, which must always take precedence above all else.

You six are the warriors that will lead in the fight against Dasha; A vampire, an Alpha along with his two strongest soldiers and two very powerful witches. Please prepare yourselves as this battle is closer than you can conceive. Dasha has several unseen allies amongst all of your kinds so you must remain wary of others outside your circle. You will all be tested but must be steadfast in your endeavors. Not all is at it seems and betrayal will be your downfall if you trust those who should not be trusted, even if they are from your fondest memories. I leave you all now with one final warning to heed; Dasha still needs the blood of a very special Alpha for her plan to take form, Devon you are that Alpha so you must never allow yourself to be overtaken. I’m sure you’re wondering why she hadn’t utilized you when she had you in her grasp, but it was not yet the predestined moment in time. However that time will be approaching soon enough. Finally, I must advise you all that while your unity is the key to overcoming Dasha’s army, the sacrifice of one shall be vital to her ultimate annihilation. Who that may be, I am not allowed to say as this could affect the order of things as they should be. Now I shall take my leave knowing that I can finally be at peace. My own fate has reached its conclusion.”

Everyone sat in silence after listening to Maleyna’s final words. There were no comments that could encapsulate what we were all feeling at the time. Unable to fathom the implications of Maleyna’s words, that these six people were bound by destiny to fight some war, was overwhelming to say the least.

Michael ran his fingers through his light brown hair and reached over to shut his laptop finally breaking the stillness that hung in the air.

Sammie got up from Devon’s lap and stood in front of the group regarding everyone, thinking of how she could lighten the dismal mood.

“Well I don’t know about you all, but I am totally starving. Who’s with me?”

“You’re always starving Sammie. I don’t even know where the hell you put it all.” Shay blurted out.

“I am not!” Sammie huffed as she stuck her lower lip out pretending to pout.

“You totally are.” Astrid chimed in.

“No way! I didn’t think vamps could eat food?”

’Aiden you’re such a newb. Vampires can eat food too. They just choose not to since it serves no purpose. Sammie here is one of them who still clings to her naughty vices. Apparently even death couldn’t keep her from her Oreos.” Astrid nudged her mate Aiden in the rib and the duo started laughing.

“Whatevs Astrid. You’re just jelly because I won’t share my Oreos with you. Sorry but my love for them runs deep too deep to share with anyone.”

“Dude. I think your girlfriend loves Oreos better than you.” Michael teased Devon

“Fact.” Sammie piped in.

“Hey! I’m pretty sure I hold a higher ranking over Oreos.”


“Well then, it looks like I’m going to have to find myself a new mate. Sammie you’ve been replaced by my new studs, Ben and Jerry.”

Everyone burst out laughing when they saw the look in Devon’s eyes as he wiggled his dark brows and stuck out his tongue.

With the lightened atmosphere, the small group of friends happily made their way into the dining room for some dinner and jovial banter.


Sammie’s POV

After a rather noisy dinner, due to whole Michael Meyers versus Jason Voorhees debate which was incited by Michael and Aiden; Ish... boys were so childish sometimes; the girls and I invited Devon and the boys over to our place to spend the night. I knew the two newly formed couples needed their time to bond. I also I felt that it would be more comfortable in the comfort of our home, as opposed to the pack house, since the pack members were filtering back to their rooms

Devon agreed thankfully and the six of us returned to the vampire territory shortly thereafter. In lieu of the gloom and doom we were preparing for; my BFFs deserved a little time to enjoy private time with their new mates. At least for tonight, we all needed some sort of normalcy. A calm before the storm if you will.

Maleyna’s words rang forebodingly true. An icy chill ran up my spine when the thought finally occurred to me, Dasha was still alive. Not only that, but I also know she killed Maleyna and now she wanted Devon back in her clutches. I looked at Devon and swore to myself whatever it takes, I would never let that happen.

I said good night to my girls hugging them both tightly and jokingly letting them know that they should feel free to be as loud they needed; the rooms were sound proofed so no one would disturb them. With a wink and a smile, they made their way to each of their rooms leaving me and Devon on our own.

A devilish grin spread across his lips as he reached over and tugged me into his arms. He nuzzled his face into my neck as he traced small kisses around my ear. I could feel the heat radiating from him.

“Since the kids are off on their own how about we head upstairs to your room and follow their lead. ”

I pulled back my face staring intently in his beautiful ice blue eyes. Devon and I hadn’t actually been sexually active since ... well since before the whole timeline thing. When we reunited, he gave me my space and waited patiently despite the obvious toll it took on him at times. I mean yeah, we kissed, had a few make out sessions and even once even made it to third base. But that was as far as it had gotten. I realized he’d been patient long enough. It was time for me to move on. He deserved it and I deserved it. Jareth would have understood.

Without a word, I took Devon’s strong hand in my own and led him upstairs into my bedroom.

I locked the door and stood with my back against the off-white door frame eyeing him intently then led him to the bed then gently pushed him down.

I observed as his lust filled eyes turn a deep almost violet-black color.

“Mate.” He growled.

A fiery need filled me. My insides ached to feel him inside of me. It had been so long.

I dashed over to Devon and straddled him looking him dead in the eyes.

“Mine” I snarled.


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