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Oh This Poor Man

Sammie’s POV

“Mate...” he growled.

A fiery need filled me. My insides ached to feel him inside of me again.

I dashed over to Devon and straddled him looking him dead in the eyes,

“Mine” I snarled.


Immediately we began ravaging each other’s mouth, our tongues struggling to claim dominance over the other. An animalist urge took over as we began undressing each other tearing at our clothes in order to find release from the burdening fabrics that restricted us from having skin on skin contact. My body was grinding him hungrily as if it needed sustenance. I felt a large bulge underneath my entrance. My lace thong wet as my lust consumed me. Without skipping a beat, he stood lifting me up as my legs remained wrapped around his muscular torso. My thong was ripped from my body as if it were a mere piece of paper and my hand immediately worked its way to the waist of his jeans. I yanked them open hearing as one of the brass buttons went strewn across the wooden floor. I began pushing his pants and his boxers lower and lower until he took over making them fall completely to the ground at his feet. Finally, I felt his solid member announcing its presence as it brushed against me.

With my legs still caging Devon’s body within their confines, he carried me to my dresser. Like a mad woman, I swept the contents displayed on it onto the floor. Bottles crashing, glass shattering but we paid no mind. Our chests were heaving erratically needing to satiate the hunger we were feeling. Devon rested my bottom at the edge of the dresser then all at once, I felt him thrust his long thick rod inside me without mercy; he continued to pound into me making me scream in pleasure as my walls stretched in order to take in the girth of his wolf. I was beyond full but the pleasure I derived from the pain was unsurmountable. I found myself grinding my hips towards him encouraging him to keep up the barbaric pace. “Harder...oh Goddess YESSS! Fuck ... Devon ... FUCK!” I screamed as I let my head fall back. When we both reached the euphoric pinnacle of our elation, we allowed ourselves to release as one body and soul. I felt Devon’s hot seed shooting into me as he slowly thrust in and out milking himself until he had discharged every last drop. The nectar from our entanglement filled my inner sanctum.

I finally allowed my legs to unclasp from his waist. He looked at me smiling as he kissed my nose and rested his forehead against my own.

“I love you Sammie.” He whispered breathily.

I could see the slight uncertainty hidden behind Devon’s eyes. The L word hadn’t even been spoken since the night when I visited him in the hospital after his twenty-four-story plunge.

Seeing the big bad Alpha Devon Montgomery display any sort of insecurities caused me to want to tease him a little. I mean, Devon was always the one in charge, so self-assured and now he stood before me worry clearly expressed on his gorgeous face wondering how I would reciprocate, or if I even would.

I suppressed a giggle then began tracing circles along his broad sweat covered shoulders. My look remained impassive as if I were deep in thought. A low growl stemmed from deep in his chest. I continued my silent torture until I’d felt he’d been taunted enough. I slowly bent my head forward so that my lips were a breath away from his ears. “I love you too Devon Montgomery” I responded. I could feel his smile spread across his face as his dimples brushed against my cheek. It warmed my not beating heart to feel how happy those three little words made him. It was true. I do love Devon. Not just the memory of my feelings towards Devon from before but the one here and now. With everything that happened, we became two different people. We have each grown in so many ways so much so that the connection we have now is its own entity. This time what we felt wasn’t solely based on the mate bond but rather the time we have been taking to explore each other and our own feelings. We were really happy.

Instantly I was lifted off the dresser and tossed onto the massive king-sized bed. I scooted myself back against the headboard admiring Devon’s god like physique and licked my lips. Goddess this man’s body was so damn delicious. And those abs – Oh My Goddess! Just mmm. I knew he could definitely smell my arousal. I was ready and willing to go for another round.

His eyes flickered between ice blue and deep violet to almost black with lust. My eyes trailed down towards his enlarged member.

Looks like not so little Dev was already standing at attention.

“Like what you see baby?” He asked cheekily.

“Not really” I retorted rolling my eyes.

Devon let out a confused chuckle. “Ha-ha wait...umm... what?”

Oh this poor man.

I smiled as I tapped my index finger against my chin feigning indifference. “Sorry baby but I think my vision must be failing me. Maybe I should get a closer look in order to provide a more precise evaluation.”

In a flash I was off the bed and in front of Devon’s bare physique. I kissed the sensitive spot under his ear, then along his jawline and down his neck. I placed my palms against his solid pecs as my tongue trailed along his sculpted abs down to his belly button until I’d reached my desired destination below his sexy well-defined V. My hands slowly traced his shaft causing him to let out a guttural moan in pleasure. Instantly my lips were wrapped around his sensitive tip as I continued to stroke him. I proceeded to fully engulf half of his throbbing member in my mouth. Slowly suckling his shaft up and down. Lazily licking his tip making it flit against my mouth. I knew I was driving him crazy by leisurely savoring him. Instantly, I changed up my momentum and began sucking him even harder and faster taking all of him so far in my mouth that he hit the back of my throat. I began tracing little circles around the orbs that swelled below his thick shaft with my fingernails causing him to hiss in revelry from the sensations I was producing. I felt his hand clasp the back of my head as my fingernails dug deep into his outer thighs driving his hips in and out of my mouth.

“F-fuck Sammie ... you’re gonna make me c-cum fucking that pretty little mouth of yours”

I growled but refused to let go; continuing until his hips began to buck uncontrollably while his climax fiercely shot inside my throat. I made sure not to waste a single drop of his warm creamy fluid as I emptied him to completion. When I was done I looked up at him while licking my lips.

I stood up and admired the awestruck expression on Devon’s face. I knew his astonishment was not because I had never done that to him before but rather the demeanor in which I had done so. I mean yes, I’d gone down on him and swallowed but not like this. My vampire abilities awarded me a power to dominate him like I had never been able to when I was human. Even the sex between us was completely different. I can tell that he didn’t hold back with me at all; he was no longer afraid to unleash the power of his wolf. I recognized, Devon liked the new and improved me as much as I did.

Devon wrapped my small frame up in his arms and nuzzled his stubbled jaw against my neck. I leaned against his chest enjoying his scent. A small sigh of contentment escaped my lips when without warning, I was picked up and once again tossed onto the bed.

Dumbfounded I looked at Devon who wore the most devilish grin.

“Now it’s my turn for a taste” he growled.

His eyes darkened with lust and his elongated tongue ran over his lips as he snarled. It looks like his wolf Slade came out to play.


Thanks for reading my lovelies! 🥰

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