Syche: The Dark Element

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In a modern world where the four elements (no, not those elements; don't stop reading yet) are controlled by the select few born with the gift, seventeen-year-old Joshua Rasgard is horribly, painfully normal. And that’s not changing. No really. He survives by his wit and acute knowledge of how adventures should go, unlike his younger brother Kael who would rather disintegrate his problems to ash. Together, they're on a globe spanning treasure hunt that is about to take a dark turn. While hunting for clues, Joshua decides to rescue an ex-superpowered-assassin named Gianna. Doing so puts a target on all of their backs and thrusts them into a global conflict not unrelated to the treasure hunt. The one thing Joshua knows, is that he is out of his element.

Fantasy / Adventure
Age Rating:

Table of Contents and Map


Prologue: The Dying Dark

Chapter 1: The Man in Black

Chapter 2: Interrogation

Chapter 3: Dock Tales

Chapter 4: Prison Break

Chapter 5: Taerose

Chapter 6: Refugees

Chapter 7: The Burning Sea

Chapter 8: Reprieve

Chapter 9: Two Faces of the Enemy

Chapter 10: The Wall

Chapter 11: Quietude

Chapter 12: They Are The Prey

Chapter 13: The Pale Hunter

Chapter 14: Homecoming

Chapter 15: The Rasgards

Chapter 16: The Metal-Sea

Chapter 17: Dania

Chapter 18: False God

Chapter 19: Down the Labyrinth

Chapter 20: The Hive

Chapter 21: Ell’s Detour

Chapter 22: Blind in the Shadows

Chapter 23: Incursion

Chapter 24: The King and the Mountain

Chapter 25: Gianna

Chapter 26: The Dark Element

Chapter 27: A Lingering Shadow

Epilogue: Transference

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