Witch Hunt - Flames of Misconceptions

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Rasz was a boy who fell victim to the witch hunts that was held in the 18th century Europe. After witnessing the death of his mother he tries to escape his own death but falls in the hands of an alchemist. He later meets many people and learns that witch hunt is more than what it is.

Fantasy / Mystery
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Chapter 1

Three stakes. Three women tied to it. A small group of people watching them and saying something.

I watched what was happening helplessly. My hands and legs tied with strong rope so that I don't run away. I sat alone below a tree as I saw the village head standing in front of the small group.

"This shall be a reminder to all who sell their soul to Satan. In the name of our lord we shall punish these witches for all the miseries they have cast upon us."

The people started to cheer as he said those words. Many even started to throw rocks at the three women. The women didn't scream in pain or show hatred in their faces. They just stared without any emotion.

Three men brought torches and looked at the village head. " Now let us offer the screams of these sinners to our lord. Let them...... Burn."

As he said the final words the men dropped the torches into the hay kept below the stakes. I stared at my mom as the flames grew bigger. She gave me a warm smile when she realised I was watching her. I saw a single tear flowing from her eye as she started to catch fire.

The scream of many people filled the air. The screams of the people cursing the so called witches and the scream of the women burning. But my mom's scream was ringing loud and clear in my ears as I watched these demon burn her.

In midst of all the things happening I realised the ropes tied to my hands were getting lose. I turned around and saw uncle Gizo untying me.

"Shh don't make any sound. You have to get out of here. This is the only thing I can do in return for your mother's help." He said as he untied my legs. He picked me up and ran away from this chaos.

"Why, why are they doing this? Mom didn't do anything. She's not a witch." I said as the image of my mom being burnt alive came to my mind.

"I know son. But we can't help her now. The only way she can rest in peace now is if you stay alive. The villagers will torture and kill you if you stay here." Uncle said

He stopped in front of a donkey and sat me on top of it. " Live. Live for your mother. Follow this road and you'll reach the next village." He said while stroking my hair I hugged uncle with tears running through my eyes.

As we finished our embrace uncle slapped the donkey hard and the it started to run while screaming in pain. I grabbed on its neck tightly and looked behind. I saw uncle running back to the village where smoke was rising up into the clear blue sky.
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