When fate comes calling.

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At 36 Corey has just about given up on finding a love. Corey David was busy living her ordinary life, in an ordinary boring small city in Germany. She moved here with her twin sister Carley. One day after work her world is turned upside-down when she meets Karl. Karl and Kol von Holstein are 37, King alphas. Karl leads the Royal pack and the central Europe werewolf packs .Karl thinks he has no mate. Kol comes back home from America after having found out he had been bewitched and was under a spell cast by the woman he thought was his mate. He knows something Karl doesn't know.

Fantasy / Romance
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Hi there. Thanks for taking the time to read my story. This is my first one . Although not edited Please enjoy it and feel free to leave comments.

This is a fantasy love story about 3 people who had given up on love . ;)

Corey's POV.

An ordinary day in my very ordinary life, I weaved good bye to my work mates on my last day there,as I walked out of the building with my friend Amy. She had the next couple of days off work and we were talking about what she should do with her time off. And what I was going to do with the time I was taking off after nursing school. Amy and I clicked from the moment we met almost three years ago, when I started my nursing placement at Bräunung Haus a nursing home for terminally ill and elderly people. My name is Corey David, I'm a 36 years old African woman. Some people ask me why I have an English last name, that's because I chose to use my father's first name as my last name. There is only one reason behind the decision, I missed him so much. I moved to Germany five years ago to start a new life, leaving everything I knew and had behind me including my language. So to say life has not been easy here would be an understatement. It has however been bearable because I moved here with my twin sister Carley. She has been my rock, I guess we have been each other's rock. My sister and I are however very different when it comes to looks and personalities.

Carley is very outgoing and beautiful, she is 5'6 slim but curvy with big beautiful brown eyes
( ok I have those too) she has very long thick natural hair which she sometimes let's out in an Afro. She has a photograph memory which helped her so much when she was learning to speak German. I, on the other hand, am bigger than Carley .I am 5"7 and, I guess I'm voluptuous . My hair is not as thick and as long as hers, everyone says I look as beautiful as our mother. Carley looks like our father. I'm more of a homebody, and I don't have a memory like my sister. That's why I had such a hard time with nursing school. I however am blessed with a great outlook of the world. I started it so I finished it. That is what I said to myself every morning when I woke up.

I said goodbye to Amy as she turned heading to her car and I continued to walk towards the bus stop.the weather was not too bad on that ordinary day. I was just glad it was not raining because that would have been awful. As the bus stop came into view i thought to myself , "I'm so early I have to wait seventeen minutes before the bus comes". Thank goodness there was no one sitting on the bench because my feet were killing me and I really wanted to sit down while I waited for the bus. I took out my earphones and connected them to my smartphone as I sat down. I scrolled to music then playlists and searched for my (in the moment ) playlist which was mostly Bts songs. I slid my phone back into my jacket pocket and began to daydream about how I was going to spend my first weekend off. Trying to decide whether or not to go to one of the big cities Hamburg or Hannover, little did I know just how much my life was about to change. I live in a small city called Delmenhorst, where there isn't much happening.

I thought about the last time I went to Hanover a smile graced my face, as Lucas came to mind. What can I say about Lucas… He is like the feeling you got as a kid, when you wake up on Christmas morning expecting presents. He is warm, considerate, fun to be with, good looking in his own kooky way and he makes me laugh so much. He's not my man though, we dated for a very short time, everything seemed to be going really well until one afternoon when things came to a screeching halt . We were sitting on the couch in his lounge watching some movie that I was not really paying attention to, when Lucas asked me from nowhere " Do you want children?" I was not surprised by the question so much as I wondered why he asked me at that moment. I looked at him before I answered, trying to search his eyes for any kind of clue. All I saw were his intense green eyes not showing any clues." Yes I do, don't you? " I answered and asked at the same time. He was silent for what seemed like a very long time, then '' No… I.. can't have any" he finally said. "Why?" I asked in a whisper without looking at him. " Is it a deal breaker for you? " I could hear the sadness in his voice. Sadly it was, I never thought I was someone who would break up with someone because of something that's not his fault. But here I was without any hope for us. I lost all hope I had of us having a serious relationship. I felt at the time ,what I thought was my heart breaking. Weirdly I was not heartbroken for a long time. Looking back now, I realised I was more disappointed than anything else. We both bounced back really fast and decided we would be friends. As time went by I realised Luc, as I call him, has become a very precious friend ,whom I love and appreciate. It's been over a year and some months since we became friends. I thought to myself , I should go to Hannover and see my dear friend. We can have one of our friend's dates…”Entschuldigung …. Durf….”
( excuse…. Can…)I was awoken from my thoughts as I found myself looking into the most amazingly beautiful ocean blue eyes I have ever seen. “ Entschuldi…. “ I heard his amazing deep voice but i couldn’t make out what he was saying. Those gorgeous blue orbs were drawing me in. I felt like I was floating in them. My heart began to beat so loud and fast ,I thought the whole street could hear it. All i wanted was to look into those Enchanting eyes for the rest of my life. I don't know how long I looked at him without hearing a single word he said. " Was machst du hier?" (what are you doing here?) he asked sounding angry and annoyed about something. Probably the fact that I was not answering whatever he was asking. "Ich mag es nicht, mich zu wiederholen," (I don't like repeating myself) he said this time almost yelling at me. I finally snapped out of the trance I had been, thinking how rude. I decided to answer in English " excuse you!!! Do you own this bus stop? No? I didn't think so. I'm… " I was interrupted again this time he was not angry and annoyed anymore. "Oh you speak English!? " he said in what sounded to me like a question and a statement. "Why are you sitting out here alone?" Is this guy for real? I asked myself looking away from him, checking to see if the bus was coming yet. I could feel his eyes on me. His stare burning on my face. I wanted to look at him too, I wanted to look into his eyes and lose myself in them again ,I felt like I was an addict .How was I going to live without looking into them ever again." waiting for the bus" I finally answered him. Turning my head to face him again, noticing just how close his face was to mine. I could feel his warm breath fanning my face, as he was crouched right in front of me with both his hands on the bench on both sides of me,effectively caging me in. I could see he was very tall and in great shape.
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