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Enchanted Madness

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~ "I love you more than I want to fuck you." ~ She is everything everyone wants. Some wants what's best for her, most wants what's best for themselves. Throughout this story, it is up to Naela to figure out who she can trust. The question is, how can she do that, when all life has handed her was shit on a silver platter. During all this, she is trying to understand who or what she is. While Naela is struggling, there is one person who wants her more than anyone. He has been looking for her for centuries. He is not a patient man. He wants what's his and he will go through great lengths to make sure she and everyone knows who she belongs to. She is literal Fire and he is Ice. They are complete opposites, but don't they say "Opposites Attract"? Find out. Follow Naela while trying to save herself and the world in a journey of self-discovery filled with pain, happiness, torture, laughter, rage, love, hate and a whole lot of smut.

Fantasy / Romance
Sweetie cakes
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125 Years Ago

“Yes, my King, right th-there!” She screams. He groans out of pleasure while one of his hands holding her hips from the back, slide down to one of her breasts and tugs at her left nipple. He pulls out his dick, leaving only his mushroom head in before slamming back in, hard. She moans out loud, he trails his hand to her clit and slaps on it while pounding his dick in and out of her. Her warm walls are clenching around his cock, which makes him pound harder, knowing she is almost there. She screams, “Ah! I’m almost there!” As he nudges his dick on her G-spot while rubbing her nub. He can feel himself on the brink of an orgasm, when out of nowhere, someone starts banging on the door. FUCK, he thinks. Everyone knows not to disturb him when he is in
this particular room. Little does he know that being interrupted is what his life will look like now.

He sighs and snaps at the person outside the door and growls, “WHAT?!”. The guard enters, he is not at all fazed by seeing his king with his cock in a female who is on her hands and knees on the bed. Worriedly he replies, “It has started my King, the child is downstairs with Janice in the throne room waiting. They left her outside the kitchen, covered in a blanket with a note and necklace, nothing else.” Elijah slips his dick out of the female whose name he did not bother asking and tells her to, “Get the hell out.”
He walks to his guard who offers him his clothes and gets dressed before hurriedly walking out towards where Janice is holding the child. “Is everything prepared? Were there any survivors? And where the hell is Luric?!”

“Yes, no and Luric is calling with the family who offered to adopt her.” Rex, one of the guards, replies.
He walks in his throne room to see Janice, bouncing the baby in her arms who is looking up at the female holding her. For someone on new land, with people she has never seen before, she is oddly calm. Shouldn’t she be crying out of sadness, or whatever it is babies do?

He walks closer and looks at the child, Heavens, he has never seen anything more beautiful than her. She has the biggest and lightest eyes ever that are sparkling surrounded by long lashes and silver baby hairs on her head. This is very unusual.

We are enchanted creatures, sure, but this is a bit far stretched. No one should be that beautiful, he can already imagine the unwanted trouble that will follow her. Shit, who is going to protect her? He is sure the family picked out is not strong enough for that. He can feel her magic simmering in her veins, which is another thing that is unusual for a baby. How old is she? 7 months maybe? Oddly, he feels his paternal instincts kicking in. Instincts he never knew he had, which makes this even more odd than it already is.
She looks up at him and smiles before reaching her arms up at him, begging him with her eyes to pick her up. What the fuck? She wants him to hold her? Why would she want that? Does she know who he is? Of course not Elijah, she is a baby. Before he even knows what he is doing, he picks her up. She is so small, she weighs nothing, she fits in his arms as if this is where she should be.

"Give me the note." Elijah says. One of the guards walk up to him and offers his King the note. He reads the note he has been dreading to read silently. "Naela, her name is Naela."

He looks in the eyes looking back at him full trust and can’t help himself but to fall in love with her. He needs to make sure she is protected and safe. Only he can do that. He talks to no one in particular, “Call Luric and tell him to inform the family that they are no longer needed.” Then he walks out towards his room after thanking Janice for staying with Naela.
His Naela.

117 Years Ago
After another rough night filled with nightmares, Naela is sitting in front of the entrance of the woods by herself. It doesn’t take long before a couple animals trot up to her, three tiny bunnies, a bear and a baby deer. Eli says the correct word for baby deer is fawn, but she like baby deer better.

The bear curls around her and allows Naela to lean against her, the tiny white bunnies crawl on her lap while the baby deer places his head on one of her legs. Eli told Naela that the animals like her, that is why they always come to her as soon as they sense her. At least the animals want to play with her. None of the other children do.

No one wants to play with Naela, they think she is dangerous and smells funny. Everyone always tells her how different her scent is. Apparently, she needs to learn how to control her e-mo-ti-ons, as Eli says, which she doesn’t understand. She just wants to play hide and seek with the other kids, not learn to control her e-mo-ti-ons. She feels sad, but the animals try to make her feel better. They nudge her and try to make her stand. As soon as she stands and moves, the animals try to chase her.

In that moment, she, as a 7-year-old, understands that the animals will never leave or hurt her. They will protect her and will always be there for her. The only ones she feels safe with are the animals and Eli.

All this time, Elijah looks out at her from a small distance. Elijah is all she has now, he will take care of her as if she is his own. He needs to help her get rid of those nightmares and try to help her find some control. He would move mountains and take her pain for himself if he could. Ever since he has found her and taken her in as a little baby, she became the centre of his world. He will protect her with his life and make sure she gets the future she deserves.

He takes a couple steps back to a table filled with mothers, still keeping her in his sight, he looks at the female who immediately get up and curtsy and growls angrily “Teach your kids some manners.” They know what he means, if it means threatening a couple mothers to make his Naela feel better, then that is what he will do. The mothers don’t question their King and immediately call back their children to order them to play with her. meanwhile, he has taken the same steps back so he can keep an eye on Naela. His second in command, Luric, smirks at him and said, “Really? Threatening mothers? Was that necessary?”

Elijah just growls, which makes Luric chuckle.
He watches a boy walk up to where Naela is sitting out of breath from all the running. The boy plops down next to her. Naela looks up at him carefully, almost as if she is afraid she will startle him and scare him away. Elijah groans a little, couldn't a girl go up to her? Why someone of the opposite sex? The little boy pets one of the rabbits and Naela's face beams with a smile so bright. Elijah knows she cannot believe someone her age is sitting next to her. It is then that he doesn't mind a boy sitting next to her. He knows he would do anything to see that smile on her face for the rest of his life.

His respect for mothers has grown infinitely since taking care of her. There isn’t a thing he wouldn’t do for her, including threatening some mothers with disrespectful children.

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