Poppy Land

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Joe and her mom go on the hunt for girls who just unlocked their powers. They open a school to help those girls control their powers. One day, a girl comes to the Academy and is working with the demons from Poppy Land. Can Joe and her new friends use their powers to save the human world from being taken over by the demons from Poppy Land? Updates weekly ever week. Book 1 of the Magic Powers Academy for Girls Series.

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Chapter 1: Run, Run, Run

“Look, the map is glowing again” Mom said, thrilled. “I guess we have a job to get done,” I said. I was exhausted from yesterday’s catch. “Let’s go!!” Mom said, even more thrilled.

Hi there. My name is Joe and I am a shapeshifter. Yes, this is not some story about someone falling in love. It is actually about an academy with fantasy girls. Me and my mom have this magical map given to us by this weird witch. She told us to use it wisely. We use it to track down girls whose power has just been unlocked. We technically don’t kidnap the girl, we take the girl and we use a mindwiper who makes that girl’s parents forget she ever existed. It sounds really bad, but me and my mom are just trying to protect the human race.

“It looks like this girl is from New York” Mom said, excited. “Can we shop while we are there, Mom?” I said, hopeful. “No! We are going to get this girl. The map says her name is Andy. She has the power of invisibility. We are going to need to bring some invisibility powder and clear lotion.” She explained. “Madam Caroline, Vaia took my witch powers and is terrorizing the little power girls academics”Ms. Lala said. She was a mentor with learning how to control shape shifting, even though she is a witch. “ I am sorry but you will have to control it. Joe and I are going to get a girl from New York. You won’t see us for about two days. I trust that you will take care of things?” Mom said, questioning. “Yes, of course Madam Caroline. It would be my honor” Ms. Lala said. “Off we go, Joe” Mom said.

We still are driving and it has been about 6 hours. I know I may sound dramatic but this car trip is taking forever. “We are getting close to New York, Joe. You can stop huffing and puffing”. My mom has been to New York many times before. It is wet outside because it is raining. The autumn leaves are drowning in the rain. I had to wear old rain boots, which are blue and they are 3 sizes small. This is the life of a teenage power hunter. I have a choice on whether I want to go power hunting or not. I personally like it because I sometimes have a chance of making a friend.

“We are here! Did you pack the supplies I told you to bring?” Mom said. “Yes, I did.” We started to walk out of the car when this hooded man ran past us. He looked terrified.” Run! What are you two doing in this part of town?! Haven’t you heard? There is a weird invisible creature on the loose” He said. “We better be quick. It looks like the girl has recently been here or is still here” Mom said, determined. I forgot to tell you readers something. My mom is an angel demon. That means she can be an angel, demon, or a hybrid of both. “Let’s go this way. There is a trail of invisible footsteps. This clear lotion helps a lot!” Mom said. Clear lotion helps something invisible pop out.

“Mom, can you hand me the invisible powder?” I said. “Yes, here you go” She said. I caught the heavy powder. I ran over to a broken down building. I threw the powder everywhere and saw this girl. I couldn’t tell all of her physical features, but I could see that she had a terrified look on her face. “Hey, it is ok to be afraid. I was confused and scared when my power was first unlocked. You can now turn off your power by being calm”. With those words I said, her expression changed and she became more seeable.“I’m sorry for doing this,”The girl said. The next thing I saw before I blacked out was her with a big metal pipe, hitting it on my head.

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