Reprisal After Reborn

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She was reborn. Back when she was still a '19-years-old' intelligent and cunning lady. A calm and nice-tempered attitude that attracts her fiance in the past life, the '26-years-old' woman that's blinded by love. Back when she wasn't cheated yet, by her childhood bestfriend and ex-fiance. Back when, she believed her heart and feelings was smarter than her mind. That she even rejected the 'uncertainty and doubt' part of her brain for love. Love that.. Ended up full of cruelty, betrayal and faithlessness. But now she is back, again. With her memories full of darkness that almost eaten her up whole. She wants revenge. She wants them to pay every tear. Every crack in her heart. A 'Reprisal After Reborn'. °•°•°• If any of you guys might be concerned or confused, this story is also available and can be read on: Webnovel Kungfu Books (currently un-updated due to unfortunate circumstances) Wattpad (most active)

Fantasy / Romance
Zellia Ruby
Age Rating:


"You really think that I loved you? Heh. "

He laughed balefully while playing the slut's hair that is sitting in his lap.

I've trusted him. I loved him till it blinded me, how could he do this?

Tears started to flow out of my eyes. My heart started to feel numb because of the unbearable pain I felt.

"Who would want a boring person like her,"
She bit his ear seductively and gave me a mocking smile. "right, babe?"

I struggled out, but it's not that i am tied to a simple rope but silver chains that is connected to the floor beneath the chair I was tied to.

The jerk smiled and nodded his head. "Definitely, baby."

I feel out of breath because of anger and out of oxygen.

They locked me up in a blank sound-proof room. I can hear them but they can't hear me.

I was still struggling and suddenly,

Smoke occupied the room.

My mind started to function more clearly and worked a bit, surpassing the stress and pressure

Toxic gas.. I heared them earlier talking about toxic gas.. I thought..

So it was actually their plan all along. Hah.

So they planned it for a whole 5-- no, eight years. Wow, how smart!

I will definitely escape. I won't die like this. I will still make them pay!

My eyelids started to drop when I got to inhale even a small amount of the gas. My skin turns red and itchy..

I won't let myself die without getting my revenge.


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