Reprisal After Reborn

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The following names, places,events, brands, and any other things(or texts) shown in the story that is relatable, or exactly the same in real life is simply, a coincedence or conjunction. Which is not meant to 'offend' someone or to put pressure.

Warning: this story contains Typographical and Grammatical errors.

Some readers might find parts of the story:
Clichè, complicated, with complex emotions and order of events.

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She suddenly got up startled while panting

What's happening? I'm still alive?

She groped through her body, checking for some chemical burns and tried to sense a burning in her lungs. But nothing. Nothing happened.

That's weird. As far I remember, this is the house dad bought for me in Munich, Germany.

How did she get there? She was at the Philippines, her hometown, tortured by her soon-to-be 'ex bestfriend' and 'ex fiance'.

Did someone save me?

She shaked her head, disregarding the doubts in her heart and reached the bedside table like its a routine when she wakes up.

This is unbelievably weird. This phone is the same brand and model that I have 7 years ago-- wait.. 7 years.

She turned it on and gaped as she saw the date shown in the screen.

June 07, 2020...

With widened eyes, she hurriedly ran to her walk-in closet where a two-sided fullbody mirror attached in the wall.

This is impossible..

Time travel? Super powers?... Or She was reborn?! She went back to the past, where Aaron and her were still boyfriend and girlfriend for three years. Her ex-fiance in the previous life.

" How fascinating.. "
She unconciously muttered under her breathe.

She was still in a daze when her phone started to ring.


As she saw the caller ID, she directly swiped to answer.


"How's your trip, child?"

Sachi sighed and calmly walked to her room's mini- kitchen.

"Child, don't be so aloof to your dad. "

Her hands unconsciously went to the fridge's handle and opened it.

" As what you just said," she paused. "I'm your child, you should know my attitude, specially in the morning."

She actually missed her loving father who always spoiled her and his wife, Sachi's mother, of course.

Both of her parents died in a plane crash, which she knows Aaron and her ex-bestfriend, Friona, planned.

Her father, Sano Maslov, sighed.
"Okay, okay. No more fuss," a closing door can be heared from the other side of the phone, making Sachi's eyebrows to shot up.
"By the way, enjoy your stay there. You still have 2 nights, of course you can extend if you want to."

She shook her head, even though she knows her dad can't see her.
She then, took out an expenssive wine that is familiar to her from the fridge.

"There's no need, Dada. I'm just here to soul-search. And for business, of course."

Her father still laughed softly hearing their only and beloved daughter's short responses.
"Well, okay. Go home after 2 nights, your 'boyfriend' is making my head ache again."

At the sudden mention of her boyfriend, soon-to-be ex, Aaron Hernandez , her grip in the wine glass tightened,

Till it shattered in her own hands.

That jerk really want me to get angry, huh.
Wait for it, fucker.

"What was that? Are you okay, Sachilin?!"
His father's worried voice snapped her out her thoughts.

"I'm okay, Da. The glass i'm holding slipped. Well, what did that ugly jerk did again?" Her tone made her father shiver. It was cold but authoritive and slightly annoyed.

A long and deafening silenced meddled.
"Sachilin Qia Maslov, explain your words clearly."

Her mother's serious voice suddenly filled Sachi's ears, making her shock.

Shit, she heared it, Mimi is angry. Uh-oh.

" I'll explain it when we see each other, Mimi."
Her voice was calm, but she's quite shaking in the inside.

Sachi's mother, Chiwel Ruby Maslov, has a unique temper. She smiles to those kind at her, calm in every situation, but, when it comes to Qia being bullied... Chiwel is either cold, emotionless, and worst, Angry.

"I still need to buy gifts for you guys, so I need to hang up now. I love you both, Dada, mimi."
She instantly hang up and snorted after seeing her bleeding palm with a few pieces of broken glasses.


She pressed the intercom.

"Butler, my hand is bleeding I need the First----"

"What?! Guards, Lady Qia is inujured!"

Sachi grimaced as she listened to her personal butler's panicked voice..

Seriously? Uh...

She heard hasty footsteps outside her bedroom door, as her 7 long-time private bodyguards with her butler barged in with an anxious expression.

"Lady Qia!"

They callled her in unison. Worry was shown in their faces. They were with her for almost nine years already, that made it hard for them not to love her as their family and little sister.

"I'm fine. Just a few pieces of glass went under my skin."

They are all 7 men in total. All of them rushed to her askin if she was okay, or she felt terrible, things like that.

One of them was cleaning her injured hand already, but they are still bothered. And Sachi was just sitting calmly there, crossed-legged like a queen on her most comfortable throne.

"L-Lady Qia.. I don't know if it's right to tell you this, but," one of the ex-military men that is now one of her trusted 'Ace bodyguards' started to spoke with unceratainty.

"Brother Kevin, we are a family. No need to hide, including those unimportant things."
As usual, Sachi's expression is still calm. Too calm, it appears nonchalant.

"We received news from our connections in Philippines that Aaron Hernandez and Friona Abello have been meeting nowadays more frequently. "

She gave out a meaningful smile. "A dog with his bitch, nice one. "

Seeing their Lady's smile and calm expression made all of them pity the two scums.

'The more weird she is, the more dangerous her opponent's life would be. '

Whenever they saw her with a meaningful smile that looked normal to others, only that thought always sticked to their minds.

At the age of 17, Sachi already graduated. Yes. She accelerated, for four years. She didn't had the chance to completely enter 1st-4th year highschool because of her High Intelligence Quotient. Her IQ test was proven and sent from US after she perfected the Special Section Entrance Exam for 4th Year High School Students. The result made all of the teachers and student union gasp and stare at her calm expression with their jaw dropped.

Soon, she entered college at the age of 13 with the course of Bachelor of Arts In Mass Communication and Media Studies. Thus, she is now a successful model and film producer.

She started and became a model at the age of 10. And now a talented film/movie producer. So, she is bound to be more mature and a few steps ahead in terms of skillful analysis and thinking.

"Since you're prepared for what's coming next, we will not interfere now and just protect you , Lady Qia."

"You all know that I don't need protection. I only agreed 'cause you are all my family now and for my parents to stop worrying."
She said and gave them her rarest, tiny but genuine smile.

They all went silent after that. No one uttered a words and only the sound of the air conditioner and their small movements can be heard.

Comfortable silence is really one of the best moments...

Sachi remembered her past life.. The 26-year- old woman.

They all died. These seven sturdy men around her died, of protecting her..

Now that she was reminded by the evil duo's plan, made her think..
They want to eliminate me? Heh, how foolish.

They can say she is also foolish, loving a boy, not a man. That selfless love made her visionless, irrational, and pitiful.

But the good effect is, she's not a stone cold lady. She is calm and collected. Most importanly. Her view of love might change a little bit, but she doesn't think that just because she was hurt once, there would be no love, after all, not all man is the same.

"What is my schedule for today?"
She asked her butler, while caressing her bandaged hand.

"Head Family Chief instructed us to postpone a few of your appointments and distribute them in different dates for you to rest and enjoy your vacation," he paused and waited for their Lady's order.

"Do as Dada's order. I'm still tired, anyway."
She waved her right unwounded hand.

"Yes, Lady. "He respectfully replied and gently put the list of appointments and events on the table near her.

The butler and the rest bowed before leaving her for privacy..

Those two punks must be happy. If Sachi's memory is right, yesterday, she was drugged by an idiot waiter who doesn't even know how to give the orders properly. It's good her mind can still remember the strange and weird events that happened in her past life...

Their next scheme must be in the film production or photo shoot. Of course, they can't plot something against her in Germany. They are too low to have connections here. Heh!

Sachi revealed a smile of satisfactation as she stand up while analyzing the effects of her plan in both sides.

It seems, they're too unfortune to meet someone like me, a walking puzzle.

But deep inside, she knew, there will be a man that will understand her, inside and out. How good would that be?


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