Reprisal After Reborn

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"Next appointment and time, please."
She asks her butler while holding a purse and walking out of the high-end cafè.

Her personal butler, Garry Brodeur, a 29 years old filipino-french man. With slightly shining tan skin and masculine body, a trained sharp-shooter and also one of Sachi's Martial Arts' Mentor. An equivalent of a very effective and above good competent side-kick slash butler.

He's been serving her for 10 years already. Sachi was nine, turning ten when he assisted her for business stuffs. He's still studying that time so he can't help her the whole time. Sachi has no problems regarding her studies, so only after a year, Garry gave all his attention to Sachi.

"It's for the production, Milady. Quinnsal Hotel, 3 hours from now."

She nodded. "Uh-huh. Then, that would be my second to the last meeting for today, yeah?"

Garry simply nod with a smile. He was looking at her with awe. The way she handles their company,an international runway model and being a multinationally known film producer.

She's a hella multi-billionaire with feet still down on earth.

"Well, let's visit the company branch here first. We need to clean some bugs and rats. Tsk."

Due to business international expansion, they have a branch in Germany. Also in 17 different countries.

Garry smirked when he saw her meaningful calm expression.

Someone's gonna be fired, I guess?

The 8 men that includes Garry looked at each other and shrug.

They knew there's a nice show with a plot twist waiting to be watched.

They all went inside the limousine and took their usual place. Garry is riding shotgun, while Sachi sat on the wide side-by-side seat on the back with the 6 guys. The remaining one is driving.

A usual comfortable silence broke when Sachi suddenly passed Garry a black folder and a few ones with a royal blue color.

"Release this to the media while I'm dealing with those shits. You know what to do."

She was calm when explaining and making a cute little sound with her nails and purse. Tapping it cutely.

"Yes, Lady."
Garry answered with a clean voice.

Sachi pouted, and showed them her flawless, small hands.

"What style should I use for my next nail salon appointment?"
She asked and glanced at them with an addorable expression.

"Something plain, delicate or, exquisite?"
She asks again.

"There's a nail salon here that is owned by a friend of mine. It's highly recommended."
Garry smoothly answered.

"Oh. Let's go there later."
Sachi said.

The limo slowed down and now heading on the VIP space for parking.

As the extra expensive personalized Limo was about to turn in a designated space only for the VVVIP, a 2014 Lamborghini Veneno Roadster suddenly appeared and occupied the area.

Sachi's left eyebrows raised. "Brother Winter, the door, please."

She smiled as she wore her limited-edition sunglasses. "Let's go." She said.

They all got off the car lining up side-by-side for their lady.

"Excuse me, miss."
An annoyed female voice suddenly surround her ears.

Garry was the one who answered.

He knows their Lady doesn't like annoying creatures, including the the arrogant ones.

"I'm not talking to you, mister. Are you her sugar daddy?" The girl with a full-face thick make up asked.

Garry scoffed. "As you know, I'm her---"

Sachi removed her eyeglasses and cutted her butler off. "I don't need one. "

"Huh. You sure has the guts. Can't you see? My car got scratched! You need to compensate me. This Lambo is expensive, you won't afford it even with your 5 years of employee paycheck."

A cold laugh escaped from Sachi's lips.
"Butler, contact the Donnatiello's."
She ordered calmly.

"Yes, Milady." Garry hurriedly fished out his phone from his pocket and called the Limo's company who sent it as a gift.

Donnatiello Vehicles and Machinery, is the ranked one Car company in Asia and one of the biggest and successful in the whole wide world. The company's CEO and Founder is Sachi's Godfather and his daughter is a close friend of hers. All of the Maslov family's vehicles is given and bought from DVM.

"Greetings, Mr. Donnatiello. Our Lady wants to talk to you."
Garry greeted and turned on the loud speaker.

"Oh, there's no need for formalities, Mr. Brodeur. Well, what can I do for my Goddaughter?"
Felix Donnatiello's masculine voice can be heard. It's Fennia 'Winnie' Donnatiello's father. Sachi's Godfather.

"Zio (uncle). The Limo was scratched earlier. I'll send you the car details and who abraded it."

"Oh.. That's quite bad. The design was specially designed by my daughter for you. I'll tell her about this."

Sachi nodded and smirked at the monkey-faced girl. "I will leave it with you, Zio. Grazie e prenditi cura." (Thank you and Take care.)

Garry ended the call. And smiled to himself.

She handled it smoothly again. How cunning.

"Someone will send you the paylist. My Limo is the only one in the world. A costom-made from Donnatiello's." Sachi turned and was about to leave when she remembered something so she faced the girl again.

She pointed her slim but not-so-long index finger at Him.
"Oh, his name is Garry Brodeur, My Butler, not My sugar daddy."
She chuckled as she remembers the girl's face when asking her about Garry.

A sugar daddy, his girlfriend would be devastated. HAHA!

Sachi continued her way to the company with her guards and butler, leaving the girl who's stomping both of it's feet in anger.


While walking inside like a model(which is true). Everyone was eyeing her. Of course, she's an international model who appears in different runways for so many countries.

Not that she is self-concious, just being her usual self. She mentally checked her outfit.
She's wearing a white sleeveless-tube top with a pair of gothic-gray above the knee fit wrap-up skirt and ladies' blazer, no buttons. The blazer has a fine fabric material with an elegant pattern in it. With a White Toe T-Strap Designer heels and a limited-edition purse, she smiled in satisfactation.

She's not picky when it comes to clothes. Even in brands. But she is sponsored, good thing. Not that she is uncomfotable in those designer brands, the people's stares around her is. Whenever she's wearing something limited-edition or personalised, they would always look weirdly at her.

The atmosphere was always weird around weird people. But it turned cold when the receiptionist suddenly stopped her.
She's wearing a seductive make-up look, the first three buttons of her white longsleeves was was open, and her skirt is hardly 4 inches shorter than the normal ladies' uniform.

"Are you a spy from another company? You can't enter here."
The lady which Sachi considered as ugly because of her attitude, asks.

She tilted her head in a calm manner.
"Who hired this vile-mannered lady?"

Everyone was shocked. They didn't know who she was but looking at her attire and the bodyguards, a big shot.

"I specifically told Mr. Ysonomou not to employ someone uneducated and indecent in the company."

The 'ugly lady' was a little frightened, but upon remembering someone rich was actually backing her up, her anger was more superior.

"My husband is the company's CEO. You have no right to talk to me like that!"

Sachi snickered elegantly. "Oh, well. Let me talk to your husband then." After a while, she gasp and acted like she remembered something.
"Uh, I forgot. Isn't the 'Company's CEO' a woman? Geez."

She smoothly answered, referring tobherslef and continued to walk and entered the elevator.

She's been here in her past life, so she knows where to go and the directions.

The receiptionist shamelessly followed and even used the same elevator as them. One of her guards, Brother Sean, tried to block her but Garry stopped him, glancing at their slightly smiling boss.

She's amused?!

As the elevator stopped at the 38th floor, the receiptionist walked out with her head held high.

Sachi chuckled and calmly made her way, surpassing the 'ugly lady'.

Some of the employees, the seniors to be exact, immediately recognized her. Sachilin faintly remembered that her father brought her there when she was just 16 years old. With their eyes widened and with awe, they bowed a little while greeting her.

"Lady Qia!"

"It's been a while, Little Lady."

"Great day, Miss."

She smirked, nodding her head, sometimes greeting them back.

"All Directors and Managers, to the conference room please."
Garry carried out an order on behalf of their Lady.

Sachi smiled at herself.

Finally, got some time to dismiss a few snakes in my teritory.

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