Her happily ever after

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Jade had everything and in a few months, she had nothing. She dreamed about how her prince charming would rescue her, but instead she got to deal with the wicked witch

Fantasy / Romance
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Jade was kind of a lone wolf. She had friends but she didn't belong to one particular group. She likes to switch it up. One day she could the nerds and the next she would spend with the athletes. People liked her but nobody seemed to really know her.

Jade was a hard working omega. She had straight A's at school, a paying job and a loving family. Until one day ...
They were going to take a trip to their grandmother who lived up in the mountains. The day they left, Jade didn't feel right. Her stomach hurt and she had a massive migraine. Her family wanted to stay and take care of her, but she knew that grannie needed the too. So she stayed at home and her aunt would stay with her. Her family left and never came back ...

Jade was left with a drunk aunt, a sick grandmother and no way out.

For a months she would cry herself to sleep. Making sure not the disturb her drunk aunt. She was an angry drunk.
One day her aunt decided to go live with her grannie up in the mountain. And because Jade was only 15, she had to go with her aunt. Jade didn't get to say goodbye or even finish high school.

Everyday she would dream of her prince charming. How he would walk in the cabin, sweep her off her feet and take her with him. And live happily ever after. But when she turned 18 nothing happened, neither on her 19th birthday. She had given up hope. Tomorrow she would be 21 and her aunt was planning to marry her off to a 40 years old guy with money.
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