Ashes to Ashes: The Female Alpha

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BOOK 1: The BlackRain Pack is the Warrior Pack. They are the ghosts that protect the werewolf world from rogues and other creatures. Legend has it that the warriors of the BlackRain Pack are sent from the moon goddess, with the birthmark of a warrior. All stories of the BlackRain Pack say that only men belong in it. What happens when the warrior pack has to merge with another pack, and the secret of a girl living amongst them comes out. Not only does Alex have to deal with moving into a new pack but she'll also have to deal with her Alpha mate, and the arising problem of rogues. Book 1: Ashes to Ashes (Warzone) Book 2: The Oracle Book 3: A Wolf's Weakness Book 4: The Hunters Book 5: The Monster of the Mountains .

Fantasy / Adventure
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Part One

Ages ago, the moon goddess created man, then she created beast and combined them together. The moon goddess watched over her children and soon found that evil resided within many of their hearts; the beast was too much. The beast often tried to overpower man, and on most occasions, they won. Rogues. That was what the goddess had named them, beast more than man. The goddess cried to her lover Apollo to fix her mistake; to kill her creations, but he did not. Instead, Apollo sent the will of fire into the hearts of the untamed, and so the hidden pack of Black Rain was created.

Those from the hidden pack were men who could over power their beasts, men created to protect those who could not protect themselves. Henry Power was the first to achieve this. Though, Henry was more beast than man, but that's what set him apart from the others. His regal hair and larger frame seemed to intimidate others. It was on the night of his first shift that the moon goddess named this new species; a lycan. This beast was different than others, he had control, his strength greater, his height surpassing any beast he came in contact with. His form radiated power. From that moment forward, the Power Pack became the royal family to the were species.

My Alpha had told me this story many times as a child. The day he found me in the woods, bruises covering my form, my body dehydrated and starved. He told me that I was special like Henry, that all the strong wolves found their way towards the hidden pack. He said it was Apollo who chose my destiny at birth. Of course I was no lycan royal, but warriors of the Black Rain pack were a myth to the werewolf world. We were the stories parents told their children when they were afraid to sleep. We were all guided here to train, to become stronger, to protect our own against those who were not strong enough to fight their inner beast.

"Alex! Pay attention," Ben yells to the left of me, "I have twenty dollars on you." I simply smirked at the red-haired boy. He had kind eyes, the kind you would never expect to see so much horror and gore. He had a boyish smile to match that innocent look he wore so well, and yet, he was the furthest from it.

My attention goes back to the rogue. Sweat drips from the side of his forehead as his arm wavers, not wanting to lose our little game. It was simple. Pin my arm down, and he was free. But if I pinned his down, he'd rot in the cellar until we were bored and wanted to try new interrogation tricks on him. Though, we all knew how this would end, no one ever beat me in an arm wrestling match.

Soon, the splinters of wood sprayed at us as my men cheered and laughed seeing the distraught face of the unknown wolf. Many were smart enough not to try and dig into the secret of the Black Rain pack, but he was stupid. A fool really.

The fight at Gold Moon Pack was long and tedious, a brutal battle if we're being completely honest. We moved in our signature black uniforms, killing the enemy, helping our people as Apollo had taught us too, and there he was' star struck. I understood it, but it was a foolish thing to do, to try and follow us back to our pack. We had known all along he had been tailing us, and though we watched out for our kind, we were known to be vicious. So we let him follow, knowing the outcome. We needed a practice dummy any ways.

He moved solemnly towards the cells where two of my men guided him. Now that play time was over, I moved over to my post, then checking in with all of those who were on patrol. Everything seemed to be running smoothly as every wolf on patrol send me a nod and continued to keep watch. It had taken me a while to earn the respect of my peers. Before I had come along, the Black Rain pack only held males. Then Apollo chose my destiny to wind up here, the small crescent between my brows further proved it. It was a symbol, it showed that this was my rightful place. This was where I had to be, because the goddess and her lover had said so.

It was a lonely life before I had joined, but that's a story for another time.

"The pack hall, now." The hoarse voice commanded in my head. My feet moved on their own accord, my inner beast following the command of its Alpha. Though he was more like a father to me, he was a man to be respected, and feared.

We all stood before the Alpha, back erect and arms to our side. I could see it before he spoke, his arms tense, his hands constantly making fists then releasing, whatever this announcement was, I knew it wouldn't be good.

He cleared his throat, "I am afraid that I have unwanted news to share, "the room grew tense at his words, "the council has informed me that a threat far greater than we have ever encountered is coming." He pauses momentarily, taking in our expressions, "As you all know, we have always been in a battle against rogues, but the council fears they are getting stronger. They have created a pack of their own, the leader is unknown and is considered to be a level 5 threat," the sounds of gasping echoed throughout the tense room.

In the beginning of training, we were taught how to handle every situation, whether it be rogues, withes, vampires, or whatever the hell the gods created. We were taught different methods, different levels of possible genocide. We had been to level 3 before, in the fight against the Warzone Pack, but that was before my time. I shiver at the name. Saying that name is like saying Macbeth in the theatre, you don't say it. A level five meant that our world as a whole would be abolished. No wolves, no witches, no vamps, nothing.

"Settle down," the murmurs filling the room immediate stopped, "the council and I have decided that our best decision is to merge packs with Alpha Rush." Immediately the voices of our pack were filling the room again, this time outraged.


"Alpha Rush! That's crazy!"

"No way! This is ridiculous"

Our Alpha began leaving, "pack necessities only, we will leave at sundown."
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