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Aman works for 19 years old Mei Wei as his caretaker because Mei Wei is paralyzed under his knees. He is appointed by Mei Wei's grandfather to protect him from none other than Mei Wei's own father. Because Mei Wang hated Mei Wei to his very being. Despite all of his problems Mei Wei is a very good citizen who abides by the rules, exact opposite to his father. Also he is hopelessly in love with Aman. But Aman is oblivious to this. In Mei Wei's eyes Aman is innocent and naive man who can't do anything that hurt someone. BUT Aman has a secret that nobody knew not even Mei Wei. If his secret is revealed everything between Mei Wei and Aman would change. That's what Aman thought. But what would happen when Mei Wei get to know Aman's secret? Would it change anything? Let's witness their love story and find out the Serpent Secret of Aman.....

Fantasy / Romance
Age Rating:

The Beginning

I- I love you s- s-so much Aman a- and I- I will al- always live in your he- heart......

"Nooooooo, don't go. Come back. I beg of you. Don't leave me. I can't live without you. Don't go. I beg of you...

After that there were small sounds of sobbing in the quite night. But they were barely audible.

~The next day~

It was a normal morning in the Mei Mansion. The group of more than 20 servants were all doing their respective tasks. Mei Wei was the owner of this Mansion. He had inherited it from his grandfather Mei Shao after his death.

Mei Wei was a young boy, who was going to be 19 year old soon. He had black silky hair with a popular hairstyle. His face was very handsome with a straight nose, black eyes and thin pink lips. His skin was white by always staying inside the house. He didn't look healthy.

Though he was the sole owner of the Mei perfumes but his life was far from perfect. His father hated him to his very being. His mother died giving birth to him. He was only loved by his grandpa, who also passed away six months ago. But this is not the worst, the worst was that he was paralyzed under his knees since birth. He never knew how it felt to walk.

Despite all his problems, he was very well mannered who had a cheerful and sunny personality. He wasn't a spoiled rich second generation but a boy who respected everyone no matter their position.

The only light in his dark life for him was his love for Aman, who is his caretaker. His grandfather brought him here to take care of him. It was like love at first sight for him, but slowly when he started to know more about Aman he fell in love more by each passing day with him.

But now Mei Wei was quite unhappy and the reason of it was also Aman.

Mei Wei was sitting on his wheelchair, looking at the door impatiently. His face lit up with a smile when a youth walked from the door. The youth had a beautiful face with golden and wheatish skin that seemed like shining. He was not too tall around 5"6'. He looked only 19 year old. But he was obviously older.

When Mei Wei saw Aman walking towards him. He pouted and turned his head, "where were you? I was waiting for you for a long time."

Aman smiled apologetically, "I am sorry, my prince. I have had some things to do. Please forgive me."

Mei Wei didn't look at him. His face was still turned sideways. Aman stood in front of him and apologized again but Mei Wei again turned his face, still pouting. This happened more than three times. Aman sighed, "okay if you don't want to forgive me. Then I should probably eat your favourite snacks alone."

Mei Wei's attention turned towards Aman after hearing about his favourite snacks. He calculated the pros and cons for a few seconds then said, "okay okay I forgive you this time but I won't be this generous in the future." He said making a serious face which looked quite funny. Aman nodded his head agreeing. Mei Wei told him, "let's have breakfast quickly. I am starving." Anyway he couldn't stay angry at his Aman for more than a few minutes.

While they were having breakfast Mei Wei mentioned that he wanted to go to a park today but not their usual one. He wanted to go to a different park that he liked very much. Aman thought that it was strange but he agreed nonetheless. He said that they would go to the park after Mei Wei's afternoon classes.

Mei Wei was quite happy. He wanted to go to this park badly. He had heard some things about this certain park.


In the evening both of them went to the park that Mei Wei mentioned earlier. While in the park Aman realised that this park was strange. There were many couples here but not many children or elders. There were all types of couples - straight, gay lesbian etc.

Aman shrugged his shoulders not caring. It was not his business. Wherever Mei Wei wanted to go he would take him no matter what.

While Aman was confused, Mei Wei was quite happy. He wanted to see these couples. Suddenly he saw a couple sitting on the bench. The boy's head was on the girl's lap while he was lying on the bench. Mei Wei smirked.

He told Aman, "Aman I want to rest on the bench for a bit." Aman inclined, "as you wish, my prince."

He took Mei Wei to a bench under a tree and helped him to sit on the bench. He sat beside him. Mei Wei whined, "I am not comfortable Aman. Wait a minute," as he said this, he put his head on Aman's lap. He yawned, "now I am comfortable." Aman shook his head and smiled while combing Mei Wei's hair with his fingers.

Mei Wei was happy now. After some time, he saw a small child, holding his dad's hand with another man walking by their side holding the child's dad's other hand, walking in the park. They were a cute, little and obviously happy family which Mei Wei never had. He looked at them sadly. A question emerged in his mind.

He looked at them for a few minutes and then asked, "Aman where are your parents?"

The hand in his hair stopped, Aman spoke, "my parents..... they passed away when I was a small child. Since then I am alone in this world."

Mei Wei looked at his face and said seriously, "you are not alone Aman. I will always be there for you." Aman smiled and only hummed. He restarted combing Mei Wei's hair with his fingers.

Nobody saw a sad glint that passed through Aman's.

They sat in the park for an hour. After that they returned to the Mei mansion.


After dinner, while they were watching TV, there was some commotion outside the house. Mei Wei asked the butler, "what happened?"

The butler answered courtly, "master Wang is back, sir."

Mei Wei clutched the TV remote in his hand and said angrily, "why does he come back after such a long time? The last time I saw him at grandpa's funeral. That too, only for a few minutes."

Aman comforted him, "that is good for you too. At least you don't have to see his face daily."

Mei Wei thought about what Aman said and nodded his head. Aman sighed, "let's go to bed now otherwise we will have to greet him. We will face it in the morning."

Mei Wei inclined. Aman first put Mei Wei into sleep. After that he went to his room.

Nobody greeted Mei Wang and he wasn't expecting it at all. He also went to the room in which he always stayed whenever he came to this house.

Everybody in the Mei mansion knew that both father and son couldn't stand each other. They both avoided each other like plague.

But nobody could guess that it was not Mei Wei but someone else that hated Mei Wang the most. A person who was here specially for Mei Wei. It was the person nobody could expect.....

A/N :- This story is set in a parallel universe where lgbt relationships are as common as straight ones.

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