Butterfly Cemetery

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Aerin Rivers is the type of girl that every school has. Her grades were average and so were her looks. Her personality doesn't help either, trolling random kids on the internet and being rude to almost everyone she meets. But...Aerin did something in her past, something that ruined another girl's life. What if that comes back to bite her?

Fantasy / Thriller
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Chapter 1

A young teenage girl was eating lunch peacefully on a bench near her high school. The autumn leaves fall at the girl´s feet, the distinct smell of soil after the rain and pumpkin s filled her nostrils as she heard the passerby’s feet crush the leaves. The calm and serene atmosphere gave her this euphoric feeling.

She was looking down at her lunch box and noticed a pair of feet facing her. The girl looked at saw two caramel-colored eyes glaring at her, she smirked tauntingly at the person.

“What are you doing here?” He asked, “Class is about to start.”

“Hah, I could ask you the same thing. Mr. Class President” The girl mocked.

The boy sighed, “Ms. Aerin Rivers, surely you know that it is now past lunchtime, right? Why are you still here?”

Aerin rolled her eyes as she shut her lunch box closed. “Jeez, you´re so serious about this ‘Class President’ stuff” She stood up. “Well…whatever. See you around Miles”

The girl placed her unfinished lunch box into her bag and headed back to her class. She found it odd how Miles still insisted to follow the small school rules like ‘Don´t be late’ or something like that. It was the last day of school until winter break, so why bother?

It was the last day of middle school and the day of the talent show. Three students were on the stage, waiting for the announcement on who the winner was. The silence was thick as the spotlight was moving between the girls until it finally landing on the ash-blonde girl in the middle.

Her big, gray doe-like eyes sparkled as she smiled. The principal handed her a bouquet and a plastic crown as the crowd cheered and clapped; some even threw some fake flowers that the school handed out at the entrance. The girl placed a hand to her mouth while her eyes started to tear up.

Suddenly, the lights turned off and the projector turned on. The crowd started to whisper as a video started to play in the background. The three contestants turned around to see what it was and…Everyone gasped at the sight and the ash-blonde girl looked on mortified.

It was her. She was handing out wads of cash to multiple students and the school staff, telling them to vote for her and to make sure that she won. She was also seen sabotaging the other students, either by destroying their costumes or their props and by threatening them as well.

Everyone in the gymnasium sat there in silence until the parents started to shout angrily while some students started to cry, saying that ‘It´s not fair’ or ‘I´m sorry’(for those who fell for her bribe). The people who previously threw flowers at her started to throw trash, either paper or even old food found in the trash bins.

The students on the girl´s sides screeched madly as they violently scratched her, pulling her hair and ruining her clothes. Apparently, one of them brought a water bottle and poured it all over her, ruining her makeup.

The girl sobbed as she tried to run away from them, the principle and some teaches interfered with the scene and pulled the two other contestants off of her.

On the other side of the building, another girl smirked. It was Aerin. She slipped out a chunky folder out of her backpack, the folder contained an enormous number of photos, showing more proof of the doe-eyed girl´s incriminating behavior.

As Aerin strutted around the school, she notices a yellow butterfly fluttering around and landing on her shoulder.

Aerin panted as she woke up from her dream, her ears rang at the sound of her classmates talking with one another. She groaned as she looked at the clock, class was almost over. Aerin sighed, as she propped her head up with her hand. She didn´t really know or cared about her classmates, except for one sleepy student who she talked to from time to time. And on rare occasions, the class president, Malachi Woods.

She started to tap her fingers in a rhythmic manner as she eyed each student, noting small things like ‘That boy is organizing his stationery items’ or ‘That girl keeps drawing inappropriate things on her notebook’. Aerin did this whenever she was bored, either that or just lose herself in her thoughts like ’I wonder if can eat ice cream after dinner today´.

“Hey, Aerin…” A soft, drowsy voice called out. “What´cha thinking about?”

The girl snapped back to reality as two, bored, hazel colored eyes stare at her. It was who the class called, ‘the sleepy student’ AKA Heidi Lowell. Aerin gave her a small smile.

“Hm…Not much~ What about you Heidi?”

Heidi shrugged. “Nothing as well…” Her eyes widen slightly. “Actually…Yesterday, I caught this strange, pure black butterfly!”

Aerin chuckled “Pure black? How is that strange?”

Heidi place her index finger on her chin, lifting her head up to think. “Well…Black butterflies typically have some sort of pattern, like white spots or something…” She twirled a strand of teal-colored hair. The two strands that framed her face were teal while the rest was black. “Wanna see it?”

“Sure, why not?” Aerin gave her a thumbs up. Heidi took a medium-sized jar out of the bag, revealing a small, black butterfly, and she was right. The butterfly was completely black, not a speck of another color, not even dark gray. As it tried to flutter around, black particles followed behind it with Aerin noticing its broken wing.

“Isn´t it pretty Aerin?” Heidi asks.

The girl just nodded slowly.

Aerin tied her russet-brown hair into a low ponytail and grabbed her bag. Classes were over but she liked to stay behind for it so she could clean up her desk and to look at the sunset without her annoyingly loud classmates. She was walking home now, and the small remaining sunlight hit her face, making her squint her amber eyes and cover her face with an arm.

Once she arrived home, Aerin was greeted by her parents and little brother. She greeted them back with a grin before heading to her room where she laid down on her bed while lazily removing her shoes

The girl didn´t have any plans for winter break, maybe start or finish some series/books but that´s about it. She could potentially just troll some kids on the internet or better yet, go travel with her family for a bit and collect a bunch of rocks.

“But that´s for the future” Aerin thought, snatching her phone out of the back pocket of her pants. She scrolled through her social media feed and saw that somebody has messaged her. Looking at her profile picture, Aerin realized that it was the Ash blonde girl from the talent show from last year.

“What was her name again?” Aerin closed her eyes for a moment to think. “…Celestina Bellegarde!” She shot up from her bed as she clicked on the message. “Shit…I didn´t mean to do that…Oh well, might as well see what she wants.”

You reap what you sow

“…pfft hahaha! What? Is she going through some sort of phase?” The girl laughed, clicking off from message and continued scrolling through her feed until she passed out.

Aerin was surrounded by darkness, with a swarm of mint green butterflies flying towards her. She started to run in the never-ending darkness, Aerin turns to look behind her and they were gone. The girl stopped and took a breather, she wasn´t the type to run or do any physical activity.

As Aerin turns back to look in front of her, a gigantic, floating eye looked at her. She was paralyzed with fear as it started to chant.

You reap what you sow…

Aerin breathed for air as she looked around her room, it was pitch black with the moonlight hitting her desk. She gulped as sweat dripped down her forehead, getting out of her bed, Aerin decided to change into her pajamas since she was still in her casual outfit which was dripping in sweat.

She dragged her feet against the carpeted floor towards her closet, an oversized t-shirt and some pajama shorts. As her eyes adjusted to the darkness, Aerin noticed an envelope on her desk. She decided to check it out in the morning, who knows what might be inside.

Aerin laid back on her bed, thinking about her dream. She shook it off, it was just a dream, nothing more…but why did it startle her so much? Her nightmares were much more terrifying compared to that.

“Ugh…This so stupid” Was her last thought before falling back asleep.

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