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2 Sharp

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Death is inevitable. Dead is either an accident or intentional. Becca finds out that death in her family is no accident. The book about her family makes her head spin, giving her doubt about her very existence. Leaving her hopeless about the future she wanted with Tony. Series: - Sharp - 2 Sharp - Sharp3nd

Fantasy / Romance
Kaitlin P
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• Beginning •

“Now that there isn’t any distractions, you need to read this.” Tony handed off the sandy rose leather book as I sit on the sofa in the living room of the Saltzman mansion. “If you need anything, I’ll be in my bedroom.”

The book that holds something I know nothing about. The book that Anxillion risked his life saving the information written within it.

“Why can’t you stay here with me? We could have a little reading party.” I nervously said.

Since the Huntington sisters were still very much dead, fear still stirred in my mind. Scared that some how they would come back and capture me again. Worse, their parents would barge through the door and take me. Even though it was impossible for them to enter the land.

“You’ll be fine, I promise. I have to work on something.”

“What is it?”

“Curiosity killed the cat, Rebecca.” He stated.

“Okay, okay. I’ll be fine. I’m just still on my toes with everything that happened yesterday. As well as the whole week, which I don’t remember.”

“I know. If I could have been there instead of you, I would have.” Which would have been true if I had followed his orders instead of volunteering myself instead. “Just know that I’m serious when I say that you’re safe. Tiffany is here too and she won’t let harm come your way.”

His smile had comfortable in my mind. The perfect jaw line with the facial hair that stayed the same length almost everyday, as if it never grew.

“Alright. Thank you, Tony.”

He leaned over the book and pressed his lips against mine. Giving me butterflies as we adjusted our lips a few times while kissing. It was a new experience for me and it felt completely natural kissing him. Never would I have guessed that I would get to kiss a handsome man like him.

Our lips disconnected and him stepping back. I would have been okay with it continuing. Yet he seemed urgent to go to his room and continue whatever he had to do while I read the book in my hands.

“If you need me, just come upstairs.” He smiled and I exchanged the same simple smile.

He quickly vanished, moving in vampire speed. I could imagine he likes being able to be himself around me. Since I knew what he was now and it still didn’t phase my attraction toward him.

The book in my hands seemed to be in impeccable condition compared to the other books that Tony had lend to me. Even the ones sitting on the book shelves close by. It had to have been decades newer than the ones collecting dust on the shelves.

The front of the cover was stenciled to say, Hanson, in black. Lower hand right side said, Anx. S.

An extremely shorted title for Anxillion. I opened it and the first page was completely blank, sending me to the next.

The challenges continue as my love for her grows. My wife would be displeased with me to know I have moved on so quickly. Would she understand that her being dead has created longing in my heart for a new companion?
The challenges of this woman already being taken has leveled my testosterone. Feeling in my nature to fight for her, even though she has found her love, even when they don’t show their love. I would show her more love and compassion.
Frank always seems so distant to her and careless of what she has to say. I would rid him from this land if it didn’t hurt Eunice, or send her away as well.
She will do anything for him and it bothers me significantly. I’ve known her since I was a child and she’s never fell for me as I fell for her. My lack of expressing my own feelings left me where I am today. I have only myself to blame.
I’ve loved my dearest with all my heart. Her death was an enormous strain to me and I’ve grieved as any loving husband would.
Sadly, if Eunice died I wouldn’t have anything else to live for.
My family constantly bothers me about turning into a vampire. I’ve have told them countless times that I don’t desire for it. They expect me to explain why but I don’t need to.
Marionette has been the most frustrated with me and my decision. She selfishly thinks of herself and how things affect her life closely. Typical. She sets me aside to always remind me that Andrew doesn’t want to imagine life without me.
She doesn’t think about my desires and how I’d rather be dead. Eunice can’t be a vampire and I’m sure she wouldn’t want to if she had the choice. The thought of an end sounds relaxing and painless. Even if it’s an endless abyss of nothingness, that sounds better than an everlasting life.
A life of feeds on other beings sounds disgusting.
She’s on her last straw being here at the mansion. At this point, Andrew would be as good as gone too. He follows her closely behind and doesn’t seem like the same man I raised. I’m not even sure if it’s love, lust, or something hidden within becoming a vampire.
Not to mention, the mansion being a full house has risen my nerves and wish nothing more than having everyone gone. Just to have peace and quiet for once.

January, 8th 1995
I should probably be writing the dates on these entries. No better times to start than now.
I got rid of Marionette. As expected, Andrew is heavily upset with me and my decision. I didn’t explain what made me decide and I will most likely never.
Marionette told me last week, a little after my first entry, that I have no decision in whether or not I will be a vampire. Unfortunately, I didn’t decide it alone for her to never return. The land noticed in my heart that she was a threat. Later that day she left to hunt, since then she was never allowed back onto the land.
Andrew was with me in the kitchen while she called to inform. I could hear her screaming through the phone. I didn’t even know the land decided it for me. Not until that very moment. I played along with it since I wasn’t brave enough to defend myself. I let the land guide my decision.
Andrew left with the kids a few days after the incident. They already had a home waiting for them in Tennessee, they were just waiting for their furniture to arrive.
I knew telling him the truth wouldn’t change his mind and it wasn’t my job to do so. I would have been as furious as his eyes showed. He did his best not to anger me since he still wanted access to his childhood home. Not that I would have taken it from him. It’s his birth right.
Then leaving left the house more lonely. I guess that was what I wished for I suppose.
Eunice and Frank has still been around but Eunice is always the one out of the house. Leaving Frank and I alone. Frank knows nothing of my love for his wife. Truly, I don’t think he would care. Relaxing in my sofa every day and watching the television only grows flames inside me. He doesn’t help with anything and expects Eunice to feed him and practically bath him. Eunice deserves better. I’ve know that I am better than him and could give her just that.
I’ve made food day after day, just so she doesn’t have to. Eunice has been appreciative, unlike Frank. He’s a mooch and for all I know he would be better dead than wasting oxygen on this beautiful earth.

January 15th, 1995
I write today with anger. Frank is really starting to leave me more furious than the day before. What a pathetic excuse for a man.
He consistently starts arguments with Eunice, saying almost the same things every time. Their room is located next to mine. Leaving me the ability to hear every argument through the hollow wall.
Also when they decide to be intimate, I can hear that as well. She always sounds annoyed and frustrated with him. In front of me, she acts so presentable and couldn’t careless about his rude behavior. As if I bring a better side to her. That or she’s pretending for me.
Just today, Frank came up to me asking why I never clean the living room. As if I was the one messing it up in the first place. He leaves his empty bags of chips and his crumbs everywhere at the sofa that he stations at. The sofa located right in front of the television. The only thing he ever does.
Eunice came home at the moment of us arguing over the cleanliness of the front room.
Eunice was upset, understandably, yet she sided with Frank. Why!?
He was the one making a huge mess, in my own home. Yet she sides with him as if he could do no wrong. I’m furious. What does this worthless man have over her? Is she so committed to her husband that she doesn’t care what he does. ‘For better or for worse?’
I almost couldn’t hold my rage in and had to just walk off. Frank even disrespected me, in my own home, as I walked away. Saying, “Next time, do your job.”
I swear I could kill him.

January 16th, 1995
Eunice knocked on my bedroom door around midnight. I met her outside of my room, confused.
She asked to speak with me inside of my bedroom, I declined. She asked another time, she shrugged and gave me a wink. My body froze awkwardly.
I let her in my bedroom viciously and she sat me down on the couch. We sat closely to one another. Since she winked at me, I thought this was my time to express my truest feelings. She had other things to say.
Eunice told me what she was doing everyday. Why she left everyday and gone for most of it. Leaving me alone with her poor excuse for a husband.
Eunice had some matters with Richard, her son.
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