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• Eunice •

Tony still hadn’t returned and no one had interrupted my reading as well. Glad since I wouldn’t be able to stop here since I wanted to know what happened to my grandmother in details. So I continued reading.

March 10th, 2010
These past five days have been one of the worst that I’ve ever seen in my life. Matter a fact, the past month has driven me so sad. My clothes don’t quite fit they way they used to. I’m afraid I’ve lost a significant amount of weight and for the first time I looked at how my body was appearing. Bone like and ill.
Andrew and Richard haven’t found Eunice yet and notified me that there isn’t many other leads for them to follow. Richard has tracked her down with magic and it appears that she is cloaked or possible dead. One more lead would be to go to the Huntington family personally and ask questions. Andrew disallowed such. Not sure of his motives but it seemed to come from a genuine place.
Richard tried every and any magic he had left. He needed one of the last things she touched. I gave him the family book and said that it wouldn’t help. The book is full of magic itself and will not subject to magic being done on it.
I gave Richard the journal that she had left on my bookshelf, a little skeptical of whether or not to hand it over. Since she had said her farewells. Especially since I had kept that a secret.
Luckily Richard did not look inside the belongings. He did a small hand gesture over the book and that was it. The two of them were off. Nothing being said whatsoever. Making me have some faith that she was still yet alive.

April 6th, 2010
Today, I received a call from Richard. After almost a month of searching, they found Eunice. Dead. In a holding cell, appeared to have died from starvation and lack of nutrients. The smell of dead was strong, letting them know she had been dead for over a week at the least.
I’m afraid I can’t write anymore. I don’t know what to say. All the things that Eunice had told to me. About the books and journals.
She told me that the book would keep her safe. Visiting the book every so often linked her to a bonding spell. That very spell protect the family line from any and all death. She explained it as a maternity bond. The book would release them once they thought that family member was protected.
I wouldn’t even know how long that protection would last, but looks like it didn’t last over the time she had been taken.
Maybe that’s why she spent so much time in the guest bedroom. To create a protection. In the end, it looked to not have worked.
Eunice also talked about how the book carried all the spirits of the death ancestors. Which strangely gave me some ease with those of my grief. Knowing that she was still in my home, even if it was only inside a book, kept my mind at ease. Now that she is safe, in the world of spirits with her beloved family.

April 9th, 2010
Everyone has now been notified by Eunice’s death. So far, Richard and Tiffany are the ones that took the news with difficulty. Richard had visit everyday since her passing. I set him aside yesterday saying that it might help him to send time her their family book.
He declined. Telling me that that would intervene in his grieving process. Only if it decided to let him talk to her. If not, the book might schedule other plans for him. The main reason he doesn’t visit the book or ask to be with it.
Richard has another baby on the way and he refuses to let anything stand in the way. He spent so much time away and trying to protect their family and it would only bring danger. The past few years he played low, bring less danger than ever before.
He also informed me that the book can set out quests for you to submit. Different covens that are in need of guidance of protecting the very magic that exists.
His desire to do the same work that Eunice has done for almost all her life is nonexistent. All he wanted was a normal life. He wanted other plans for his life but the book had told him otherwise.
Richard blames himself for not trying to protect his mother as much as he should have. Acting as if they were related to keep Andrew unknown to their connection. I can’t seem to understand why hiding it is so important. I suppose the lie or the secret is so deep that exposing it would be a huge tear in their friendship.
Besides all of that, I still keep the journal Eunice wrote for me on my shelf. As well as the family book. Maybe someday after Eunice’s funeral, I’ll come to finish the journal she wrote in. Since it appears she had written throughout all the pages.

April 11th, 2010
The funeral home has worked with us greatly to make sure that Eunice receives the most peaceful and beautiful ceremony. Many people, and many covens, around the world had flowers delivered to this special occasion. Many in which were roses. Her most adored flowers. I had decided not to bring any flowers, instead I shall plant many roses when today is over. In tribune to her.
Richard and his cousin Leandra, from his father’s side, gave beautiful speeches. Leaving me last to present a heart warming speech to the plenty.
In which I did. It was short yet sweet. Nothing that talked of my undying love for her. Instead, as a long life friend that had always been there for me and I for her.
After all was said, it was time for the burial. Richard has asked for her to be laid with his father. The stone was already prepared and the space was waiting for her.
Next to the worthless man who acted rude and disgusting since the very day I met him. To this day I remember how horrible he acted on their wedding day. Such a bastard. He doesn’t deserve to lay next to Eunice in death. Even if her soul no longer lingers within her dead body. She deserved a place more welcoming than so.
The burial was upsetting, really settling and confirmed that she wasn’t going to come back. I hid behind my dark sunglasses and kept my head down for most of it. Crying wasn’t always something I did, but Eunice was the only person that could make me so sad to tear.
The only woman I had ever truly loved and a woman I had longed to be with. I’ll forever deal with the guilt of not telling her sooner. Giving us a chance sooner. At the same time, I recognize that I would have wanted to be by her side every step of the way. For her, it may have helped having a husband that didn’t bother. Just so she could go around the world to protect others in need. Creating her to be such a selfless woman and one I had admired so much.

April 13th, 2010
This journal has been a lengthy one. Though there may be a few empty pages left, I have decided to end it here and begin a new chapter in the journal that Tony had given to me.
I will set a few goals for myself. When I feel the need to fall back to this journal, I hope I have finished these goals I will set for myself.

- Create a gorgeous rose garden on the property, possibly the backyard.
- Finish ready the journal Eunice had written for me.
- Lastly, try and protect Rebecca at all possible. Since she will be the next gifted. Just as Eunice had asked of me.

The journal was empty at the last few pages, just had Anxillion left it to be. All I wanted now was to read how his life had ended for the past decade. Perfect timing since I heard the door open in the bedroom room.

“Tony?” I speak loud enough to be heard. Even though it wasn’t at all necessary.

“Yes, it’s me.” He quickly flashed up the step, making quick tapping thumps as he flew up the stairs. “How was the read?”

“I’ve finished. Such a crazy turn of events but I’m ready to read his next journal. I want to know more.” Eager to read his next journal.

“Uh, unfortunately I’ve not been able to find it. I’ve checked everywhere and hadn’t crossed paths with it.”

“What. That can’t be, he talks about writing in the journal you gave him. Have you at least found that same journal?”

Tony shook his head, “No.”

“Did you at least find the journal Eunice wrote in?” I asked.

“I couldn’t even find that one. It appears they’ve both run away together.” He chucked a little.

“In theory, that is probably how he would have wanted them to be. Run away together and just spend the rest of their lives together.”

“I couldn’t have agreed with you more. It’s sad to have heard his side of it all. The amount of love he had for her was mountainous. I remember helping him produce that rose garden in the backyard and I didn’t know it was in her tribune until I read the journal that you’re holding.

“There was also a few days, that I remember that year, where he was significantly less depressed and continued to almost glow. Which leads me to believe that the journal said some important things. Things I can’t even begin to even guess.”

“I’m thinking about how he could possibly protect me. That was another goal of his and I’ve never known him until you. He already had his life set to make sure I was alive and well before ever meeting me and knowing me.” I mentioned.

“He did get killed to keep your family’s secret safe from the Huntington sisters.” Tony shrugged his shoulders. “Had he said anything about you, they would have had time to report to their parents which in turn would have left you hunted.”

“I’m pretty sure they captured him to get to you. Not me.” I told him, since I had been there.

“True. Yet, if he had interrogated successfully, that could have led to you with deeper questions after another. I believe he stayed hush to keep you safe and keep myself safe all with one stone.”

I handed Tony the journal and he then helped me off the chair.

“How did everything go with finding and figuring out what tools to use when you landscape?” He smiled.

“So well that I ended up landscaping. Finished everything as fast as I could so I could come back here.”

“Oh wow.” I didn’t expect him to have finished it all today. “That was extremely fast.”

“Well, I am a speedy vampire.” He wi led his brown eye at me and my heart nearly skipped a beat.

“Well, I’m human. And I sat for such a long time that I didn’t realize that I needed to use the restroom.” I laughed and we both headed down the spiral stairs.

When we arrived down, I went straight for the restroom since I felt my bladder about to release before I gave it permission to.

I quickly shut the door behind myself and sat quickly on the toilet. A huge rush of fluid was coming out and I just looked around the bathroom for distraction to how noisy it was. The walls were all painted white compared to the marble shower.

Once I had finished using the toilet, I got up and washed my hands and was close enough to the mirror and looked left to the picture on the wall. The only one and it hanging above the toilet.

It still stroke me as odd and out of place compared to everything else. Even though it really wasn’t much out of place with the theme. It was the fact that the wood wasn’t the same wood as everything else, almost on purpose.

The picture sat on the wall so different that I’ve ever seen. There was an extension from the wall into the back of the picture. As if there had to be something hidden behind that picture.
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