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• Hidden •

Drying my hands with the toilet I had used to wash my body with, since it was still hung up and dry. Staring down the picture, already anticipating about what could possibly be behind the picture. If there was in fact something behind it.

Had anyone else figured out that this was a possible hiding spot? Did Tony even notice the picture being so different in its environment?

I hurried to the picture and used my fingers to check all around the frame. Feeling that there were hinges on the left side of it, so it should open from the right side. Slowly opening it and expecting it to squeak the whole way of opening it. Since I wasn’t sure how old it was. Instead it opening beautifully and without a single noise.

When I opened it fully, there sat 2 journals and some knickknacks. Also a few small mason jars filled with strange mucky liquid. Another one mason jar had liquid that what looked like glitter floating within it.

I carefully grabbed the 2 journals without moving any of the other things beside it, which was done successfully. After grabbing them, I closed the panel back to the wall. As if it hadn’t opened at all.

All I could think about was how impressed Tony was going to be. Since we were just talking about the journal’s existence and how he couldn’t locate them. Within minutes, I come walking into the bedroom with both of them. Practically out of thin air.

I open the bathroom door and Tony is sitting on the sofa, facing away from me. Walking to him with both journals in my hands.

All of a sudden the bedroom door to the rest of the house flies open.

“They’re trying to enter the property! Hurry! Hide Rebecca somewhere safe!” Tiffany rushed so fast in the bedroom and Tony flashes up to me and doesn’t even notice what I’m holding.

He picks me up in a similar fashion to when I had been beaten up by Misty in the girl’s locker room. His speed became one I couldn’t even recognize. My eyes adjusted to nothing but the journals I was holding. Since I still had yet to let go of them and had no plan on doing so.

Feeling our bodies go down the main stairs and I felt us go down another flight of stairs. Which had me believe we were off to the basement. Yet we didn’t stop there. Another flight of stairs we went, further into the ground.

The quick motion had me feeling extremely nauseous. When he settled me onto chair, it still felt like I was still moving but in a loveseat sofa. The room was spinning so terribly that I felt as if I was purposely spinning in an office chair over and over at a high velocity. Instead, it had just been in Tony’s arm.

Tony sat beside me and kept rubbing my back, in hopes that it’ll calm my motion sickness. Not saying anything, especially the fact that I was holding the two journals he has yet to find.

“Tony. I found them.” I was trying to lift the journals but was still too sick to do it accordingly.

“Shh. You need to stay quiet until I saw it’s okay to talk.” Tony said quietly and in a soft tone.

I could start to feel gravity and which way was up and down. Tony got up to the door and locked the many bolts attached to it.

He turned to me and came back to the sofa at a normal human speed. Then wrapped his arm around my shoulder and holding me close to him.

“We’re in the third basement. It’s hidden underneath a floor board and door a ladder which leads to the very door. They won’t be able to find us here until one of us talk and are able to hear us. I need you to be as quiet as humanly possible. Try your best to relax your heart. If you can’t I will be forced to put you to sleep and I don’t want to have to do that. So breath long and deep and relax your body. Okay?” Tony soft whispered in my ear in a volume that only I would be able to hear since his mouth was so close to my ear.

I nodded my head and we remained in silence. Since I had control of my motion now. I lifted the journals to Tony’s face. Doing my best not to say a word or make a sound. He finally looked down at them and gave a questioned look. As if he were saying, what is this?

Shaking my head a little to encourage him to grab one of both of them. While gesturing him to grab it.

Tony grabbed the journal on the top and opened the first page. It was the journal Eunice had written, since the first page that he opened to had said the introduction that Anxillion had mentioned in his journal before. Yet Tony was paying any attention to it. I could tell he was trying to listen to what was happening three floors above us.

Tony shut the journal and placed it back in my hand soft. Then pointing his finger over his mouth. In a way that told me to be even more quiet and that possibly they were inside the mansion itself.

He wasn’t focusing on anything in particular and was concentration on his hearing.

Looking everywhere, it just looked like a completely normal storage space with cement like walls. Mountains of cardboard boxes with different labels on them and some in strange languages. Or possible in horribly written handwriting. The sofa we were sitting on sat on the opposite side of the room from the door. To the left, there was a plain mattress sitting on the floor, out of sight from the door and hidden by large amount of boxes.

I tapped on Tony. His look was questioning what was concerning me. I pointed to the sofa and pointed to where the mattress was. He still looked confused.

Patting on my heart and then cupping my ear. Then flapping my hands like a wave of noise traveling. And then pointing to the door and up.

I was trying to tell him that the noise could easily travel in the exact spot we were. If there were boxes blocking us then I wouldn’t be too concerned. Yet the door was an open field to where we were at an could easily travel noise much easier and the tunnel up would echo that exact noise.

Tony nodded and understood what I was talking about. We both stood up quietly and he picked up the sofa as if it didn’t weight anything. Softly walking across the floor and settled the sofa close to the mattress. To where the mattress was in between us and the door. Shuffling and noise we could possibly make with our feet. If it were to happen.

When we sat back down, Tony was dead still. Letting me know that I had to be incredibly still and noiseless. He was listening to the point he had to close his eyes as he held me close to him.

I didn’t know exactly who was on the property or even inside the home. My first thought had to be the Huntington parents. I don’t know if any other threat at the moment, unlike them.

I couldn’t believe that those mansion had three basements located inside. That seemed like such a crazy thing to have but at this moment I was internally grateful for it being so. What would have led this family to make so many basements in the first place.

Also, how would the Huntington family be able to enter the land. Unless Anxillion was the only person ridding them from the land. Or if they were able to conquer through the land’s maze and get through. Either one was a high possibility. I wouldn’t know the answer until Tony told me how.

We both continued to sit on the gray bland sofa with the only light source coming from a single bulb from the unfinished fixture from the ceiling. The light had a pull level to turn it on and off.

Also about to seeall the exposed wood beams, metal tunnels for the forced air to travel, as well as different electrical wires tunneling through. Cobwebs were dusty and visible with minimal light. Webs in the spaces between the cardboard boxes and dust bunnies tucked on the floor by different things sitting on the ground.

Most of the things were boxes and random belongings. Nothing out of the ordinary for a crawl space or basement to store.

Tony was still looking so concentrated on his listening that I don’t think he noticed me looked around the room from where were sitting.

How long would they even be and why exactly would they need to be here? Not that I minded being right next to Tony, yet this deafening silence was starting to make my ears ring and I couldn’t do anything to pass the time. In fear of blowing our cover of being hidden.

What if they were trying to find their daughters and came to us. What if they’re looking for me. What if they’re battling the rest of the family as we sit down here. I’m so clueless to anything that could be happening. Tony’s facial expression leaves no clues as to what could possibly be happening.

All of a sudden, Tony turns to me and it almost scared me. I wasn’t expecting it and he was now acting like the coast was clear.

“They left.” He had a relieving smile.

“Why were they here in the first place? How did they even get on the land?” I still spoke quietly.

“From the sounds of it, they were listing wish us our condolences. My father had called him telling Mr. Huntington why he wasn’t going to be in town. He felt obligated as his friend to give him his well wishes. How they go on the land, completely unsure. I suppose they were only hated by Anxillion, since he past, leaving them free to enter.”

“What happens if they find out that they’re daughters are died. Is it possible that they’ll stop by the house that they were staying at?” I asked.

“It is possible they’ll find out and they’ll probably be back. Meaning we don’t have much time to do the memorial. Since it won’t be on our land and we all won’t be safe if he were out and they’re out looking for us.”

“That isn’t scary.” I said sarcastically.

“I know. I’m sure my parents will help figure something out. Plus my mom has servants around the world dedicated to her. They’ll probably be at the memorial and funeral to make sure nothing happens. Though that won’t be a whole lot of help.” He paused. “The Huntington parents are extremely dangerous. And once they find out what happened, nothing will stop them. The land will only be useful for so long.”

I wasn’t sure what to say except being scared. The memorial and funeral didn’t seem like a good idea anymore and would cause more harm than good now. Yet it was important to have this, to start the grieving process. Especially for Tony.

“Can we head back upstairs?” I asked.

“Not quite. Tiffany will let me know when to head up. I just know they aren’t inside anymore. If I can’t hear them, they can’t hear me. Also there are things I don’t want you seeing on the other floors of the basement so I’ll have to transport you in vampire speed again, sorry.”

“It’s okay.” I cringed. That head spinning wasn’t great and nearly had me vomiting. “Could we stop at the kitchen, I still haven’t eaten today and I’m really hungry.” I could feel my stomach ache and almost ready to growl.

“Certainly, Tiffany went out this morning to make sure there would be food for you. She told me she bought you eggs and some other things that would go along with it. If you’d like, she could cook for you.”

“If she wants to that would be nice.”

Tony smiled. “Tiffany heard you. She said, I’ll work on it right now so it’ll be done when you come upstairs.”

I looked away from Tony.

“Thanks Tiffany. Maybe you can chat with me while I eat too. Only us girls.” I laughed and turned to Tony, who was wearing a huge grin on his face.

“I never expected Tiffany to change so much in the past weeks. Ever since she found out about you even, it’s like she acted more caring than she’s ever been. I’ll say you have something to do with it.”

“I’ll take that as a compliment.”

“As you should.”

Placing his hand behind my head and we both leaned into each other at an equal pace. Kissing our lips together. I put both of my hands on his chest and tugged his black t-shirt closer to me. Driving his other hand on my back.

There was a bed waiting next to us and I was completely ready to start pulling him to it. The way we were kissing was deeply seductive, making a trip to the mattress only instinctual.

The way he always smelled made me want to do anything and everything with him. My mind always wondered to sex and down right dirty thoughts that I couldn’t escape. Thinking about how we would do it the first time and how big would would be. Sitting on him in the bedroom yesterday only gave me a sneak peek to what to expect. Which wasn’t anything less than average.

I also imagined how rough or soft he might be in bed. As our tongues started to slide into one another mouths. The way he played with my lips with his teeth made me think he would be a rough guy and loved being in control.

The way his hand pulled onto my shirt and his other hand testing the limits with my hair. Almost ready to pull me in all sorts on directions.

All of a sudden he softly pulled his hands to himself and kissed me sweetly on the lips before detaching us. Leaving me wanting more and ready to finish what we had started.

“I can tell you’re eager, but this isn’t the time nor place. Let head up stairs while your heads still spinning.” He winked at me and got up from the sofa.

“Could you go not as fast as last time? I promise to keep my eyes closed.”

“Okay, I’m sure I can do that for you.” I got up as well and he pointed to the sofa. “Don’t forget about those journals.”

I had almost forgot about them. Once I grabbed them, Tony picked me up swiftly and went up at an incredible speed. Not quite as fast as before, yet just enough to make my vision as blurry as it had been the time before.

A mere second and we were in the kitchen. Tiffany had a black apron on and was cooking at the stove. Whatever she was cooking had an aroma that a five star restaurant would be producing.

I turned to Tony before he could run off.

“These are the journals.” He looked questionable.

“What journals?” He looked down at them in my hands. His eyes were large and entirely shocked. As if he couldn’t fathom how I found them or even had them even in my hands. “Where did you find them? How? Could I get a head start while you eat?”

He seemed extremely eager, like a kid with a new toy.

“Sure. Just fill me in when I’m done eating. I’ll also tell you where I found them too.” We both smiled at one another and then he vanished.

“Hey Rebecca, it’s just about done.” Tiffany turned her head to me and waved her spatula in the air.

“Thank you again. For saving us in the knick of time and also making me some delicious food.” I walked towards her.

“Of course, anything for my-someday-to-be sister.”

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