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• Shopping •

“How’s the eggs tasting?” Tiffany asked me as she sat with me at the table.

“Amazing.” I grabbed another bite with the fork. “My mom usually cooks really well. This on the other hand is so much better than anything she’s ever cooked. Thank you so much.”

“That’s such a compliment.” She smiled at me and proceeded to take her phone out of her pocket. “I was thinking it might be best if we do some online shopping instead of going to the stores. Then I can go and pick up the clothing tomorrow at the stores. Since they have order pickups now. So wild.”

“That’s actually a great idea.” I continued to eat while she was on her phone.

“Also, we need to get you a phone. Since it appears you don’t have yours with you.”

“Mines actually inside of my computer monitor.” I laughed. Knowing my mom, she probably had the old computer system in the garage or up in the attic by now. “It isn’t completely necessary for me to have one. If you do, you can just get me a cheap one I’m sure.”

“Like a flip phone?” Tiffany asked comically.

“A what?” I asked seriously.

“A flip phone. It flips open and close. It only had a keypad of numbers and you would have to click each number a certain amount of times to get a certain letter. Crazy how fast technology has changed.”

“Wow. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one.” I was used to touch screen phones. I couldn’t even imagine what she was talking about. If I had a normal phone I could just google what a flip phone looked like.

“I’ll have to show you some day.” Tiffany shook her head. “We’re off topic. Where would you like to get your clothes from?” She had her phone ready in hand to search whatever store I asked for.

“I’m not sure. To be quite honest I would scavenge through thrift shops for clothes if I was going alone. If not, whatever store my siblings would drag us all to. Since they always had to have name brand clothing. At those store I would get their specifically plain black clothing.” I answered.

Normally, my mom took us all to the mall so we could all go shopping together. Especially before the new school year would start, to make sure we could retire old clothing and have new ones to wear. I would always get anything that fit me and was black. I never asked for anything else.

My oldest brother on the other hand always needed to be in trend and would even ask to go frequent when new clothing sparked popularity. My little sister Melissa wore clothes that were from her favorite t.v shows and movies. Not much else was for her to desire and I don’t blame her.

“How about I give you my phone when you’re done eating and just buy whatever you fancy. Budget is of no issue and the amount of clothes isn’t an issue either.”

“Thanks, Tiffany. I really appreciate it.” I was close to finished my food. She sat patiently as I finished the rest that was sitting on my plate. The amount she gave me would settle my stomach until well after dinner time.

Once I had finished my plate of food, she set her phone on the table next to me and picked up the empty plate and tossed it into the sink. Along with the other dirty dishes made to prepare the food.

We both looked at her phone at the same time, trying to figure out what clothing stores and clothes to get. It was easy to filter all the clothes in the category of color. Finding more pants to buy and shirts as well.

Tiffany also bought me a few pairs of sneakers and boots. Also got socks since I didn’t have any of those either.

She had also bought me a leather jacket, some other black jackets, a black sweatshirt, and a few dresses as well. One of the dresses had long sleeves and length hit to my knees which was form fitting, the other dress was long and flown with long sleeves as well. Both in black.

Tiffany did most of the shopping for me but I didn’t reject any of the things she picked. It was clear she knew my style and was comfortable in picking the clothes for me. She did through some wild cards in the online carts but still obeying the color scheme.

When it came to the lingerie portion she took the phone entirely. Only asking me what I felt comfortable wear. Taking total control of what I wore underneath all my clothes. I preferred anything basic and comfortable. Tiffany kept pushing me sexy pieces and even a full set with garters. Refusing anything of those options since I purely wasn’t ready to do things that involve those outfits.

“You know I’m only sixteen, right?” I confronted to her. Since she was trying to get to be comfortable in having sexy pieces of lingerie.

“I’m clear about your age. Having lingerie isn’t always about sex. Sometimes it’s nice to put them on to feel sexy, for yourself. Even if you decide to put them on for a minute or two. You can still be a boost of confidence by dressing in something sexy.” She went back to her phone.

“I suppose that makes sense.” I sat patiently yet a question was bothering my mind. “Can I ask you something?”

“Sure, what’s up?” Tiffany responded back as she continued with the phone.

“When do you know if you’re ready?” I asked.

Now she looked up to me and seemed thrilled about the conversation that was about to begin.

“Well, most people wait until marriage as you might now. Some people do it when they want to. All is up to you. It’s clear that you and Tony are a match made in heaven. That being said, I think you two need to discuss about it before it happens. To be on the same terms and knowing each others side. He might be dying to have sex with you but you might want to wait or it could be where you want it and he would like to wait. All is valid and the communication part is very important.

“I would say having the conversation first would make it clear if both sides are ready and you’ll know when and where it can take place. I’ve had skipped over that part a few times with people and it leaves things lackluster afterwards. I’m sure things could still evolve without it, yet I think it’s important to know what people are comfortable with. Asking them in a lusterless conversation instead of when you both are in the heat of it all.”

“That’s really good advice, thank you.”

“Not a problem at all. Just make sure to also be comfortable in trying new things too. Especially when you decide to have sex and you’re further down in the relationship. Trying new positions and doing new things can continue the excitement.” She smiled.

What she said all made sense. Yet deep down, I was fully sure if I was ready to have sex. Every time we made out I was sure of it and nothing else mattered except loving one another. Which made me also wonder if Tony felt the same way. Only a conversation about it would make me sure of his side.

“Alright, tomorrow morning I will pick up all the clothes and you can make sure everything fits. Whatever doesn’t, I’ll just return.”

“Okay. Thanks so much.”

“I’m here to help you. Whether that be clothes, makeup, or advice.” Tiffany sat up and walked out of the kitchen. I was still sitting in my thoughts.

Thinking about it, I wasn’t sure if I would be ready anytime soon. Especially not with everything that’s going on lately. The Huntington parents out and about, the memorial for Anxillion, the newly found journals that need some reading. Being with one another didn’t seem quite right, at least not soon.

I got up from the chair and began to head upstairs. There had to be something exciting that Tony had read so far.
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