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• Promise •

“This story starts from long, long ago. Where dragon, wizards and more mythical creatures travelled among the same land. Our family was one of the most powerful lines of wizardry. The only line that still stands to this very day.

“The reason we still continued to survive and be a powerful bloodline is from a shift of balances to how our bloodline formulates. Three generations of our ancestors came together and changed the bloodline forever. The only ones gifted would alternate gender and only happen to one kin each generation. That prevented anyone knowing we a family that were gifted. Which in turn would create a larger power within the one that becomes that generation. Creating a power that was incredibly strong and persistent. One that couldn’t be easily defeated.

“The Huntington family is the oldest family of vampires to exist. They hunted the wizards for years and years when this change of bloodline occurred. They cloak their age and lie to make them appear weak. The very thing that made them who they are, is what they were hunting. I’m not sure what family of wizards made vampires but it was a diseaster to had been created.”

“I thought witches was the cause for vampire to exist?” I asked.

“Wizards are the very reason witches exists. Witches helped create vampires. So technically yes, they made vampires. Only because a wizard allowed it to be so. The idea was made into existence because of wizards. The very family was to believed to hide themselves from being found or have been known of the disaster they casted in the world.”

“Is vampires really the worst thing in the world? Couldn’t the same be said about wizards?” I asked. “Also, how come not all vampires seek to destroy the existence of wizards?”

“All magic can be toxic, no matter what form. The same could be said about wizards. The past was such an unbalanced world, any powerful being wanted control or rule over it all. The galaxy could have collapsed several times, especially if wizards didn’t exist. Wizards are the balance in life and magic.

“There is magic within everything on earth. The very conception of a child to the death of a creature. The spark of which controls a heart and the force it creates to push blood throughout your whole body. Magic is within mere humans, even if they don’t possess a magic talent. Wizards are the reason the balance isn’t chaos.

“Regarding all vampires not being wizards seeking kinds. That was an additive from when the bloodline shifted. There was many things that needed to be fixed with the balance of magic. Making sure that all vampires wouldn’t seek wizards came at a price. The reasoning behind them seeking human blood. Everything needs balance in order to stay safe in the world.

“Our very family line is the last to hold the world and prevent chaos from overcoming it all. The difficult part, is that our bloodline has limits, so make sure the balance of our gift can remain strong. Balance in which isn’t perfected. That is limits to love.”

“Huh?” My face cringed in confusion. “Why would we be limit on love? And how is that possible considering you both had a partner in life?” I asked.

“It depends on who we love. There is a certain family that is off limits to us. The family that we all have come to desire the most. The Saltzman family line.”

“I’m sorry what?!” I started to become angry. Confused as to why such a particular family. “Why would that matter.”

“The ancestors that made our gift the way it is, was able to adjust our strength but made a price for it. A price that 2 of the ancestors made against the third. The youngest of the ancestors was about to wed a man. Her name was Celeste Harrington. The man she was about to marry was Axel Saltzman. None of the family members approved of him. They thought he was too sly, would cause pain and harm to Celeste, and cause disruption to the Harrington family line. The balance of the casting was that they were not to be together, ever. Even though they desired one another strongly.

“Sometimes, if you cast a spell there is always a detail that gets over looked or things happen to create more balance. The balance that the world does on its own terms. That very separation continues to this very day. Which you will learn to know and understand. Traveling down centuries and down countless generations. Our families are destined to want one another, though our lives together are prohibited.”

“What happens if I already love a Saltzman Man.”

“The rule is you cannot wed or make intimate love. Friendship is nothing to fear and love interests aren’t seen to cause any harmless effects. Though if you are intimate or bound to a marriage, the spell breaks.”

“Is that a bad thing?” I asked slowly

Eunice took a deep breath in annoyance.

“If the spell were to break, it is unknown what could happen. My father was told that the very book that we reside in could break and be of no use anymore. It is said that our family line will no longer be protected by the one gift rule, making us more susceptible to be killed off. Which in turn would leave the world kn utter chaos. It is also thought that whomever lives that is apart of our blood line would all of a sudden become gifted and havoc would overwhelm the world too. No generation has bothered to test the boundary and I recommend you don’t be the first one to test it.”

“So... There isn’t a for sure answer to what will and can happen?”

“No. All of that it is unknown. However, it took great magic to create the shift, so if the shift were to be undone without a balance to counteract it, there will be a catastrophic event. Since the balance will become broken and nothing will balance the scale of magic.”

“I also can’t tell Tony? Even though it involves him as well.” My tone was transparent to how angry I was getting.

“No.” She shook her head. My dad just sat with us, only listening to our conversation.

“Why not? He would be confused as to why I all of a sudden stopped wanting to be with him.”

“That isn’t our problem. All we know is it can never be.” Eunice said firmly.

“And what do you mean about residing in the book. Are you both inside the book?” I asked.

“Yes. Once you die, your soul will be inside this very book. It’s another part of the balance. To make sure we’re all contained in one spot and we could be helpful to further generations. The shift wasn’t a light magic spell or wave of a wand. It took three generations of our ancestors to come together and made all of this permanent. There may even be things to counteract the shift our family had made that we don’t even know of.”

“Yet, you’re of no help being in this book. And if no one tested the boundary, how are you even sure it’s still there?” I could feel my anger boil. How was it my ancestors to tell me what I can and can’t do with my life

“Excuse me? How dare you come here and disrespect me.”

“I’m not sorry. Why would you let your family ancestors decide who you can’t be with, especially someone you love. That sounds ridiculous! I haven’t met anyone else ever in my life that is as perfect as Tony. He treats me how I should be treated and has cared more for me than anyone, ever!” My voice was starting to get louder in anger.

“I understand your pain but...”

“No! You don’t understand! You clearly didn’t love Anxillion enough, you waited for the moment he would commit suicide and lock himself inside this book with you. Which probably wouldn’t have worked because of balance.”

“Say one more disrespectful word and I will rid you from the book forever.”

“Mom.” My dad lifted his hand and Eunice vanished. He looked at me in disappointment. “Why would you act that way towards her? Comparing love doesn’t solve anything.” My dad was speaking quietly and trying not to sound disappointed.

“I don’t get how I can’t be with or even tell Tony. Dad, I’ve never met anyone who treated me so amazingly. You know how much everyone hated me growing up. Not able to make friends. Everyone literally picking on me. He has been the only one who’s been kind to me. That, and he genuinely cares for me. I can’t see myself wanting anyone else. It would hurt Tony so much if I ended up being with someone else. It would hurt me too.”

“I know sweetheart. I can’t figure out how to solve it. Since I died, I knew the day you two met would be inevitable. I, myself loved Andrew with all my heart. I never saw myself being gay and didn’t even know what exactly what it was loving a man. I grew up having girlfriends and wasn’t at all interested in men. Until I met Andrew. I felt the same way as you. He felt the same for me. Until the day my own mother said those same things. I became angry about it but did what she asked. She told me I needed to further our family and that wouldn’t have been possible with him and I together. We wouldn’t have been able to have children. Thinking that I could find a way for us to be together, yet it just never could have been.”

My dad’s voice was depressed and I could tell it really bothered him. He couldn’t have the love he wanted because of fear.

“Your grandmother tried casting a counter spell back in 2010. The reason she died. She was going to use the Huntington family as a counter balance. Killing their bloodline to give her access to power that she needed. She was only able to kill their first child, who was their son. That wasn’t enough to make the balance. Trying to kill the whole family wasn’t possible, which the parents of the Huntington family then killed her for trying to kill them all.

“She told me once I had passed that it wasn’t an easy battle between her and the family. To which they decided to just capture her and throw her in a dungeon. Nothing to eat or drink and die from nature’s will.
“When I told Andrew about it all, he thought I was lying. I showed him all that I could. He vowed to try and find a way to kill the Huntington family. Which oddly he had been trying to do for some time already. All while also keeping the secret as well. Somehow, someway, someday, he said they would pay for it all. That’s why he tried his best to befriend them and continues to do so. Killing them isn’t an easy task. They’re more powerful than we all thought.”

“Is killing them the answer though? Plus, we killed the three Huntington sisters, would we still not be able to kill the parents?” I asked and he showed to be truly impressed by what we accomplished.

“I’m impressed. Killing the sisters must have been troublesome indeed. Unfortunately, the parents won’t be as easily killed. The only lead we’ve ever got was to ridding out curse is killing that very family. Then using that uneven balance in the magic world to create a different balance by eliminating the curse our family has to deal with. It sounds bonkers but it’s the way to distress the balance enough to be able to change it.”

“I don’t have my powers yet to even perform something like that, dad. Grandma hindered my powers until I turn eighteen.”

“I know, sweetheart. You’ll find a way to do something when the time is right. You’re much smarter than you give yourself credit for. Just promise that you won’t do anything with Tony until it can get fixed. It won’t be easy, but I believe you can do it.”

“Can I at least tell Tony?” I asked him.

“I think it’s best to leave that a secret until a plan is in place. Just please wait to have sex or get married. It doesn’t mean you can’t be together or be loved by him. It’s just those two acts is what keeps the shift in place. Which telling Tony won’t help further the process either.”

“Okay.” Sounding disappointed.

I didn’t understand how not telling him wouldn’t help. He probably wanted to be with me in such way as much as I did. Being told that I can’t be with him instantly made me want life with even more.

If he wants life with me too, I’m sure he will do anything to make it possible. Which telling him would make it a group effort instead a solo one. Tony is also much stronger than I am and would do anything to protect me. Him and I can make a plan together to really make sure it could work. Him and his family knows the Huntington family better than I would.

“Okay, how do I go back?”

“Oh, you want to leave?” His response made me think he want me to stay longer to chat but I was in no mood.

“Yes. I’m done being here.”

“Just let go of the book.” My dad told me. I didn’t realize the book had been in my hand the whole time.

“Plus, the Huntington parents are in town and it’s best that I don’t stay in this soul world.”

“Wait, what?...” He looked concerned.

I let go of the book and I was back in the loft immediately, still holding the book that I had thought I let go of.

Tony either hadn’t listened to me or didn’t hear me when I said to give me privacy. He was sitting near the easel waiting for me to come back.

“Are you okay?” He immediately got up and came over to me.

“Yeah, I’m okay. Why?” I asked.

“You’ve been out of it for three days.”

“What? It didn’t feel like it.” I was confused. I swear it had to have been a fifteen minute conversation, at the most.

“What happened to you? Why were you unable to be moved and stone like?”

“Well. It’s the same thing Anxillion would do. He would use this book to talk to Eunice. After rereading her poem it just made sense.”

“Did you talk her?”

“I, actually saw her. Her and my dad.”

Tony was shocked. He knew my dad was dead.

“How?” He shook his head in disbelief, “did you see Anxillion?”

“No. It’s only my family line that I’m able to see. Their souls go into this book once they die. Which is how Anxillion was able to still talk to her, beyond life.”

“Well, what did you all talk about?” He seemed eager to know.

“Eunice knows Anxillion is dead now. I guess they made an agreement. When he decided he was going to die, he would take a poison that she gave him and would do go to her in the book before he died and try to be with her forever. Not sure how that would have been possibly but I guess it wouldn’t have hurt to try it.”

“Oh wow. Find anything’s else out?”

“Umm, not really.” I tried to lie.

“You sure?” He already knew I was lying. I could see it on his face that he knew. Considering I’m not a great liar.
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