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• Days •

“I’m sure because I was told to keep a secret.”

“Alright, I’ll stop trying to get it out of you. I don’t want you to expose a secret.” Tony said as he helped me off the rocking chair. “You do need to get ready though. Today is Anxillion’s memorial and tomorrow is the funeral. Couldn’t have been better timing on your part.”

“Oh. What day is today?”

“It’s Saturday. You’ve actually been out for almost four days actually. Wednesday was that day Tiffany went and got all the clothes. It’s all in her bedroom waiting for you. Then Thursday was the scheduling at the funeral home. Which was also the same day that my mother’s service found Anxillion. I have been too scared to ask her where he was found. All I know is he is in good enough condition for an open casket. Then yesterday we got everything together and ready for today.”

“That’s good that you can all experience having him in an open casket.” I genuinely was glad for Tony, since it would help him the most with grieving.

“I am glad as well. Besides that, you need to freshen up and get ready. You’ve got a few hours until we leave.” We began stepping down the stairs together.

“What about the Huntington parents? What happens if they come to the memorial?”

“The funeral home will be protected. If they do decide to visit, peacefully, just try not to talk too much. Just say you were a grocery attendant and were upset with his passing and thought to pay your respects. Act shy and not wanting to talk to others. I would recommend having minimal conversations with us. We’ll make sure that you have vervain in your system as well. To be sure they can’t compel you. Also we’ll have someone escort you there and back here. All within safe hands.” Tony said confidently.

“Sounds like a good idea, even though I don’t really trust anyone else with my life except you or Tiffany. Also, what are the Huntington parents’ names?”

All this time I’ve heard so much about them, yet have never heard their name once.

“Dexter And Janice Huntington.”

“They even sound like evil names.” We both laughed. The last name always seemed strangely odd and comparable to who they were.

“I guess. From what I know, they change their names every century and they also move to different towns every time they do it. To make sure no one figures out who they truly are. Though my mother has known them for almost her whole existence.”

I walked to the bathroom door as Tony was trying to leave the room entirely.

“I’m sure Tiffany has better products than what I have put in that bathroom.” He tilted his head to encourage me to take a shower in Tiffany’s room.

“You know, you’re right. I’m sure she’ll want to help me get ready too.”

Which I wouldn’t mind either. I wasn’t good at makeup or hair. I left my hair straight normally. My makeup always made me getting called a raccoon at school. Since I only used black eyes shadow that easily smudged and smeared all around my eyes. Creating eyes of a raccoon.

Tony didn’t look at all ready for the memorial part of the funeral. He kissed my forehead and went off to his bedroom. I went over to Tiffany’s bedroom door.

“Hey, Tiffany.” I knocked on her door softly.

The door opened sudden.

“Oh my goodness, you’re finally awake. Perfect timing. We have to get you ready immediately.” She pulled me to into her room and rushed me to the bathroom.

I got a glimpse of all the clothes hanging on a metal, rolling clothing bar. All the clothes hung up extremely neatly. There was even a small round white table with a few small boxes, assuming jewelry, on top of it.

All the shoe boxes were along the wall close to the hanging clothes. All the boxes were arranged side by side and made a rainbow like pattern, though all the shoes were black.

“Get in the shower. Use whatever products you need to and get out when you’re done. I’ll do you hair and make up and we can quickly pick out an outfit for you to wear.” She pushed me towards the shower and grabbed two towels from the inside the cabinet. “Let me know if you need help.”

She shut the door quickly.

She had on a robe so she probably wasn’t done getting ready either. I wondered if she used her vampire speed to get her makeup done quickly. Was vampire speed like normal speed to them? Would that make my speed incredibly slow to them?

I took a shower as fast as possible since it seemed urgent, especially with the way that Tiffany was pushing her off to the bathroom.

The products she had in the bathroom seemed like expensive items, since none of them I knew how to pronounce or even heard of. They all smelled amazing and did an outstanding at what they were meant to do.

Shampoo didn’t feel drying on my hair and the conditioner made my hair incredibly soft, even after rinsing it out. Body wash wasn’t striping on the skin and had minimal fragrance.

I quickly dried my body off and didn’t bother to use the body lotion since my body didn’t feel terribly dry. The only think I would find was an unused toothbrush to brush my teeth. I wrapped the towel around my body and left the other towel on the sink counter.

I peek open the door.

“Tiffany, any chance you have a toothbrush I can use?”

“Yeah, just use mine.” She was quick to respond.

“Eww, no thanks.” Tiffany laughed and got up from her vanity then came over to me.

“I was only kidding. The bottom drawer under the sink has new toothbrushes still in the package. Grab which ever one you’d like. Just make sure to clean up any mess you make.” She smiled and helped me shut the door.

I looked right in the drawer and it was neatly full of toothbrushes, toothpaste and floss. I grabbed whatever was on top and opened it. Threw the plastic in the garbage and used the toothpaste that was neatly placed on top of a plastic organizer. That also had q-tips, makeup remover, and cotton rounds.

Tiffany’s bathroom was neatly organized and had all the necessities for a normal young adult woman. The modern style with only a color scheme of white, gray, and black. Crazy how it looked incredibly different from Anxillion’s bathroom. All the bathroom I’ve seen so far are so fractionally different in design. Though different, they all had these dark feel to them. Vibes to make you think someone could and probably got killed in them at one point.

I finished brushing my teeth and threw the toothbrush in the garbage since it was unlikely for me to get ready in this room again. I opened the door to Tiffany’s room and she was still at her vanity getting ready. Her hair was waved like normal and she was using a steady hand with her eyeliner.

“I’m almost done, just go through the underwear and bras without me. You can change into them in here if you want to. I promise I won’t peek.”

Even if she wouldn’t, I still wouldn’t have been comfortable being exposed in front of her. Since I knew which gender she was more fond of.

There was a few good quality shopping bags on the ground next to the rolling clothing bar. It appeared that it had all the underwear and the few bras I had picked out. There was a few that were dark red but the rest were black.

I put the bags of her bed and emptied them out one by one. First one was a black bra, basic and something I would have picked for myself. Most likely the one I was going to wear. Second one was another black bra, yet it was detailed with all lace. It didn’t have any padding and was completely see through from all the lace. Pretty sure this is an unlined styled bra from what I can remember. If my nipples were hard wearing them, there would be no hiding it.

Third bra was the same as the lace black bra, except in all dark red. Not something I would have picked out but I can only imagine how sexy it would feel to wear it. Especially being in it in front of Tony. The thought made me pulse harder down in my underwear area.

Speaking of underwear, there were underwear in the second shopping bag. The first few I grabbed were all the same, black and basic. Was definitely going to be the underwear I was going to wear today. The next three underwear we similar lace pattern in black. One of them was a thong, which I’ve never held a pair before so I threw it on the bed pretty quickly. As if I wasn’t allowed to hold them. The other two were just bikini style to cover all the front and back side.

There was two last pairs and they were dark red laced underwear; one thong and one bikini. Same pattern and lace as the red bra.

I threw everything back in one bag and put aside a plain basic black underwear and bra. Ripping off all the tags with my teeth and collecting the plastic tags and making a little pile.

It seemed unnecessary to go into the bathroom so I turned away from her and put the underwear on under the towel wrapped around me. Tiffany wouldn’t have been able to catch a glimpse, even if she wanted to. Then I placed the bra on the front of my chest and took my arms to my back to clip it on. All while keeping the towel on. Once the bra was officially on, I tugged the towel downward. No slippage happened and if it had happened, Tiffany was behind me anyway.

Still uncomfortable having my skin exposed, I wrapped myself with the towel.

I turned back to the clothing that was hung up and went straight for the two dresses. The black dress that was form fitting seemed a little different from the pictures online. It was ruched around the breast like a medieval style. Still with long sleeves and the length was to the knee.

Taking the dress off the hanger, I then let go of the towel and put the dress in as fast as I could with my wet hair getting everywhere.

It fit like a glove and felt like it was made for me. The chest fit firmly but pushed my boobs closer together, making them appear much larger. Even to myself they seemed bigger. The length was comfortable but it was clear that my legs were definitely hairy. No hiding dark colored leg hair. Yet I didn’t want to go back into the shadower just to shave them.

“Any chance, do you have legging or nylons? My legs are really hairy.” I asked Tiffany.

She got up from her vanity and her makeup was finished. Natural makeup look with bronze and brown on her eyelids. Alongside a bold red lip. It made her look very attractive.

“I bought a thigh high stockings for you. You could use that. Since your dress is pretty long. No one will notice.”

She walked to the lingerie bags and it seemed that I missed the small package for the stockings. They were black and had lace at the top. Tiffany probably thought it would go perfectly with the lace bra and underwear she had bought.

“Thanks.” I told her as she handed it to me.

“Of course. After you get them on while I put on my outfit. Then sit in the vanity chair. I’ll do your hair and makeup for you.” She smiled. A smile that made me know that she was excited to.

I got the stockings on and they were a tad bit snug. Enough to know that they weren’t going anywhere. They hit right on the upper thigh so no one would see the end unless they were blatantly look up my dress on purpose.

When I had finished, she had on a red blouse on and was just about done putting on her leather pencil skirt. The outfit looked extremely stunning and something that was totally up her alley.

“Alright. Get in the vanity chair. We’ve only got an hour left before we have to leave.”

We both headed to the vanity and she began her magic. Blow drying my hair, which I hated doing myself. It showed that she was talented at doing hair. The way she maneuvered the hairbrush and the blow dryer seemed effortless.

She then took her hair straightener and began straightening my hair. With the help of her conditioning product and the sleek look of straight hair. It looked the most healthiest it ever had been. After that she brushed my hair into a ponytail. Not letting any hair strands out of place.

Before she grabbed the hairspray, she pulled my hair with her hands and tied it all into a black hair tie. The sprays she did seemed planned and in places that were necessary. Assuming to prevent my hair from looking crunchy. Then she took a toothbrush and spray it with the hairspray, brushing down the tiny hairs that wouldn’t stay down. Which strangely did the trick.

“Alright, now that your hair is done. I was thinking on a perfectly black winged liner and just a simple transparent lipgloss.” Tiffany was waiting for my response through the mirror.

“Whatever your creative mind thinks will work, works for me.” I nodded once at her.


She shuffled through her eyeliners picking out the perfect one. Taking out a pot of gel liner and an angled brush. Proceeding without any warning and doing it so quickly it didn’t feel like she even did it at all. Two swipes on each eye and my eyes looked drastically different. Finishing the eyes with some mascara.

The took a blush compact and picking a brush that was clean. Softly touching my cheeks with a touch of color. Not incredibly noticeable. Just enough to make me look more alive, than I already was.

“No foundation or primer?” I asked.

“You’re skin is too perfect for that stuff.” She proceeded to carry on to the next product. Lipgloss.

Grabbing two different tubes of lipgloss.

“Clear or a touch or red.” She gestures to each tube with a slight movement.

“A little red might be nice.”

Tiffany took the clear tube back to the vanity and then put the gloss on my lips for me.

Once she was done, the makeup looked so simple yet completely gorgeous. Compared to just black eyeshadow swallowing my eyes, this look took less time and appeared to be something I could get used to.

“Like it?”

“Ahh, yeah!” I played with my ponytail and turned my head side to side. “It looks so beautiful. Thank you so much, Tiffany.”

“Thank you for allowing me to. You’re the first person I’ve ever done makeup on.”

“Really?” Shocking since she’s been alive over 3 times my age.

“Yeah. Alexis didn’t like the thought of me doing her makeup. She thought it seemed odd. Even though I asked her so many times, she never budged.”

“I’m okay with you doing my makeup whenever you want. As long as I can use your amazing products when I take a shower.”

Tiffany laughed and seemed joyful with my response.

“I’ll give you your own, Rebecca.” She stepped away walked to her closet and pulled out each of her products and placed them on her bed.

“Thanks.” I got up and went to the bed. Putting them in the empty shopping bag that had the bras inside of it. “Which shoes should I wear?”

“I would recommend the black flats I bought you.”

We both went towards the boxes of shoes and she helped me put them on my feet. Which wasn’t necessary for her to do but she insisted.


“Thanks so much. I’ll take all the stuff in Anxillion’s room when we get back.”

“Don’t feel like you have to rush to move them. We could get ready every morning. I can do your make up and hair. As if we’re sisters.”

“I see you as a sister, even if we don’t do that stuff.”

She flew at me with a huge hug. Squeezing me firmly.

“I’ve always wanted a sister. And you’re the prefect sister too.”

Her saying that felt nice. Then it sank in. Tony and I could never marry. Meaning her and I would never actually be sister. The feeling of it was still nice. Since she would have been a fantastic sister. A sister I would have wished for. Even if the beginning was a bit rocky. She has changed so much and it has made me grateful for having her in my life. Second to Tony.
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