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• Memorial •

Tiffany and I both exited her room at the same time as Tony left his room.

My mouth dropped open and my eyes couldn’t help but look him up and down a few times.

“Woah.” I said out loud.

Making Tony smile with glee. He was wearing a full tux with the bells and whistle. Everything was in black and it made him look incredibly handsome.

How did I get this lucky to have a man who was this sexy? His hair was combed back and I wanted to run my hands through it.

Even though I was having a good time looking at how amazing he looked, this dread of sadness lingered.

I would never be able to walk down the aisle to this amazing, handsome man. I wouldn’t be able to bear his babies. Never have sex with him, sure oral sex was included on the spectrum as well.

Why did I get so lucky and so unlucky at the same time? And he is to never know that we can never be together. At least until I figure out how to make it happen.

Tony walked over to me as Tiffany walked off to go down the stairs.

“You look, amazing. I am so lucky to have such a gorgeous girlfriend like you.”

I coughed awkwardly.


“Oh. I assume I’ve never asked you to go steady with me.” He looked ashamed. “Dear goodness. That’s embarrassing.”

Tony cleared his throat on purpose and adjusted his stance and his tie.

“Will you, Rebecca Hanson, be willing...”

“Willing?” I giggled.

“Shh, now I have to started over.” He said jokingly. “Will you, Rebecca Hanson, be my girlfriend. Until I’m brave enough to ask for your hand in marriage.” He cupped his hands into from behind himself and pulled it in front of me.

“I would love to.”

He opened his hands and there was a ring case in his hands. Which I wasn’t expecting that at all.

“Woah, what?” I’m sure I looked surprised indeed.

He opened it with a smile and inside sat a silver band ring with a small gray diamond stone. The ring was beautiful and unlike anything I’ve ever seen.

“When I told you I was working on something, it was this very thing.”

“You made this?!”

“Yes,” he wore a large smile. “I’ve been planning on asking you to be my girlfriend for awhile and I wanted you to have something to know that I am serious about our relationship. I promise I’ll make something more extravagant for the day I propose to you.”

“This is already extravagant, Tony. I love how minimal it looks with the small stone. The fact that you made this amazing and I would be honored to wear this. I would also love to be your girlfriend. Even though it’s felt like we’ve been been that for some time now.”

“I agree, yet I wanted you us to be on the same terms.”

He placed the ring on my right hand on the ring finger. It fit perfectly. He probably measured my finger while I was sleeping. Since it was not loose or too tight, just right.

“I seriously love the ring.” I held my hand up and examined it at a closer look.

“I’m glad you do.” He put a finger on my chin and tilted my head upward with a kiss. A nice, passionate kiss.

We both down the stairs and creaked our way all the way down.

“My parents are already at the funeral home waiting for us. They made sure everything was settled perfectly before anyone arrived. Like I said, I’ll be giving you vervain and then you’ll be taken there by one of my mother’s best men.”


Tiffany had a water bottle in hand and a smart phone in the other.

“Drink this on the way to the funeral home. Also, you have the guy’s phone number in the phone already. Tony’s name is under Randall. My name is under Hillary. Secret names so if someone were to look over your shoulder for some reason, they wouldn’t know that it’s us.” Tiffany told me as she put both of them in a small, black crossbody purse. “And here’s a purse that I got you as well.”

She handed me both of them and then Tony kissed me on the lips really quickly.

“We have to go now. You’ll be waiting in the car for at least ten minutes so that you don’t arrive at the same time as well do. Just in case we have to send you back here. Wait in the car and he’ll take you when it’s time.” Tiffany continued.

“Alright.” I responded.

“Remember, try not to talk to us if you can. You can give us condolences and stay for a little while. If either of us text you that you need to come back home. You need to leave the funeral home. There will be many vampires outside that work for our mother. They’re there to protect us. Most especially you.” Tony told me.

“Got it.” I said while nodding my head.

“Okay, let’s get going.” Tiffany gestured to the door. Then they were both off and I went out the door right after them.

A black sedan sat behind Tony’s car. I couldn’t see inside Tony’s car. The car behind him, I could see an African-American man inside in the driver’s seat. I headed down to the car and waved goodbye to Tiffany and Tony.

I opened the back door on the right side of the car, which was towards the mansion. I waved at the guy in the driver’s seat and he smiled at me.

“Hey, I’m Rebecca. Thanks for driving.”

“Oh, Hello. My name is Jake. I’m just doing whatever I can to help. I promise I’ll do whatever I can to make sure you are safe.”

“Thanks, I really appreciate that.”

“Not a problem.”

He turned on the car and rolled the windows down a little bit. I’m glad he could feel how humid the car felt on the inside. Even though it was December, the weather wasn’t constantly cold or warm. The other day it was cold. Today, warm and kind of humid. Assuming it was going to rain either later today or tomorrow.

“I’m guessing they told you that we’ll be waiting her for a little to make sure to keep our distance and make sure it’s completely safe for you to arrive there.”

“Yeah, they told me.”

“Alright. Here’s the plan for us. I will be driving you there as if I’m an Uber driver. Okay?”

“Sounds like a good idea.” I told him.

“Thanks.” He smiled. “When it’s time for me to pick you up. Let me know before you head outside. Just so you don’t have to wait outside by yourself for too long. For optimal safety.”

I nodded in agreement.

“Did you have the vervain water yet?” Jake asked me.

“Umm, not yet.”

“Please don’t forget it. That’s too make sure if the Huntington parents come to the memorial, that they can’t compel you.”

I nodded again.

We sat in silence for what felt like five minutes. Until I thought of something.

“Can I make an adjustment to the plan?” I asked Jake.

“Depends on the adjustment.”

“Well, what happens if the Huntington parents try to compel me to not notice something bad happening in the funeral home. If I don’t get compelled, my heart will be racing much faster which will blow my cover immediately.”

“It’s unlikely that they’ll make a huge scene, especially since it’s in public.” He said confidently.

think, what happens “That’s what we think, what happens if they are going against their normal behavior. Since you know. Their daughters being killed in this town and everything.”

Jake was quiet. Which had him thinking about my adjustment to the plan.

“What’s the plan adjustment then?”

“You compelling me not to freak out whatsoever, not to let my heart race faster than normal. Even if I was freaking out in my brain, I can’t control my heart or the pumping of my blood. That’s something you can do by controlling me for a small period of time.

“If we do it and nothing crazy happens, then it was just an extra precaution. It something crazy does happen, which I have a feeling something will, then I won’t be blowing my cover and they won’t suspect my involvement with the mourning family.”

“You’re really smart. I wouldn’t have thought to do that and I’m usually the one who thinks of all the things to make sure everyone is safe at all time.”

He turned his body and looked at me in the eyes.

“From the time you leave my car to the time you get back to this mansion, you are not allowed to let your heart race faster than 80 beats per minute. Even if something traumatic is happening.”

His words felt right. His words were the way things had to be. Nothing mattered except what he was saying. Nothing in the world mattered. I could feel my heart begin to stable in beats. My veins was getting ready to know only a certain pace and nothing else.

“Okay.” Was the only thing I could say. His eyes were too dark to notice any change to the pupil. Even though I knew they had to of. Since Tiffany’s eyes did it when she compelled me, it had done before.

The feeling of being compelled was relieving. The way his words sang through my mind was comforting. Knowing that I wouldn’t be a handicap to anything that may or may not happen.

“Thank you, Jake.”

All he did was nod. I took the water bottle out of the purse and then drink it. Since he had already compelled me, I needed to make sure that no one else would be able to.

Chugging the whole bottle, since it didn’t taste good, I wanted to make sure it got in me as fast as possible. I crushed the bottle shut and asked Jake where. I could put it.

“I’ll take it from you.” He threw his hand back and took the water bottle. Placing inside the glove compartment so it wasn’t in sight.

“Thanks.” He nodded once more. “It’s been ten minutes and I haven’t received a text or phone call. Meaning we are clear to go.”



We arrived to the funeral home and the parking lot was have full of cars. I saw Tony’s car in the front row closest to the building which made me happy. Making me look down at the ring he had made for me.

“Alright, Rebecca. Text me when you’re ready to be picked up.”

I opened the door and spoke out.

“Thanks. I’ll definitely rate you five stars.” Then I shut the door. Just in case someone was around that was listening to me. I needed it to be somewhat believable.

Since he dropped me off close to the door, I didn’t have to walk very far. There was no one else walking in at the same time as me. Seems like whoever came wasn’t fashionably late like me.

Upon entering, there was a stand that had a small journal for visitors to right in. A written condolences for the family in mourning.

I approached it and flipped to the next empty page. There had to have been at least 40 pages written in. Anxillion didn’t seem like a man that knew a lot of people, yet I’m no surprised of the amount of people that showed up since he’s lived in the town for so long.

I wrote something simple.

Condolences to the family and friends closest to Anxillion. He will be dearly missed.

I couldn’t sign my name so I needed to make a name quickly.


That’ll work. I’ll say my name is Luna for the duration of being at the funeral home.

Before I turned left, I shut the journal to make sure it looked the way I got to it. Common courtesy.

I entered through a set of door that led immediately to the room that everyone was in. Seeing Tony, Tiffany, and their parents gathered closely by the casket. Tiffany and Tony was talking amongst each other while their parents were being greeted by several normal townie people.

The whole family together looked picture perfect. You could easily tell that they were all related.

I walked around and saw near the casket was an endless amount of red, beautiful roses. They all looked large and soft. In perfect condition as well. Similar to the roses in the backyard garden of the mansion.

There were tables set up around the perimeter of the room. On top of them were pictures of Anxillion in different stages of life.

He went to the very High school I’m attending, or at least was. There was pictures of him alongside his son, Andrew. Anxillion looked incredibly handsome when he was younger. Age didn’t do much justice for him in appearance, even though it’s inevitable. If you’re human.

There was pictures of him at his wedding and his old wife. She was very beautiful and it was clear that she had a rich tan colored skin. I would have guessed from the photos that she had to have been either full Italian or Mexican descendent. It wasn’t easy to tell which one it was since the photos weren’t of good quality and in black and white.

From the appearance of Andrew and Tony, which has darker skin than Tiffany. It seemed as if it must have been Italian, yet I could still be way off.

“Thanks for coming. There are snack and refreshments in the room over. If you have questions, also feel free to ask. We would love to share stories and things about Anxillion.”

Tony was right next to me. For once, my heart wasn’t racing like it normally did whenever he was close by. Especially in the attire he had on.

Pretty sure he noticed the difference in heart beat and his eyes became concerned.

“I would love to know about his passing wife. What was her name?” I asked him.

“Oh, her name was Aiyana.”

“What nationality is she?” I asked again.

“Native American.”

“Oh wow, she was extremely beautiful.”

“She definitely was. Also one of the most kindest woman you would have ever met. She left the Tunica tribe in northern Louisiana to pursue she passion for reading and writing. Her and my grandfather met in college in New Orleans. Many people kept trying to pick on her since she had darker skin. Discrimination was a huge problem then.

“Anxillion never thought it was okay to act vicious against someone for the color for their skin. He always tried protecting her and they soon started talking and ended up falling in love. A few years after he married her.” He pointed to another picture of their wedding ceremony. It was outside and they had much different attire than I’m used to.

“Having to different wedding to please her and her family. Aiyana wanted a more tradition white-washed American wedding. Also wanting to please her family on having a more Native American traditional wedding. I remember Anxillion telling me that he would have preferred two Native American weddings if he could have picked. It was more natural feeling and made him feel apart of a family. The other one felt like a show and not a ceremony.”

“Wow.” I turned towards Tony. “Thanks for sharing.” I smiled and walked away, proceeding to look at more and more pictures without Tony telling me about them.

After a few more pictures, Marionette stood at the microphone and spoke into it.

“Hello everyone and thanks for attending. We will be starting the speeches now. If you could all sit please, that would be greatly appreciated.”
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