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One by one, each family member went up to the podium to share a small speech about how much Anxillion brought life to the world. How he had made such a difference that will leave a mark on the world.

Tony didn’t say much and it didn’t seem like he wanted to express his feelings about Anxillion with others. Especially a bunch of townies that he didn’t know.

There had been a few other people that went up that I didn’t even know. One man was a close by neighbor that would talk about gardening. Anxillion gave him all the tips and tricks about keep plants alive, which he wouldn’t have known otherwise if it weren’t for him.

Anxillion frequently visited a thrift shop and would volunteer at times. The lady who owned the shop had only great things to say about him. When she got emotional, it made me believe she may have had feelings for him. Sad to know that she wouldn’t have had a chance. He technically was already seeing someone, which was my grandmother inside of a book.

After everyone spoke, they proceeded to have everyone go to the casket in a line and say their last goodbyes. Which would have normally happened the day after a memorial. Not the day of.

I took out my phone, while getting up from the bench, and began text Tony through the name Randall on my phone.

Me: Is the memorial and burial on the same day?

After sending the text, a man stood right next to me. Smiling at me and I just turned away with a cringe smiled back.

Waiting towards the back of the line to say my final goodbye, I could also hear a few townies talking. Saying how it was so strange how Anxillion had lived to be almost a hundred years old and looked like he was maybe eighty years old.

You could tell he was old indeed, maybe it was possible that he had good genetics or took care of himself and his health. Then I started thinking about how much longer he would have lived if he hadn’t been killed. Though he was crippling in the way he walked, he didn’t seem all that close to death like everyone thought. His age seemed incredibly long and would make you think he didn’t have many years left.

Besides that, the line moved rather quickly and it was my turn to say goodbye. There was a large basket of roses to grab and put on top of him in his casket. I grabbed a large one with thorns that were too sharp to be held. His body sat there so peacefully. A few bruises were on his face and you could tell he was starting to decompose since his skin seemed like it was starting to melt of some sort. I placed the rose on his chest, closest to his heart. Where his love for my grandmother had lingered in. Then I closed my eyes and said goodbye inside my head.

The family stood to the left of the casket and was receiving hugs, hand shakes, and smiles of encouragement. I followed the trend, except I only gave a hug to Tony and Tiffany. Leaving their parents with a handshake. Since they weren’t appearing to want to be touched more than they had been so far.

Everyone was filling the seats back up and waiting for the next cue. As the last few people were sitting, a man seemed late to the party and went to say goodbye.

The family looked at him with such focus, making me believe that this was the father of the Huntington family. I was certain it was him since he seemed more classically dressed than anyone else here in the funeral home.

The man was quite large in muscles and had short ginger-red hair. His height was similar to the Sharp family but it was clear he was working out more than anyone else I know. Yet looking like he still enjoyed his sweet and indulgent foods.

His bright green eyes casted over everyone sitting down in the benches and I could feel him try to compel me in a way that seemed unreal. Everyone around me paralyzed, which forced me to act the part. I was further in the back still in a similar stop like I was before. Making it easy to look at whatever I wanted without looking out of part.

“How nice to see you that you set up a funeral without sending any invites.” His scratchy voice spoke out. Loud enough to be heard throughout the quiet room.

“You don’t receive invites to a funeral. It’s not some party. We’re only trying to mourn my father and it doesn’t appear you have those same intentions.”

“Why would I mourn such a deceiving man like Anxillion. Not when I have my own children to mourn. Which by the way, I’m already aware that your family is the reason they’re dead.”

The Sharp family stood in silence, waiting for him to continue speaking. My heartbeat was going steady and it didn’t raise any suspicion that I was freaking out on the inside.

“Don’t say it all at once. Tiffany and Tony could do no wrong.” He said in a cruel, joked tone. “I do expect someone to come forward before I start making drastic decisions. I would prefer to see a town living to its best potential, instead of being than torn down by me.”

He shrugged his shoulders and got closer to Andrew and Marionette.

“All I know is; you come after my children, I’m coming after yours.” After he said his last words, he then stormed off and everyone was still paralyzed. Until he slammed the door extremely hard behind himself when he left the funeral home, making a cracking noise in the door frame from the intensity.

That initial bang itself, set everyone back to unpaused humans. Moving and talking to one another as they did beforehand. As if nothing had ever happened. I saw Tony take out is phone from his pocket. Within a few seconds after he placed the phone back in his pocket, I received a text message.

Randall: You need to leave now!

My heart wanted to panic, good thing it didn’t. My cover would still be blown if I came pacing outside with a fast heartbeat. The father, Dexter Huntington, was still outside somewhere and I was expected to leave now.

I texted Jake to let him know that it was time for me to leave and be driven back to the mansion. A good minute passed and he responded back saying he would be arriving in two minutes.

Tony was keeping his eyes on me, urging me to move faster. I finally got up and quietly slid my purse around my shoulder and headed to the door.

It didn’t seem right to go outside with him out there. Especially me being the only one leaving the building, alone. It screamed that I was leaving for a reason.

Exiting the doors, he was right there. Practically waiting for me.

“Hello there, young lady. Why are we leaving so soon?”

There was deep feeling in my gut, saying that he knew who I was. Or at least that I was apart of his daughter’s death. My heart remained stable but my mind was going crazy. I needed to keep my composure.

“My mom’s boyfriend is picking me up. He thought it would be a good idea to drop me off while he ran some errands.” He gave no facial change to what I had said.

“How did you know Anxillion?” He continued asking more questions.

“I work at the grocery store in town and he was always so kind to me. It seemed like the right thing to do.”

“How did you find out he was dead?”

“The newspaper obituary.” I responded in a way that seemed a bit sassy. Considering it had to have been in there, since plenty of townies showed up.

“Makes sense.” He crossed his arms.

I kept looking towards the street, waiting for Jake’s car. Wishing for him to arrive quicker. Feeling Dexter staring at me make me uncomfortable. I expected him to bite me or try to capture me. Especially if I suspected him knowing who I was.

“I can feel you staring at me. Can I help you?”

“What’s your name?” Squinting his eyes.

“Luna, why?”

“Luna, what?” Trying to know who I am.

“Luna Brooks.” Jake’s car was finally approaching. “What’s your name?” I held my hand out in random politeness.

“Dexter.” As he proceeded to shake my hand with a strong firm grip. “Dexter Huntington.”

“Cool last name, hunt at all?”

“Here and there. My favorite part is eating it after.” He grinned.

“My dad hunts and eats what he kills too. I think it’s gross but I guess everyone does everything differently.” I looked at the car coming up.

“I suppose that true. We all kill in different ways. Some stand and watch while other do the dirty work.” I could feel him staring me down again. This time I was to nervous to even respond or even look at him. Though he wouldn’t know since I was keeping my composure.

Jake pulled up near us and stopped.

“Well, that my ride. Nice meeting you, Dexter.” I forced myself to turn to him, with a bubbly personality. Then I walked at a normal pace to the passengers seat.

“You as well, Luna.”

When I opened the door I said, “Hey there.”

“Come on in.” Jake moved a shopping bag full of snacks. “I bought you some snacks just in case you were hungry.”

Then I shut the door and Jake began driving off. Without a doubt, Dexter must have know I was apart of the killing of his daughters. His last statement had to have been him trying to warn me. All I wanted to do now was go back to the mansion where hopefully I was safe at. Since I didn’t know whether or not he was still allowed on the land.

I even wondered if Tony or Tiffany heard us talking from inside. Since they have excellent hearing. It probably took Tony everything in his power not to come outside and intervene in the conversation.

“Thanks. I was actually getting pretty hungry.” There was a package of chips and began eating. It appeared that he bought a water bottle as well. “Is the water mine too?”

“Oh, yeah. It’s for you too.”

We drove down a few streets and I noticed Jake was constantly looking at the mirrors.

“I’m not trying to frighten you, but that man who you were talking to is following us at the moment.” His tone was still relatively calm.

“It’s Dexter Huntington, I think...”

“We need to hurry back to the mansion.” He began speeding and purposely ran red light.

Though he sounded calm, he wasn’t driving calmly. The mansion was still at least fifteen minutes away.

“Wouldn’t that give it away that I’m apart of the Sharp’s?”

“Does that really matter more than your safety? The only place they won’t harm you is back at the Saltzman’s mansion. Blowing your cover doesn’t matter. I’m assuming he already know who you are. Hence why he’s following closely behind us.”

“What happens if we go to the mansion and he follows us?”

“He’ll know better to try and drive on the land.” He chuckled.

“What do you mean?”

“They’ve told you that people can’t get on the land, right?”

“Yeah, but through imagery. Right?”

He laughed. As if what I was told was a lie.

“Partly true. The land engulfs your vision to see stuff that scares you and will make things appear that aren’t there. If you drive up, there is no roads and you’re extremely likely to drive into a tree. If someone cuts down or breaks a tree, it literally explodes. Which in turn would end up having wood shavings and huge shards of wood flying everywhere. Most likely he wouldn’t make it out alive.”

“Woah, are you serious?”

“100 percent serious. Seen it happen once. The land recovers very fast after wards and cleans itself. But I tell you, it is one thing any vampire knows to stay away from.”

“I’ve read in books that a wooden stake to a vampires heart kills them, is that true?” I asked him.

“It sounds like such a weird way of dying, but yes it’s true. Literally a plant intersect our heart could kill us. It’s apart of the balance between magic and nature. As long as it’s a plant of some sort in our heart. Metal won’t do the trick and other object don’t either like plastic. Another way of death is our heads being decapitated or pulling our heart out entirely.”

“The more you know.” I paused as he ran through another red light, nearly getting hit. “Why do vampires not burn in the sun?”

“I honestly don’t know where that came from. Like any human, too much sun can be bad. The vitamin d rays that comes from the sun can make us sicker than a human. Since our skin becomes much thinner after transition. It feels like being dehydrated in the sun. If we hide out in the shade for a few seconds, we recover fast anyways. It’s just our bodies not able to cope with The vitamin D rays. That’s maybe where it came from but still not accurate. The whole burning to a crisp or flames to ash. Way out of preportion.”

“Honestly, that totally makes sense.” I nodded. “Is he still following us?”

“Yeah.” He answered in a way that seemed comical. “I’m just surprised he isn’t crashing into the backside of the car just yet.”
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