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“How much longer until we get back to the mansion?” I say gripping my seatbelt tightly.

Doing my best not to look back at the car. Seeing it would make my mind go crazy which would make me feel the need to take charge of the situation somehow. Jake seemed more than capable of handing this and all he needed to drive as fast as possible while avoiding any cars that may intervene.

“Possibly five more minutes.” He continued to talk calmly and with confidence.

Though my heart couldn’t race fast, it didn’t mean I wasn’t dealing with a pounding headache. The prevention taken to steady my heart has made my head a breeding ground for the worst headache of my life. Since my body couldn’t control the stress evenly throughout my body.

The high school was up ahead and it appeared that students were leaving and heading home. Making this adventure more chaotic and dangerous. As students began crossing the street, Jake was force to stop at the light for their safety.

“Oh shit!” Jake said aloud as he looked through the rear view mirror.

Without asking, I knew what to expect and prepared for impact.

Dexter, who was following us through town, decided to run into us at a high speed in back of our car. Pushing us to hit a few students and speed them a couple yards away.

The force of the crash sent large amount of glass to shatter everywhere. The time felt slow as everything was happening in front of my eyes. At one moment, Jake was there and gone. He was out of the car and I still sat inside with the glass everywhere.

The front windshield broke from the intense impact of the students and I could hear them screaming out in the front of the car. I began to start crying for them, they weren’t apart of this battle. I was the reason they got hurt.

At the moment, life seemed better without me in the world. I couldn’t love the man I wanted and I just gave more trouble than I was worth. I would end the curse if the gift blood line ended through me.

Jake was out of sight for over a few minutes. I wasn’t worried about whether or not he would be working against me. At that moment I feared the worst. Even with my deep mind, being scared overcame the depressed emotions. Sending me to cry even more. No one was going to me in the car, only the students that got hit. As they should.

Until the crushed door got pulled open and Jake unbuckled me out of the seat quickly. Then through me over his shoulder. He began running away from everyone examining the crash. There was a townie man trying to call us down but Jake didn’t stop for him.

After turning a corner, he then sent both of us down the street at a high speed, that same speed that made my head spin and made me violently motion sick. This time, Jake was going a little faster and was ridiculously nauseating. I couldn’t understand which direction we were going and my head swayed slightly side to side in fast motions.

Since we were both in danger and Dexter had to be shortly behind, we needed to get to the land at a quicker pace. Making the estimated five minutes into thirty seconds.

The longest thirty seconds of my life. The feeling of being moved so fast while dealing with an intense headache was about to make the chips I ate come back up, then easily pass out on the ground afterwards.

The wind pushing against my skin, my dress luckily wasn’t flying up since he was holding it down by wrapping his arms around my thighs. My hair flying backwards and with the rapid wind. Similar to having your head out of the window of a driving car.

Jake, at the last few seconds, was running even faster and seemed to be dodging something considering I almost fell off his shoulders a few times. Then the running slowed down to a steady walk.

The nauseous began to settle in and I started trying to wiggle out of Jake’s arms.

“Hey, put me down!”

Jake did. I went straight to my hands and knees and began throwing up with ease. Once I had stopped, I wiped my mouth with my sleeve and Jake picked me back up. Continuing to walk down the driveway.

The whole world was still uncontrollable and I couldn’t grasp the equilibrium that was terribly disrupt. Throwing up did help ease the nauseous feeling but it wasn’t completely gone.

My heart began to rush quickly, relieving some of my headache and started warming my body up from the vicious, chilled wind. The compelling he had done vanished instantly.

“Sorry about that.” Jake continued, “I had to take a different route through the woods since there was a group of them waiting at the entrance of Mansion. I didn’t see them until last minute and they began coming after me.” That explained the speed and dodging, he had to have been weaving through the trees of the property.

“It’s alright, I just want this nasty feeling to go away.” I struggled to speak back to him. All I wanted was to lay down to help it ease faster.

“Yeah, I’ve never held a human while going that fast. It was urgent though. He was right behind us the whole time. I’m trained to go at incredible speeds. He was unlike I’ve ever seen.” Jake’s voice staggered. “I was told I might have to protect you, at a very slim chance. Not thinking I would be against the big guy all on my own. Wish I had at least someone to back me up or take the crash so we could have gotten away without hurting anyone.”

Jake seemed to be more scared than I was initially.

“He’s one vampire I never thought I would have encountered. Shit! I’m surprised we got out of that alive to be honest with you.”

“How did we?” I asked and we approached the mansion.

“Not sure. The adrenaline might have helped. I just felt like I needed to move faster and just did. Which I’ve never felt my feet fly across the ground that way.”

“Thanks for pushing yourself to keep me safe.”

“If I hadn’t, Tony would have killed me himself. Guy hasn’t protected anyone ahead of himself, until you came around. He would have protected you faster than I would have. He’s got his mother attitude and speed.”

I didn’t even want to imagine how much faster Tony must have been at his best. Jake went too fast and the feeling still wouldn’t shake off.

“Do you think they’re on their way?” I asked him.

“Honestly, I’m surprised Tony wasn’t shortly behind. It wouldn’t have been safe for him so I’m sure his family probably prevented him in doing so. I heard him trying to talk his mom into letting him go outside while Dexter was talking to you. Marionette had to literally lock him in the bathroom from what I could hear.”

“Oh.” My eyes widened. “That probably gave it away that I had something to do with his daughter’s death.”

“Yeah, that last thing he told you made it clear that he knows about you both being apart of it all. From what I was told, he already knows Tiffany and Tony are to blame.”

“They were trying to save me.” I told him.

“I know. Doesn’t matter to him. His children were killed and he will do everything in his power to get back at you guys. They have one hell of an army. Yet so does Marionette.”

“Is Sharp the good vampires and Huntington are the bad guys?”

He paused before answering.

“Ehh, it wasn’t always like that. When Victoria was in charge, she wasn’t a very good leader. She was close friends with Dexter and Janice. Then Marionette killed her mother and took over her empire since she didn’t believe she had good intentions like she said she did.”

“I’m sorry.” I shook my head, “Empire?”

“Yeah. There’s actually a few vampire empires; Huntington, Sharp, Juxton, Fyre, and Ettorio. Huntington was the first empire created. Not many know them be the first created. The witch also then created a few more vampires after them. Fyre, Ettorio, Sharp, then Juxton.”

“How did they become empires?”

“Well, they kept turning people into vampires. Telling to follow them and creating a large army. Not much else to it. They are the vampires that were first created and continued their linage. Making them pretty powerful.”

“How does someone become a vampire? Is it just getting bitten by a vampire?”

“Ahh, no. That’s the way we feed. There isn’t anything crazy about our bite. It’s our blood.”

“The blood?”

“Yeah. If you ingest it at all or if it gets inside of your body. Then you would have to be killed. Since humans makes new blood all the time and kills of whatever is inside of you. Your blood acts as if it’s a virus. The blood can only help change you into a vampire for a short amount of time. It’s usually a few day. After that the vampire blood dissipates and gets killed. It can act as a precaution for some human.”

“How does vampire blood heal humans?” I asked since he was giving me information willingly.

“Blood recovery. Vampire blood boosts your own blood to its fullest potential. When your blood starts killing it off, it takes that power and goes in overdrive. It mainly helps with injures. It doesn’t work for human who are cursed with blood sicknesses though, like cancer. The overdrive of the blood cells always makes cancer worse. Practically intensifying the cancer cells and making them more harmful, even lethal. That feeding on the vampire blood cells make it stronger and it’s impossible to stop.”

“Oh gosh, that’s scary.”

“It actually is pretty scary. New vampires usually don’t get educated about it and end up killing their sick family members. It’s a sad thing to see too. Also hard to grieve past.”

He settled me on the sofa near the large bookcase in the living.

“Thanks for educating me about vampires.”

“My pleasure.”
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