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• Granddaughter •

January 16th, 1995
It is now later in the day. She’s told me so much at midnight that I can’t begin to fathom any of it. Eunice also let me know that they will be leaving in a few days. I didn’t expect them to leave so soon. Even though they have been here for quite some time.
Eunice told me last night that Richard has been showing signs of the family gift. She gave me a book that entails all the secrets that he already knows from her. It is for his kin. She informed me that I must give it to him when his first daughter turns 18 years old.
I’ve hid it very well inside my bookshelf.
She informed me that she won’t be coming back, unless her family needs her.
I wasn’t brave enough to speak about my feelings. I apologized for what happened the day before.
I felt like such a coward. Maybe it’s my conscience telling me that loving her isn’t good. To act as if I never loved my passing wife. Eunice makes it so easy to be happy. When she leaves and never returns, I will be such a miserable man.
Alone in my home.

I got up and started heading for the stairs with the book in hand. Did Tony know where this book was about the details of my family? The book that was suppose to be given to me in less than two years?

The stairs were as squeaky as they were last time. I can imagine those squeaks gave him a heads up to me climbing up the stairs.

I rushed up and headed to his room, the door was closed.

When I got to the door, I politely knocked.


“Come on in.” He said from the other side of the door.

I let myself in. He was sitting against the headboard on his bed with a book in his hand. It didn’t look like he was working on something and nothing in the room looked out of place. He also didn’t buy curtains for his room yet and it still looked bare with the bed, bookshelf, dresser and the full boxes still shoved in the corner. Not like he had much time to unpack with every that had been happening for the past few weeks.

“You couldn’t have finished the book that fast.” He point out.

“No, I didn’t. I only got through a few pages to be honest.” I walked over to the bed and sat right next to him. “It talks about a different book. Do you know where that book is? Can I see it?”

“Yes, but you can’t have it until you turn eighteen.”

“True, but I don’t think they expected me to know vampires and live a decently normal life.” I gave Tony a questionable look.

“I get it, but Eunice wouldn’t have told Anxillion eighteen if she hadn’t meant it.”

“How would you know?” I asked.

“I knew Eunice. When she said something, she meant it. The most honest woman I’ve ever met and she was true with her words and actions.”

I pouted with dissatisfaction, since he wasn’t wrong. She was a gracious woman but when she meant something, she meant it.

“You aren’t wrong. One time she told me that I’ll never fit in. Harsh to hear when your young, but she wasn’t wrong. I always wondered how she knew the things she did. As if she had eyes everywhere.”

Tony’s grin couldn’t fool me. He knew something I didn’t.

“What is it?”


“That face, you know something I don’t.” I pointed out.

“Rebecca, you need to finish the book. I’m not saying anything else until you’ve finished.”

“Why? So far it’s Anxillion’s infatuation with my grandmother. It’s a strange thing to be reading if I’m honest. I feel like I’m reading his diary.”

“It’s because it was his diary. The purpose of it was to inform though. You need to keep reading. I promise that it will change after your almost halfway through.”

“Can I just skip to that part then?” I was being inpatient. How could I not when I felt like there’s this big story being hidden from me.

“I’m sure you could but there are still important things he talks about throughout the book. Just please, keep reading.”

“Can you read it to me?”

He shrugged his shoulders. “I suppose.” He reached out for the book, “Where did you leave off?”

“January 16th.”

He chuckled. “Yeah, you really haven’t started. After a few more entries, it does start to be an easier read. When he’s talking about his wife and how he feels guilty, it is a bit annoying. Afterwards, it does get better and more informative.”

I snuggled closely into his side, waiting for him to read to me.

January 20th, 1995
They have left, leaving nothing behind. Frank was thrilled to be on their way. Him and I have been butting head since the argument about the messy front room. His disrespect in someone else’s home is utterly disgusting. What does Eunice even see in this ‘man’?
Eunice didn’t tell me where she was going. I assume moving place to place to prevent being caught. Frank followed willingly, maybe that’s why she kept him around.
To pass the time, I’ve been cleaning the place from top to bottom. Which was highly necessary after Frank being here for quite some time.
The room that I normally let them use was completely filthy. The bathroom took the award on being the most disgusting I’ve ever cleaned. It wasn’t cleaned during their whole stay, which was a duration of 2 months. Crusty urination and dust around the floor of the toilet, only letting me know that Frank isn’t able to shoot his tiny pistol.
The tub of the shower wasn’t as dirty but the shower walls had marks from soap. Disgustingly, there was something brown on the shower wall too. Taking extra precaution cleaning that color off.
Beard hair engulfed the sink drain, preventing any water to sink downward. Toothpaste spit and smeared all around the sink and spout, even made its way to the mirror above.
The trash was full of towelettes of literal crap. No wonder why the bathroom smelled like complete shit.
I deserved and enjoyed taking a shower in my own clean bathroom after cleaning the vile bathroom.
How could Eunice even deal with that? I sure hope she wasn’t the one that produced it. Yet she didn’t show to create a mess anywhere else in the house, and didn’t have a beard.

January 29th, 1995
I haven’t heard from Eunice. She would normally send postcards on where she has gone. I fear she’s truly upset with me and decided not to contact me.
What happens if something happened to her?
I’m sure my passing wife is looking down on me, upset that I’m missing Eunice instead of her. After only a few years, I’ve felt as if I couldn’t mourn her any longer. I miss her truly but there isn’t any way to bring her back. Being saddened just created more stress on me than I didn’t need.
She would laugh at me now. Fancying a woman who is already taken and seems to be incredibly ‘happy’.

January 13th, 2004...

“Whoa, January of 2004?” I pointed out.

“Yeah, a huge leap.” He laughed and continued to read.

January 13th, 2004
I’ve finally heard word of Eunice. After all of these years. She’s finally sent word out.
Unfortunately, I did not wanted to update in this journal until she has come back into my life. Thought it would have ended up being a pretty empty journal.
Tony has been living with me for quite some time now. He’s told me about the Huntington family and how he is arranged to be with one of the young ladies in the family. I’m saddened for him and his parents’ decision arrange his marriage to someone he doesn’t wish to be with. He feels as if he was meant to stay in Louisiana.
He said that his father, Andrew, wasn’t the one who wanted him to wed. Yet he is ruled by his wife’s intentions and wanted nothing else but to please her. I’m entirely curious why she would want Tony to have an arranged marriage. Possibly for her own benefit.
Besides that, Eunice said she will be in town in April. She’s received a message from Richard, they’re expecting their first daughter.
Finally, I will be able to see her again. In her quick note, she said that she’s excited to see me again. It nearly made me vomit from excitement.

April 8th, 2004
Tomorrow is the day, she call my house phone to notify me that she will be over tomorrow. It was a voicemail since I was at the grocery store to buy food.
I wasn’t sure whether or not she would be staying at my house like she normally does. In case she did, I prepared the room she and Frank normally sleep in. Making sure it wasn’t dusty and that the bedding was clean.
Better safe than sorry. If she doesn’t sleep here, I’m sure she will still be safe somewhere else.

“My grandmother was in town when I was born? Not my brothers?” I asked.

“I would assume so. I would think she would have visited him if she had visited for your brother’s births.” Tony looked back down to the book and continued to read.

April 10th, 2004
The past few days have been a dream.
From what Eunice told me, Frank had passed away a few months after they left almost 10 years ago. When they left, Frank began feeling pain in his chest and chose not to go to the hospital. He expected Eunice to heal him if something was wrong. She would tell him he needed to see what exactly was wrong with him. His old and lunatic mind made him mad and despise Eunice for not helping him. Eunice had no idea what to do except stay with him until he either got better or just died.
When those months passed. He died from a heart attack and couldn’t be resuscitated back to life. The hospital did all they could and absolutely nothing would give him a heart beat back.
I told Eunice that she’s better without him, harsh yet true. She didn’t say anything. She stared at me, since what I said wasn’t very kind.
Eunice and I connected as we talked about the past years. I told her about Tony coming to stay with me and how I’m blessed with his presence. Being alone for years can really depress a person.
Eunice told me about all the adventures she’s been in since we’ve last spoke. Not having Frank hold her back made it easier to do the things she needed.
Run away when she needed to and with urgency.
Her health still looked impeccable and didn’t look to have aged a day. Other than myself, gray hair is all that grows from my body now and wrinkles have increased drastically.
Besides that, we connected in a way that I haven’t felt before. Frank being gone made her radiate an energy that felt free, alive.
I still haven’t been brave enough to speak about my feelings but I hope to while she’s here. She’s helping Richard with their new baby for a month and then she will be on her way. She told me that she plans on visiting New Zealand next. She heard of some witches in need of guidance. I joked about tagging along with her but she immediately said no. Telling me it would be too dangerous for me. Also saying I’m more useful if I stayed home, for when she visits she has a friend she can talk to.

“My grandmother helped witches?”

“Yes.” As he turned to the next page.

“Is she a witch?”

“No.” He smiled.

April 16th. 2004
I’ve decided that today will be the day I tell her how I’ve always felt about her. I can’t wait much longer. Everyday she comes to my home after visiting her son, she always in such a good mood. Her lively spirit is illuminating. How is it possible for her soul to be so cheerful when she deals with incredibly difficult things. I’ve chosen to prepare one of her favorite meals today. A perfect mushroom risotto with a sirloin steak in a flavorful garlic butter glaze. I made it for them the first night her and Frank stayed many years ago. She claimed it to be one of the best meals she’s had. I plan on giving it extra effort and love.
I choose today to be the day and if things aren’t reciprocated, I must try not to be offended. For a beautiful seventy year young woman, I can imagine it’s too late to fancy for a romantic partner. Her life is so chaotic that it would just bring more stress. I would just reminded her that she always has a room in my home to stay.

April 17th, 2004
Everything went completely different than I had expected. Eunice was pleased with the meal. Everything was great until the moment I spoke up about my feelings. She confessed that I was nothing more than just a great friend. I tried to make her understand that it doesn’t change our friendship. I promised her.
Eunice ended running out to her room and quickly grabbing all her belongings and heading out. It seemed unfair not being listening to. Having her shut my feelings out without taking in a consideration that I just needed her to know. What would life be worth if I didn’t actually get to live it? The biggest task for me to do was face my biggest fear and I did.
In the end, it was her choice. What she did with the information was for her to decide. I shouldn’t have expected her to love with both arms wide open. That’s completely naive for me to think such.
After she left, I couldn’t run after her since it wasn’t my right to do so. Her space was important to her. I needed to respect it.

May 8th, 2004.
I’ve decided to read the book she had given me to pass on to her granddaughter in the future. I began to understand why she travels so frequently and never settles too long in one place. If everyone knew what this book has, people would be hunting and using her. Especially her family. She plays herself as a witch, yet she’s so much more than that. I never thought such a thing could ever exist. Well, I never thought a lot of what I know now existed. Since my son met Marionette, I thought nothing else could top such strangeness. Yet, it was lurking closely without me knowing.
I need to protect this. I need to protect Eunice at all costs and her kin that follow.
Towards the back of the book, there are already a list of names. Eunice was towards the last. After her was Richard, her son. Then after Richard; Rebecca.

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