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• Safe •

“I can hear them driving up the driveway now.” Jake told me.

“Thanks for letting me know.”

After a half an hour passed by, I finally began to feel normal again and could finally sit up straight on my own.

“My pleasure.” He got up from the chair next to the sofa. “It was great meeting you, Rebecca. I’m sure we’ll see each other again some day. For now, I must go.”

He bowed his head slightly at me and I returned the gesture.

“Thanks for pretty much saving my life. I appreciate it a lot.”


Jake left to the front door to go outside. As he was leaving, Tony came rushing inside to me with Jake still holding the door for him.

“Are you alright?” Extremely concerned and came to my side and gave me such a large hug. Then examining the cuts in my dress. “Why hasn’t he healed you?” He began to growl in angry while pushing back his sleeve.

“I told him not to, they’ll heal fine on their own.” I push his arm down. Since he was going to bite into himself to cause bleeding. “He helped me get all the glass out. Nothing a few bandaid didn’t fix.”

“What happens if you received head trauma from the crash.” Still trying to push his arm up to help me. Sounding even more angry.

“Tony, Tony. Calm down, I’m fine. If anything I might have PTSD from it all, not a concussion. I’m alright.” I put both of my hands on his strangely warm face, probably from how angry he was getting him. “I’m glad I’m still alive because of him and I get to see you another day.”

I smiled at him, yet he didn’t budge in expression.

“He shouldn’t have let that happen. I’ll make sure his rank is lowered or something from putting you in danger.”

I took my hands off his face and began defending Jake.

“Tony! He did all that he could. Don’t blame him for anything. He protected me when no one else did. He did the best he could with no help. Only thing driving him was that he needed to make sure I was safe and do what he was told. Which is what he did. I didn’t see you saving me.” My eyebrows arched with annoyance.

“I would have if my mother didn’t trap me inside the bathroom. Telling me that Jake was more than capable of protecting you.” He blew up in anger. “Yet, I wouldn’t have let any of that happened.”

“You’re getting mad that someone else kept me as safe as possible while you weren’t there? How does that even make sense? You should be thanking him.” Trying not to become angry myself.

“I would have done better than him. You wouldn’t have been harmed at all.” Still fuming.

“Well, sadly you couldn’t prove that so let it go!”

“You could have died today! I can’t let that go!”

“Clearly you can’t stand up to your own mom for my safety, so stop trying to make yourself seem better than help I actually got.”

Tony stood with shock. What I had said was true and his anger wasn’t valid in the circumstance that we were put in.

I just shook my head while rolling my eyes. Then got up from the sofa to start heading to Anxillion’s bedroom.

No way was I about to argue more about it. My head was still hurting a little and the stress that Tony was bringing didn’t help. He start walking after me and still raised his voice towards me.

“Why are you walking away?”

“I’m done talking. I need to rest this headache out of me.” I exhaustedly spoke without looking back at him.

His feet stopped taking anymore step behind me as I furthered my feet up the left staircase. Proceeding to the bedroom.

Once I got into the bedroom, I shut and locked the door behind me. All of my emotions hit me all at once. Tears rushing from my eyes and I couldn’t begin to understand how to even solve the problem we’re in now.

Thinking back to when we first met. I shouldn’t have talked to him. I shouldn’t have ran off with him when I should have been at school. In the end, we can’t even be together and the dread made me hopeless. Having to stay alive to make sure I pass on the gift. To make sure that the power of the wizard magic can still balance the world. My life was valuable and I was starting to doubt my strength of trying to survive.

Almost getting killed and being only a mere meter away from the very vampire than had killed my dad and grandma. Possibly all my other relatives before them. I was about to be next without him even knowing my very existence was more than he knew. My head being ripped apart would be treasure to him. Having a part in the death of his daughters made me a target. Though he would soon find out I’m a wizard he has been sworn to hunt down.

How would it even be possible to kill someone as powerful as him? Without magic and being a 16 year old girl. I would be crushed easily. Which nearly happened just an hour ago.

Wanting to give up felt wrong, even though I couldn’t bring myself to defend without any tools to protect myself. Being trapped on this property for my own safety was great, but for how long would it last. Before he finds some tricky way of getting in with ease. That, or having one of us leave and kill us one by one.

The thought of even offering myself up terrified me too. What way is there but death?

I began taking my clothes off and going into the drawer to grab a pair a jeans and a black long sleeve shirt. Having a dress on was nice for the time, but the cuts were bothering me and I wanted to wear something I would be comfortable in.

Once I had finished changing, I went up to the loft and relaxed in the rocking chair. There wasn’t anyone else I wanted to talk to except for my dad. Luckily, that opportunity was still there for me. Sitting within the book on the small table beside the chair. Grabbing it and holding it within my hands, trying to release the sadness from within my mind and focusing all my attention on the book. The place my mind was surely to be safe.
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