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• Magic •

Back in the cloudy abyss, it was brighter than it was last time. Again, no one there waiting for me.

“Dad?” I yelled out, trying my best not to cry. “Dad?”

Looking around me, beginning to panic since he wasn’t appearing as fast as he did the time prior. Leaving me with no strength to hold in my tears.

“Dad?” Beginning to pant with tears. Then I crouched down to my knees and sat down. “I need to talk to you, dad. I’m so helpless. How am I to do this all on my own?”

Still no one appeared.

Why would he not show up when I come crying? Why does it feel like my world is only falling apart so quickly? Why wouldn’t he come and comfort me in a time I needed him?

“He is busy at the moment. Is there anything I can help with?” A deep voice softly spoke behind me. Nothing I’ve ever heard and certainly not one that fulfilled the need for my dad.

“How is he busy? What else do you do here inside this book?”

“Rebecca.” He noticed my tone wasn’t polite. Saying my name to correct my tone.

“I’m sorry. I was just hoping to talk to him. I’m in dire need of his hugs and guidance.”

“I understand, when he gets here he will certainly help you with that dire need. Can I help with any wisdom on how to not make your world not fall apart?”

Instead of me turning my head, he brought himself around me and sat down in front of me. He seemed around my dad’s age, maybe a little older due to the plenty of gray hair flecks. The clothing he wore was an old robe mad of a tan cotton. Which made him appear from a time unlike now.

“Who are you?” I asked.

“An ancestor of yours. My name is Leo, short for Leonardo.”

“What year are you from?”

“A time much older than now. Over two-thousand years from your present time.”

“Oh, wow. That’s such a long time ago.”

“Indeed it was.”

“How are you able to speak English so well?”

The man laughs.

“Over the years, every ancestor has come here with different languages. English is one of many I can speak.”

“Ahh, makes sense.” I looked at his appearance as he did of me. Examining how our clothing was much different to each other.

“What is bothering your mind so much, young one.” He sounded genuinely concerned.

I took a deep breathe.

“Well, I nearly died today by the hands of Dexter Huntington.”

“Ahh.” Nodding his head in acknowledgement.

“Then Tony, the guy I love and is forbidden to be with, he was getting angry because the vampire who kept me safe didn’t do a ‘good enough’ job. The only place I’m safe at is at the Saltzman mansion and it makes me feel helpless. I have to wait a little more than a year to even have access to my magic to defend myself. Depending on others isn’t easy for me and especially if it means my life. I worry that I can’t trust anyone but myself sometimes. Not only that, but I can’t tell Tony about us not being able to be together. Which has me upset and I can’t seem to be fully happy with him knowing that.”

“Understandable.” Leo waved his hand in a sloppy circle and a transparent blue-tinged force field surrounded us. “I put up a barrier so none can hear our conversation.”

“Okay?” I was confused but still looking in awe at the barrier around us.

“What I’m going to tell you will help you in protecting yourself. I am one of the ancestors that established the exact curse amoung our family line. It is something I deeply regret. Knowing now that it hasn’t helped our line in anyway. Which I didn’t expect.” He pauses and looks around, making sure no one was around. “I must ask though, how badly do you want this curse to parish?”

“What do you mean? I want it gone. I just don’t feel like I will be able to before I’m dead. My grandmother cast something to prevent my magic from being used until I’m at least eighteen.”

Leo’s facial expression turn confused.

“Strange how she would tell you that. You can still access your magic. No one can take that right from you. They can make it more difficult to access or recognize. Being able to withhold it from you isn’t possible whatsoever, only cloaking is possible. Your grandmother must have put a cloak on you. She will also be frighteningly upset that I’ve told you. From what you say, it doesn’t help you to be hindered from it at all. You’re already in danger and protecting yourself is important. Especially to prevent our family line from dying off. What she had done will also make it harder to control your gift.” Shaking his head, he takes both of this hands in front of me for me to hold them. I did and he began to close his eyes.

“What are you going to do?”

“Remove the cloak.” He kept his eyes closed.

We remained in deafening silence while holding hands for what felt like ten minutes. Nothing felt different within me and there wasn’t any heightened sense of my gift. Leo seemed incredibly focused with his eyes closed. At the end, I worried he wasn’t going to be able to remove the cloak like he said he was going to.

How would he even be able to remove the cloak from where he was? A cloak he didn’t create.

His pale green eyes opened suddenly, sending me to shift my head back a little from being startled.

“That was some type of spell. Beside that, it has been removed and you’ll have access to your magic. I even did something to help make it even more powerful. I would warn you to try and not let your emotions become too chaotic, if at all possible. Strong emotions can make magic more vulnerable to reacting on its own when you first learn how to use it. Magic in wizards don’t normally evolve until your at least ten years old. So you have six years of unprocessed magic. It won’t be easy to control when you do touch it, though it will be manageable enough for you to control after a few hours of understanding it. I was able to tell from your soul that your strong willed and quite intelligent.”

“Oh.” Not taking his compliment too much to heart. “What would you recommend I do to connect to it?”

“Good question.” Leo began to get up and I followed him up. “Try and go into a field on some empty place where there aren’t people around. Use your magic to recognize everything around you. As a wizard, there are many things you can do without thinking too hard. You can practically see your surroundings without eyes if you had to.

“I could tell that you’ve tested that part before. I saw a moment in your memory that you saw the cables of an elevator. You were being taken captive from what I saw. It was the only time you ever used your magic in such a slight way, it wasn’t enough to escape you from the cloak yourself. Though it helped me find a passage through the cloak to break you from it.”

“Wait, I used magic at that moment? And I didn’t even know it?” I was shocked.

“Yes, you were in danger so it expelled the cloak for the time being. Sadly, not enough to dissipate the cloak. You almost had enough strength in your magic to explode one of the heads that captured you, the issue was you couldn’t reach that far into the magic from the cloak. You also didn’t know you were a wizard at that moment so you wouldn’t have known how to escape it. Leaving you helpless and unprotected.

“The cloak is gone for good and you have full access. I would recommend to understand your magic. Don’t try and set things on fire or try and do your own castings or spell. That will only fall into place once you’ve mastered how to tap and control the flow of magic. Second, only do magic on the property that your currently located. I’ve heard of the Huntingnton’s tracking magic from others here and the only places that leaves you safe if where you’re currently at. Which Eunice and Richard knew well. Use that to your advantage.”

“Can I tell Tony that I can use my magic?”

“All up to you, my dear. If I were you though, I would only be telling who I trust. You may think some people are on your side when they really aren’t.”

“Okay. I suppose I’ll just leave it a secret until I feel ready.”

“Sounds wise. If you have any questions, just ask the book. Ask with your magic and it will appear the answer in written or it will speak to you. You don’t need to continually come back here. When you’re here, time is much different. Which sends you days or even weeks ahead of when you came in.”

“Thanks so much, Leo. You’ve been so helpful.”

“The others might find it foolish of me to do this. I think otherwise. I made a mistake long ago that I’ve regret deeply. I saw from within you that you’re strong enough to figure out how to reverse it.” Leo smiled and waved goodbye to me.

Looking down the book was sitting in my hands. I remember holding both of Leo’s hands without the book intervening. Maybe it knew when I wanted to leave before I knew myself.

I let go of it. Sending me immediately back to reality. Back to a world that my magic was mine to use now. It felt different in the world. Compared to the book and the time before I went in.

It felt similar to being able to smell fresh air more vividly. The feeling of wind brushing against your skin and creating chills. Something was there that hadn’t been there before, yet it was recognizable and had a specific name. Magic.

Tony wasn’t been in front of me this time. Which made me a little sad but the last time we spoke last he was so frustrated. As I with him.

Considering the book made real time go by so fast, I had to take my phone out of my pocket to looked see what day it was.

“January 13th?!”

Over a whole month had past.
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