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• Gone •

Rushing up from the rocking chair and proceeded to head down the spiral stairs. Tony wasn’t in the bedroom, which surprised me as well.

Leaving the room, it was dark since all the lights were turned off. I ran to Tony room and opened the door. My heart started racing. He wasn’t in there either. Hustling to Tiffany’s room. When opened, all the clothes she had gotten for me were still there untouched. She wasn’t there either.

My mind started rushing and I couldn’t think straight. Where could they have gone? Without a note or a text message. Why would they leave? I noticed my magic was feeling out of control too, the hanging light fixtures began shaking suddenly. The large chandelier over the entrance of the mansion began making chime noises. As if an earthquake was rupturing through the ground. If I didn’t calm down, I could cause an earthquake easily.

Trying to purposely breathe through the worry and let myself calm the emotions. Closing my eyes softly and easing my mind.

Leo told me I could sense anyone around if I focused on it. Not sure how I would be able to do it but I needed to know if anyone was around me.

I headed down the stairs and towards the kitchen. Feeling something in the backyard but it wasn’t a clear image. Not able to control what I was doing and it seemed forced.

Walking into the kitchen and then trying to head out the back door, I could hear the echo of the grand front doors being banged on hard. I couldn’t hear anyone saying anything, only banging on the door.

The banging only increased in pressure and I then closed my eyes and let my adrenaline guide my magic. To be able to detect who it was. Doing my best to tune in. It didn’t end up working and the door opened from the excessive banging. Luckily the door wasn’t in sight of the stranger barging inside the mansion.

Quickly making my way out of the kitchen, I ran down the rose garden. For it being January, it wasn’t terribly cold but there was a frost in the night that chilled my arms. Why would I have been left alone in the mansion? Alone and unprotected.

My magic was starting to push me to run faster and farther from the threat, nothing like a vampire speed but enough to get some distance from the mansion.

The woods were up ahead and the darkness was daunting to run into head on. There, I couldn’t be seen by whoever intruded the mansion. I couldn’t let them catch me and the woods was the only place I could go.

Starting to hear yelling, in a voice I full recognize. In a tone that only told me they were in fact trying to catch me. Their speed wasn’t fast or maybe they didn’t know which direction I had gone. Possibly not worried about their speed, just letting me get a head start before they come after me in full force.

In the woods; I was jumping over broken sticks, almost tripping over rocks, and weaving around tree trunks. The voice seemed to get louder from their distance getting closer. It was a voice I knew and briefly recognize. Not thinking I would be hearing it this soon.

“I know you’re out here! I can hear where you running. I can hear you breathing. I can hear your heart beat.”

I stopped behind a tree.

“You also can’t hide from me either, little Luna.” I closed my eyes.

If I needed my magic to work, this was the moment.

The very thing Leo did to us in the book. I needed to do it but hide my whole being and any sounds coming from me.

Focusing on my bodily noise and my body’s appearance. They both needed to become invisible. Leaving my feet still and releasing my back from the tree’s scratchy trunk.

I started hearing Dexter step through the grass, crunching his feet on fragile crisp leaves. His distance only got closer and my heartbeat only fastened.

There was an uncontrollable urge to lift my hands upward. I did as my magic told me to and I could feel the magic rush through me when I lifted my hands. It was unlike anything I’ve ever felt. I could feel my vein’s pulsate with more than just blood. My very being was altering the world for my benefit.

Opening my eyes, a green transparent force field stood around me closely. I could still hear Dexter walking. The magic was telling me he couldn’t hear me.

It sang through my mind in a language I couldn’t understand, yet knew exactly what it was saying. The magic was putting thoughts in my head of how to keep myself safe. As if someone was critiquing my every move and giving me pointers and tips. Telling me what exactly I was doing and how well I did it.

Dexter stopped moving, only a yard behind my back. As if my disappearance struggled his mind severely.

“No one told me I was dealing with a witch.” He whispered out. “I can wait all day until you uncloak yourself.”

A witch? I giggled and he still didn’t make a sound in reaction to my sound.

The magic was starting to speak much clearer to me.

Do not test your voice. The field is only so strong. It’s to shield you from sight and sound of one who would be hiding. You must find a way to end the threat.

How would I even do that? This invincible vampire who was only a few feet away and I needed to think of a way to end the threat.

Dexter still standing in his same position, not changing his body direction at all. Not shifting his body differently in the ground. Just waiting to attack.

The tree behind me protected me from being seen if the force field had been released. Only to give me a second or two of chance before Dexter would take me down.

The tree. The magic spoke again.

Jake told me the trees protect themselves. They also explode when destruction in put upon them, leaving shards of wood scatter the air. Which would be lethal to any vampire. Yet, was it going to be lethal to Dexter? Was it going to protect me?

Closing my eyes, trying to focus on a way to make it all work. The explosion needed to be big enough that running away in vampire speed would still do him no good. While also keeping myself safe.

What happens if Tony was in the very woods too. I wouldn’t be able to have all the woods rupturing at the same time.

I let go of the force field. Knowing what I needed to do.
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