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“You’ve got me. My spell was only good for so long” I lied as I walked away from the tree, in a small clearance that Dexter could see me. “I just beg to speak for a moment.”

“Why the fuck would I let you speak? I’m here to kill you after what you had done to my daughters.” He rushed in front of me which startled me.

“Please! They were going to kill me if the Sharp family didn’t save me.”

“Why would I care about your life more than theirs! You’re an idiot!”

“No, you are.” I whispered.

Before he could say anything or move, in the pure mere second I let my magic explode inside the trunk of the tree that I was just next to. While simultaneously covering myself in a protective force field. The chips of wood flying so fast that it didn’t leave any second for Dexter to run off. The base of the trunk was destroyed completely and the height of the tree disappeared from the shards of woods exploding further into the woods.

The action happened so quickly that I didn’t need the protective field up for more than a minute.

Dexter was laying on my ground in pain, distressed and moaning with all sizes of wood shards throughout his whole body. None of them punctured his heart, yet.

“Mmm.. Mother.. fucker.” Saying with difficulty and not letting his lungs expand too far.

“I’m also not a witch.” I step closer to him. “I’m your worst nightmare.”

Using my magic, as if I was skilled for years, and letting it pull a large sharp stick softly into my hand.

“I’m a wizard!” I say before stabbing it into his heart. Sending his panicked eyes into sludge, along with the rest of his body. Creating a huge disgusting decayed body. The bones were melting with the rest of the body. Unlike how his daughters’ body acted when they were killed. His seemed to be decaying much faster.

Maybe his incredible age or his vampire originality was the reason his body was becoming a smelly disgusting mess faster.

Feeling strong and invincible, ready to kill anything that dared to stop me. I started walking back to the mansion, at a pace of confidence.

I could hear fast foot steps traveling to me. My magic aiding my hearing. Closing my eyes for a second to see who exactly was rushing my way. None of the faces were familiar and I wasn’t about to risk my life now.

I lifted my arms flawlessly in the air, sending my magic into nature to explode the trees nearest to the vampires trying to ambush me. There was twelve of them and they all went down quickly. I shielded myself from the trees exploding as they all were killed by exploding trees. Sending tree shards everywhere. I continued to hold the shield up as I still walked with confidence.

Whatever vampire wanted to come after me had no chance against me in this environment. If they all heard me talk about me being a wizard, they would probably be sent to try and stop me. Hopefully after 13 dead vampires, they might get the message that they’ll be just an easy number added.

Furthering through the woods, I can finally see the mansion through all the darkness and past all the roses in the garden. Even being in the rose garden still gave me an advantage. An advantage that some vampires wouldn’t recognize, since more were rushing to me.

I continued to walk to the mansion, extending my right hand softly into the air. This time, I thought of all the sharp thorns on the roses. Using only a handful of them and pushing them with my magic into the exact directions they needed to go. Similarly to bullets darting through the air.

Each of the vampires got shot by a thorns perfectly in the heart, sending them to the ground immediately after. Ending their possible threat to me.

The incredible power felt thrilling. Killing several vampires and the master that they served. The vampire that had killed my grandma and dad. I was giving justice that was longing to be served.

Even though I may had been a part of his daughter’s death. He was the very reason my family were dead. He had no reason to be angry with my actions, since I was only doing the very thing he was doing.

I approached the mansion with my protective shield still up. Without the magic, I could easily be killed.

“Rebecca!” I could hear Tony behind me as I walked towards the mansion.

When I turned around, I couldn’t see him. I almost let my field down but I didn’t see him.

“Where are you?”

No answer.

“Tony?” I said louder.

“Rebecca!” The same voice yelled. Then I noticed it sounded recorded.

Marionette appeared behind a rose bush.

“Look at you. All high and mighty, Rebecca.” Her tone was disgusting.

“What is going on?”

“Well. How ever do you mean?” Acting facetious.

“Why would you have a recording of your son yelling my name?” I ask her as she walks towards me.

“Because I’m trying to distract you.”


“Since I’ve got you here, I have a problem with you now. You killed someone very important to me.”

“Who?” I say confused.

“Dexter. Since you killed him, now I have to kill you.”

Through my magic, I could sense someone behind me. Letting my magic grab the heart of the person behind me before they even got close enough to touch me. Taking out their heart from their chest and sending it over my head and hit the ground in front of Marionette. Her eyes were shocked and distant.

“What makes you think you can get away with killing me. If you actually succeed, Tony will be after you.”

“Oh darling, he only has a mere crush on you. I’ve seen him love others more than you.” She steps over the heart and closer to me. Forgetting quickly of what happened. “He wouldn’t dare kill his mother for a girl like you.”

“Whatever, lady.”

“If you don’t believe me, then why isn’t he here to protect you. Leaving to go back to Tennessee, with you defenseless. That doesn’t seem like love. The moment you left the funeral home. He didn’t fight to protect you. He doesn’t care about you the way you think he does.”

I thought about it quickly, but I knew what she was saying wasn’t true. My magic was telling me that she was lying.

“He knew I was protected.” I told her in defense.

“Really? With your magic.”

Hearing my magic inside flourish. Getting angry about her comment.

She’s lying. Kill her before she becomes a bigger threat. Kill the bitch!

Without my hands lifting, I began sending my magic around her throat. Starting to choke her with the hands of my magic.

She didn’t need to breathe in order to survive, but she needed her head intact.

“Yeah, my magic is so pointless. How ever could I protect myself with it?” I proceeded to tear her neck off of her body with the magic. She tried to keep her head intact with the force of her hands. Though it didn’t stop the magic from ripping her head clean off her body. Sending her whole being to start decay on the ground.

How was it possible that all my relatives weren’t strong enough to defeat these vampires? My magic was virtually impossible to be defeated.

An endless sea of vampires began rushing towards me through the woods. Not in a vampire speed but fast enough to be almost halfway to me.

I tunneled my magic to all the torn on the roses. If it wasn’t enough, the branches would be enough to shoot into the hearts of the vampires. They began flying through the air so fast I couldn’t see them hit each vampire.

The battle against me wasn’t going to be easy for them, even if they got near me. My field was strong enough to prevent anyone from even laying a finger on me.

The dark sky along with the empty new moon made my magic strive in greatness. The moon was aiding in my strength and somehow the darkness wasn’t giving the vampires an advantage. The creatures of the night, were being killed quickly in their strongest time of day.

All the vampires running started to trample over other decaying vampire bodies, creating a trap for them. Causing them to fall over and be more at a disadvantage. Giving my magic an easier time of shooting them with the thorns of the roses.

The vampires were starting to dwindle in strength and quantity. The sea was only making a mountain of dead bodies. Collecting them one after another.

The last few vampires began to run the opposite way in fear. Even though it wouldn’t have harmed to let them go, I couldn’t take the chance.

My magic shot through the woods and began exploding trees within the woods. I could sense where they were heading and how fast they were traveling. It felt as if I was putting a radar on them and killing them off one after another.

One vampire was a little more tricky killing from their speed, but not enough to be considered difficult. When that vampire was killed, I felt my energy calm.

Well done. My magic congratulated me.
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