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I walked back inside the mansion and let my magic sense if there was anymore threats or beings around. It gave me a clear sign and I was able to finally relax my adrenaline. Since there wasn’t anyone except the neighbors across the street, I knew it was safe to let the barrier down as well.

Once I had, I felt drained from the amount of magic I had used. In the moment it was invigorating to protect myself and be invincible. Though once I let go, it caused me to be breathless and having to sit on the floor of the kitchen.

Similar feeling to running multiple miles with no breaks or water. The magic felt dehydrated. Which wasn’t the end of the world since I was finally safe.

At that moment, I wasn’t sure what the next step would be. I killed Dexter and Marionette with ease. As well as the hundreds of other vampires to protect them.

What was difficult is trying to understand why Marionette would have been alongside the Huntington family. What would she have gained from working with them? Why would she have fooled her own family?

Tony must have answers to why she turned against them, most importantly him. The first issue was his location was clueless to me. He never specified where exactly in Tennessee they lived and my belief was he was captured. Texting them to find out would probably do more harm than good.

The only place I thought might be of any help would be the family book. I had questions and I needed help with them.

My body was terribly lethargic from the over extent of magic. Standing wasn’t even an option at this point. The ab muscles felt over tensed. My arms were the only part of me that had much of any strength left, which was still so limited.

Dragging my own self down the hall of the mansion was more difficult than I had perceived. My arms doing all of the work made me burn out quickly. Taking longer and more frequent breaks would take over an hour make it up to the family book.

The further I ended down the hall, I began to feel sleepy since my energy was close to being nonexistent. Falling asleep seemed dangerous at such a time. Trying to tune into my magic to try and give me enough strength again to just get up the stairs and into the bedroom. Which was all I needed to do.

There isn’t any stable magic right now. You’ve used so much. It will take a few days to replenish. The magic spoke.

A few days?

There is no way to continuously stay safe for that long. Not when I had just killed so many vampires, including Dexter and Marionette.

Without strike, I pushed my muscles as far as they could go until I couldn’t move. Passing the office and bathroom. Around the corner to the foot of the stairs. That’s when the door opened.

It was still too dark to see much of anything inside and the person was casted in shadows. Unable to see the person. My magic was still too weak to use and it wouldn’t allow me to determine if this was a friend or foe.

“Rebecca?” I heard Tiffany say aloud.

“Tiffany, is that you?” Walking closer, I could see her face and it was in fact her.

“Yes, it’s me. Now why are you doing on the ground?” She began pulling me up with ease, from her facial expression I could tell she knew I was weak. Unable to stabilize my body, including my head. Falling limp in her arms like a sack of potatoes.

“Let’s get you upstairs to lie down.”

Tiffany brought me up the stairs at a normal pace and took me into Anxillion’s bedroom.

“Where’s Tony?” I struggled to speak.

“In Tennessee.” She answered shortly while she put me down on the bed. Which I slumped into comfortably. “He didn’t know where you went and he was going to kill the Huntington family himself. Since he thought they captured you.”

“I was upstairs the whole time though. What do you mean he didn’t know where I went?”

“I heard you randomly appear back inside the mansion. There wasn’t anything I could do when you came back. Since I was hiding from all the vampires a few blocks down. Tony had me stay here while he went looking for you. Just in case you randomly reappeared. You disappeared the night of Anxillion’s memorial. Where did you go?”

“I went into my family’s ancient book.” I said confused. “It may have cloak me from being visible. Maybe it knew I would be in danger and thought that was the best that it hid me. To keep me safe.”

“It can do that?”

“Since I was up in the loft the whole time, it sounds like it can.”

“That’s one powerful book.”

“You have no idea.” I was doing my best to stay awake.

“I also heard what you did in yard. You killed all of those vampires on your own. Without help. How did you do that?” She asked.

“I had help from my magic. I killed Dexter.” Her eyes lit up in surprise. “I also killed your mom.”

“Yeah. About that. It was actually my grandmother, Victoria, the whole time. We were deceived on who she really was this whole time. No one who what she looked like and when my mother just had Tony, she thought it would be best to kill her mother.

“Victoria kept telling my mom that she needed to turn us into vampires when we got older. She didn’t want that for us. She wanted us to live normal lives. Even though our father had decided with Victoria as well.”

Tiffany began to tear up. Which brought red tinged tears out from eyes.

“My mother was killed by our grandmother when my mother tried to fight against her years ago. My father decided to be with our grandmother instead and turn on our mother. I believe he was compelled to do so, but I don’t know for sure.” She continued. “Our whole life was a lie. We were forced and made to believe that being a vampire was important. They tried to make us marry the Huntington sisters. To unite our families for strength. They left Tony alone about it when they found out that I was with Alexis.

“A few days after the memorial, things began to unfold in front of us. When Dexter came onto the land without a problem, it raise a huge red flag. Tony and I tried to rid them from the land but it was too late to do anything. They were already on the land and it would only have worked if they left.

“Janice Huntington was in Tennessee the whole time, practically alone. Which Tony thought killing her would be one step closer to some sort of victory. Until he got caught and he’s been in their holding cell ever since. I only know all of this from the vampires who were on our land. Talking amongst each other about new things that happened or new information. They would even talk about vile things. What they would do to us if they ever had the chance. I still worry for my life here. A place I had called home. I was lied to this whole time and I...” She trembled onto the bed next to me, crying aloud in disappear.

I struggled to place my hand on hers since my strength was still minimal, with a hard push I put my hand on top of hers to try and comfort her.

“I can’t even imagine what you’re going through. Your strength to continue to fight for what’s right is admirable. You were in the shadows of lies and I’ve got to see who you’ve become through it all. I’ve never been so proud of anyone, than the way I am for you. Your mother would have been so proud too. To have helped create such a beautiful and strong-willed woman. One who can learn and change her values for what is right. It seems to me you are very similar to her on that aspect. This time, you have two others on your side. Fighting the same battle and have determination to succeed.”

As I struggled to breathe at some moments of my small speech, Tiffany continued to cry. The sound of her cry changed when I brought up her mom. As if it brought her courage and support to continue to fight.

“Thank you, Rebecca. Also thank you for killing her.” She finally looked up with blood smeared all around her cheeks. It didn’t seem like the right time to ask why she cried out blood, but it was hard not to look away.

“Now we just need to kill Janice and her minions. Then save Tony.” I smirked.

“I’m afraid that battle will be much harder than the one you faced today. If you got weak after killing that many vampires. I fear what will happen when we come after her.”

Tiffany’s solemn expression sent a small current of chills ran down my spine. Afraid of the battle that was ahead of us.
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