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• Strong •

Four days had passed.

Luckily, no other vampires or enemies entered the land. Leaving is safe and giving me time to rest and rejuvenate my magic. The first couple of days was resting and sleeping as if I had a terrible illness. Broth soups and plenty of water helped regain my strength. Also the plenty of sleep did wonders.

The last couple of days were spent with the family book to get some answered told about how to limit the after effects of using so much magic.

Only information I received from the mental conversation between the book, was that I needed to be able to control my magic more fluently. Which would make it less likely to happen. Making no sense since I knew how to use it at full force.

The control was from my adrenaline, giving me endless amounts of strength that didn’t end until I took down my force field. Which may have been the issue. Though if I kept it up it may have taken longer to recover. The book didn’t give feedback about that, as if it didn’t know what I was talking about.

The magic I was welding didn’t seem as basic as the book was talking about. Making me think that whatever Leo did, he must have made my gift more powerful than it should be. Which probably was giving me such horrible aftermaths.

Most of the day was spent in to Tiffany’s bedroom, thinking and talking about ways to fight our upcoming battle. Neither of us were excited for what was to come.

Tiffany was struggling to create a plan. Since she knew their home better than I, yet not enough to make a plan that left us a sneaky path inside. Her only thought was just running in or becoming invisible.

“Well, technically I can make myself invisible and soundless. Maybe I can do that same for you too and we can sneak our way in. If we save Tony than we have one more ally against Janice and her minions.” I introduced.

“It sounds easier said than done, unfortunately. If we save Tony that does help us out. The problem is he’ll do literally anything to protect you. Even if it risks his life. I think it’s best if he stay in the holding cells until we take care of all the mess we’re about to create. Also.”

Tiffany paused and looked like she was going to say something horrible.

“Janice won’t be an easy kill either. She was the first vampire ever created. From what Alexis would tell me about her mom, Janice, she’s gifted with clairvoyance. She can see any battle coming and she knows what steps to take in a battle. I’m worried we won’t be able to get on the land at all. Let alone kill her.

“Dexter wasn’t even that strong to begin with but he looks like he would be from the way he talks and holds himself. The struggle will surely be Mrs. Huntington.”

“That means we can’t make a plan at all. If we do, it already will get set in stone and she can prepare much sooner. Leaving us at an extreme disadvantage.”

Tiffany nodded in agreement. We were going to have to wing it. Which so far, seemed like the best way to do anything. At least for me.

Tiffany looked through her phone at her vanity while I sat on her bed.

“I’m buying first class tickets to Nashville, Tennessee. From there we will use a rental car and drive about 70 miles south-west. It’s close to the boarder of Tennessee. Deep into the trees off some dirt road. Which leads to 4 large secluded properties. Two of the properties are owned by the Huntington family. They’re both right next to one another. One of them is our property. The other one is still for sale.”

“Why would they need two properties?” I asked.

“One has a large mansion for them. The second one is for all of the vampires that serve them. Both surrounded by acres of forest land.”

“Makes sense.”

“I think it’s best if we go to our family home and see if my father is still there. Before Tony left to the Huntington’s property, he mention my father staying at the home we have there. Not sure why but he’s compel might finally be gone.”

“How was he able to be compelled in the first place? Mari.. I mean Victoria was a vampire and so was Andrew, right?”

“Victoria is one of the first vampires created. She’s thousands of years old. Can’t say how much exactly but it’s a high number. Not older than Janice Huntington though. She’s the original Sharp vampire. Considering that, her vampire abilities may have been heightened.”

Crazy to know that the man I loved was the 3rd generation of a vampire bloodline.

“If not, it may be that Victoria compelled my father before he got turned into a vampire. Which kept him compelled well into his vampire life. Once a vampire dies though, the compulsion dissipates from whomever they’ve compelled. Since you killed her, hopefully it’s gone.”

“Why would it continue after her death?”

“Her being one of the few vampires created, they’re more powerful. Making their compelling stronger. I hope it’s the same as other vampires and how their compelling dissipates. I just worry it’s not that way.”

“If she was so strong, why was it easy for me to kill her?”

“Do you not remember how long you were sick from the amount of magic you used? You were astoundingly powerful! How could my mom been successful against you? You killed at least 100 vampires in the matter of twenty minutes. That power was almost too strong for you.” Tiffany pointed out.

Gulping my dry throat. Tiffany was right. My power was probably unheard of to them. If my dad and grandma Eunice were this strong, why weren’t they able to conquer the way I did? Maybe they knew it would drain them quickly and harshly? The questions I had asked the family book were answered, but it wasn’t telling me something about why my power was so strong.

“I’ll be right back. I need to go to family book.”

“You’ve got another question?”

I nodded.

“Yeah. I do actually. Come with me.” I told her.

We both travelled from her bedroom to Anxillion’s bedroom. Even though he wasn’t alive anymore, it felt wrong to call it anything else.

This time I had left the book on the coffee table in between the sofas.

“What are you going to ask?”

“I’ll tell you once I ask it.” I told Tiffany.

I held the book and channeled my magic into it, feeling it’s magic as it felt mine. Then I began to ask my questions.

Why was I powerful enough to kill to original vampires and plenty more with then a few days ago? I asked the book through my thoughts.

You are strong enough because of your siblings...

My siblings?

How do my siblings give me that type of strength? Asking again.

You hold their magic within...

So I hold magic that would equal to four wizards?



Your mother miscarried before you’re oldest brother was born. Giving you five...

Why would that make me more powerful than my grandma or dad?

That is because they had no siblings. Giving them only a single wizard’s power...

Did they know this information? I continued to ask.

No, they haven’t. No one has asked this question but you. You were also the only wizard thus far that carried this much magic. I feel it within you. No wizard soul inside of me was as strong as you. Since they all feared having more children would make them more vulnerable to being caught...

That means if I break the curse, my magic was decrease and fall back into them?



That magic isn’t their’s. It’s yours. They are just the reason you have so much...

That doesn’t make sense. If it isn’t theirs but they’re the reason my magic is so strong.

Their gift was never going to evolve. Their magic was never going to be theirs, making it yours. The shift in the bloodline made it so. If you reverse the shift, that magic still belongs to you. Yet, you will birth all wizards. Only wizards...

I opened my eyes.

“That was quick.”

“It was?” I was confused.

“Did you ask it one question?”

“No. I asked plenty. I asked why I why I would be that powerful. Since it’s clear my grandma and dad didn’t have that type of strength.”

“What did it say?” Tiffany was eager to know and seemed interested in how the book could answer my questions.

“I have enough magic to equal five wizards because of my siblings. Since they weren’t gifted and I was, I inherited their magic. Making it all mine.”

“Woah.” Her eyes lightened. “I’m glad we’re on the same team.”
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